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  1. Paul Warfield. Most talented WR ever. Always played on run oriented teams (Jim Brown, Leroy Kelly, Larry Czonka, Mercury Morris).
  2. DMaynard

    Hello Everyone

    hahahahaha. Thanks "Section 208. Where is section 208? Somebody, somebody take me to section 208" "Hey, isn't that guy dead?" "Yeah, but he is a Jets fan and heard they finally drafted a QB near the top of the first round".
  3. DMaynard

    Hello Everyone

    Gee, I think I heard that description before. I don't feel warm and fuzzy.
  4. DMaynard

    Hello Everyone

    Hey buddy! Thanks. Glad to be back and see you are still around. Yes we do. Still got the Mopar? I still have my Mustang.
  5. DMaynard

    Hello Everyone

    OK, I will keep an open mind. But I REALLY hate the 3-4 defense. Unless you happen to have a Lawrence Taylor or Curly Culp.
  6. DMaynard

    Hello Everyone

    Hey bud, how you been? Miss ya. Thanks
  7. DMaynard

    Hello Everyone

    Thanks Greenbean. Glad to be back.
  8. DMaynard

    Hello Everyone

    OMG, Todd Bowles. One of the things I was waiting for in order to come back. Please say the new coach is a 4-3 defense guy.
  9. DMaynard

    Hello Everyone

    Thanks. We should start a group. Jet Fans Not Dead Yet. Lord knows we have lost so many due to heart failure. J-F-N-D-Y
  10. DMaynard

    Hello Everyone

    Yes, when my doctor found out I was a Jets fan, he recommended taking at least 3 years off before going back to that stress. Been rehabing from the heart surgery. I can still do 4.3. In ten yards.
  11. DMaynard

    Hello Everyone

    One thing I am curious about if someone would like to help me out. Leonard Williams. I remember he was a highly touted DT that the Jets picked with a high #1 draft choice. I remember his rookie season being OK. He seemed more than decent against the run, but not as quick or agile on the pass rush as I was expecting based upon the hype. Just looking at his stats, it looks like he improved in his second year but has not improved since then. Of course, that's just looking at stats. What's the real story on this guy? Just OK but a disappointment given the expectations?
  12. DMaynard

    Hello Everyone

    I remember. And thanks.
  13. DMaynard

    Hello Everyone

  14. DMaynard

    Hello Everyone

    Thanks buddy. How have you been?

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