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  1. VERY wishful thinking my friend. If it does come to be I'd be one very happy camper. I love the top 3 picks plus I think Darby could be a real sleeper in round 5.
  2. Oh great NOW you show up when I'm leavin work.
  3. Did you watch the Senier Bowl ? Carriker had a monstar game at DE.
  4. I like college ball more than the pro game at times.
  5. No college football no pro football mate.
  6. Everyone (who works days) normally eats a good breakfast. Gets the day off to a good start so you don't have that down or lag period . Say did you watch the Senior Bowl today. It was on the NFL network?
  7. As you know I work midnites so I can't really comment on the breakfast thing.
  8. I'll do it for him; the typos made reading your post quite the chore. Please re read before you submit. Thank you.
  9. Good one. I guess the Bengals won't be holding there tryout camp at the State Pen either this year. At least it's a start in the right direction.
  10. I'd love to see him back in the league with all that he went through with the accident. That would be one feel good story.
  11. Yup Carriker had a monster game all right. He was in on every play it seemed. All I kept thinking was, he'll be gone when it's our turn.
  12. Watch it with that SEC stuff J man or you'll be the yellow guy in this scene.
  13. Welcome aboard fellow Jet Fan.
  14. They won't allow black beans and rice ? This time they've gone too far !! :Cuss:
  15. There's a reason that the NFL is referred to as the No Fun League.
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