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  1. Every Valvoline place I've been to let's me pull in. Of course I'm a dude and drive a Jeep.
  2. Count me in with the 89.9999%. By the way do you mean Kaiser Wilhelm?
  3. I honestly don't know the Dude at all but this obsession with kaysar? is beyond weird.
  4. You're a moron for calling another poster a moron so there !!
  5. You should have stayed with the "no comment".
  6. I KNOW I KNOW . Can't wait either. Should be interesting with very few good FA's but tons of cashola $$ to spend.
  7. Tough call. Guess it would depend on how much $$ and how much pain. 40-50 years post NFL is a long time.
  8. All I can think of is that the team must LOVE getting itself dragged into this mess.
  9. Not that anyone knows a lot about strength and conditioning coaches but I for one was impressed with the fact that we avoided a lot of major injurys this year. I attribute a lot of that to the S and C coach. Didn't Markus Paul come with Mangini from New England?
  10. Outside of the obvious physical abuse players bodys absorb one has to consider the mental side. I mean when your a NFL player your in the limelight , center stage, everybody wants a piece of you. When you retire, outside of a select few super stars, the world passes you bye. No more center stage, everybody knows who you are etc. You're back to just being Joe Blow common man. That too has to be a big emotional adjustment for a lot of players.
  11. All I know is that he was all over the field in the Senior Bowl on Saturday. And he WAS making impact plays. Of course that was only one game.
  12. That'll teach em. Hopefully it was her own car.
  13. Pay attention will you. You pulled the 3 min. gap thing again. GLORY
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