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  1. Apparently TX referred to Jets fans as being dumb. That got him the 1 dayer.
  2. FYI TX got banned from JI again tonite. Just a one day thing unfortunetly.
  3. Nothing weird about it at all. And on a side note , you don't HAVE to get a "feel for the city" you're in now. (sorry JF16 )
  4. Agree , no way in hell Ginn goes before Jarrett .
  5. Thanks so much for the report. Looking foward to more.
  6. EXACTLY !! Especially after losing another draft choice on Barlow. Just can't see it happening.
  7. Everybody's jumping the gun on these "bad hires". Some people probably said the same thing about the Mangini hire last year at this time. Only time will tell. As far as Pittsburgh there was a report that outgoing coach Bill Cowher did NOT recommend anyone on his staff for the job. If it's true that Grimm was indeed given the job 1st then F the Steelers. They got what they deserve if they fall flat on their faces next year.
  8. Great, I was afraid you didn't go back. When you were talkin about cruisin the Glove City and gettin a feel for it I thought thats where you were. Whew!
  9. Aren't you in Oneonta now or are you in Gloversville?
  10. Good point about stepping back in after Beliprick left but I'd still like to have his input on draft day. He did have some great drafts while in charge of the Jets. I know he's just on pause mode till 08.
  11. Been here 30 yrs. , trust me I've got a feel for this $%#@* city !!
  12. Doin good, been gettin about 1" of snow each of the last 4 days, nothin major. Hey when I signed up for JN it was almost instant that I got e-mailed back and could post.
  13. Rule #1: If it sounds too good to be true ; it IS too good to be true. Do your homework !!
  14. I'm just glad that their season ended pre super bowl. I'm glad even tho I lost $$ on them today. Somethings are priceless.
  15. Thanks for reminding me to change my stupid Manning avatar. I'm at work so all I can actually see is a red x so I forgot. Thanks man!
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