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  1. I'd ask if you were serious but I'm afraid I know the answer. :Cuss: . I'm sorry I just can't believe what's going on at JI. SBIII was back on tonite but banning YOU forever? This is just so bogas. You've done a lot for them over there. I hate repeating myself but I can't believe any of this.
  2. OK. Why was Bill Parcells banned from JI?
  3. For how long were you in the Philippines? I was confused because you said you were FROM the Phil. yet you were born here .
  4. Were you banned from JI? Why? Why are they banning Jets fans and leaving the Trolls there? I PM'd TX this morning and he told me he's unbannable.
  5. Well let's see. If I were in Thailand in 68-69 playing soldier and knockin off Charlie that would make me older than dirt. How old R U ?
  6. I can't believe how stupid that is. Yet they keep people like TX on but ban Jets fans. I'm glad Tx is banned from here.
  7. He's still banned just for saying mate? That's insane.
  8. It's a long flight in case you don't remember.
  9. No from USA. I was in Thailand with my Uncle (Sam) . Were you born in the Philippines ?
  10. I'm going to go back to Thailand within the next 3-4 years to visit for a month. Thailand is the ONLY country in SE Asia that was never colonized by the Europians. They are a very proud people. Thailand has wonderful people, very friendly and very fierce fighters . I had the privledge of spending 18 months with a detachment of Royal Thai Marines along the NE border with Laos. I'd have a Thai cover my 6 anytime. It's very hot and humid there 98/98 almost all year long but you get used to it.
  11. I used to be in Thai jungle but dat long time go. I now south of U
  12. Doubt it, you've got way too many holes plus everyone knows that 1st time NFL head coaches never do well at all.
  13. I would want the Patsie to lose ASAP. I'm afraid if they make it to the big dance with their experience they'll come out on top and that's the last thing I want. :Cuss:
  14. Talked to a Fin fan tonite and he said Mike Shula has been mentioned as the possible OC.
  15. I wish Vinny had retired as a Jet . I thought he was too old to play anymore.
  16. Agree with you there. Some of my buds are Bills fans and they laugh there a$$es off when the Fins hired Mularky.
  17. I thought your D was fairly good this year considering it's age. You definately need to get some younger talent in there for sure tho. If you do add Mike Shula to your staff you are getting a very good, quaility person.
  18. I'm always surprized when a team hires a co-ordinator BEFORE hiring it's HC. I mean why not let the new HC pick his own staff? If they loved Capers that much why didn't they hire him as HC?
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