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  1. Been here 30 yrs. , trust me I've got a feel for this $%#@* city !!
  2. Doin good, been gettin about 1" of snow each of the last 4 days, nothin major. Hey when I signed up for JN it was almost instant that I got e-mailed back and could post.
  3. Rule #1: If it sounds too good to be true ; it IS too good to be true. Do your homework !!
  4. I'm just glad that their season ended pre super bowl. I'm glad even tho I lost $$ on them today. Somethings are priceless.
  5. Thanks for reminding me to change my stupid Manning avatar. I'm at work so all I can actually see is a red x so I forgot. Thanks man!
  6. You had a typo you said HER instead of him.
  7. And didn't take you, on a Saturday nite? :Cuss:
  8. Good I thought you'd still be out with the bf.
  9. I think the cold weather will be the key to the Bears victory in a close one. Neutral field, I go with the feel good storied Saints by 7.
  10. I just checked, yup it says banned. I can't believe there was no reason given. A simple PM out of courtisy. Are they trying to drive Jets fans away or what?
  11. I'd ask if you were serious but I'm afraid I know the answer. :Cuss: . I'm sorry I just can't believe what's going on at JI. SBIII was back on tonite but banning YOU forever? This is just so bogas. You've done a lot for them over there. I hate repeating myself but I can't believe any of this.
  12. OK. Why was Bill Parcells banned from JI?
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