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  1. Watch it with that SEC stuff J man or you'll be the yellow guy in this scene.
  2. Welcome aboard fellow Jet Fan.
  3. They won't allow black beans and rice ? This time they've gone too far !! :Cuss:
  4. There's a reason that the NFL is referred to as the No Fun League.
  5. Excellent idea, but I don't think Detroit will let him hit the open market.
  6. I honestly don't think Bowe will last till the 25th pick.
  7. Yup the long term future is indeed bright for us. Might take a small step back next year because of the harder schedule but we are on the right track.
  8. Very glad that everything turned out all right. I know how scary that can be. All the best Smizzy.
  9. Ro and I tried Cranberry with Strawberry tonite. Very good mate.
  10. Glad the ban was lifted Bill. Seems to be getting a little out of hand over there.
  11. Another banned brother? Shheeese is there no end to the banning Bill? TX got banned the other day also but just a 1 dayer. Are you "unbanned yet? Did you ever find out why? I still can't believe it.
  12. On a personnal note I've always liked the Dice Clay line "as dumb as a stump" or as a bud of mine (Pang) from Thailand used to say "you dumb, like bag of hammers". That's a good one too. Feel free to use either D man when the situation calls for it.
  13. Thank God for that. Nothing worse than a Chowd on a Jets board.
  14. Apparently not. I really felt sorry for coach Shula. Christ they just signed him to an extention last spring, they went 10-2 the year before and he gets canned? He just had built a $1.2 million dollar how in Tuscaloosa that he never even closed on when he got canned. I just think AD Moore had a knee jerk reaction to the 6-7 season.
  15. I don't know the "ins" of it but it sure sounds like a good idea Boom Boom. He could gain valuable game experience that he missed this year.
  16. If you point out every typo we're all in deep doo doo.
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