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  1. Miss all you guys over Raleigh!!..For all you newbies planning to go...GO!!!...This is defintily what I miss the most about not living in the triangle anymore......Charlotte still sucks!!! I wanted to get over there for this game for sure, but with gas at 4.30+, I'll come when the gas drops and the crowds begin to thin out....Beenzy keep my seat warm, I'll be there soon!! Hope all is well!! Dougie
  2. Couldn't agree with you more!!!......Thanks for the memories Chad!!
  3. I love you Chad, but THANK YOU FOOTBALL GODS!!!!!!!!
  4. I like this pick alot!!!! Gives our O alot of versatality, and this guy is big, and quick for his size.....A perfect target for Chad's dinks and dunks...lol ....Plus we SHOULD have one of the better O-lines in the league this year. Yeah we gave a 4th rounder up as well as our 2nd rounder, but hey we can still make some moves tommorrow for a pick or 2.....Defintily a good decision!!
  5. Johnny....I think I will be up in Raleigh the weekend of Oct 20th....We are going to go to the fair Sat, and head up to Amedeos Sun for the game, I will give you a heads up a few days before too save me 2 seats, but at the rate the Jets are playing, seats should be plentiful....I know I need to move back, hopefully soon!! You need to move back, Johnny. Make it happen. What weekend of the fair are you going to be up?
  6. Yeah I know all those guys, they are all good guys and there is no experience like it!!!I used to live in Raleigh and go to Amedos all the time, but my job has brought me to Charlotte. I try to go to Raleigh one or twice a season...2 and 1/2 hours each way.
  7. Ok, I'll try this again this year, because I cannot watch another Jet game at Damon's. Is there a JET bar in the Charlotte area.....I see Jets license plates everywhere down here, but where do you all watch the game? Is there a secret meeting cave I don't know about? Unfortunatly Amedeos is 2+ hours away(I miss all you guys and will be there during the fair!!!) Any help would be great....
  8. thanx for the report......she's hot!!!!!..........glad to see Cotchery is looking really good!!!
  9. I'll keep Chad and Kellen...Thanks though.....Loved Culpepper at UCF and early Vikings, got too ****y for me after those big years in Minn......As everyone else said problem is between his ears not his knee!
  10. You are probably right, I'll check EB tommorrow down here in Charlotte and see if a Panther is on the cover
  11. I don't know, My brother just texted me a message of a poster with Chad and the madden 08 logo...they have in EB games in Walt Whitman mall..I live in Charlotte now, so it might be a bit of a drive to check out Walt Whitman mall, but then again why would my brother lie...he too is a beloved Jet fan and would not call me and start off a conversation "we need to find a new QB because pennington is on next years cover"
  12. Chad Pennington will be on the cover of Madden 2008!!!!......For anyone living in the NY area...There is a poster for the game in the EB games in Walt Whitman mall in Huntington NY
  13. I think this is a really good trade.....Our O-line has just started to gel..and TJ will only be 29 when the season starts...Leon will be a good 3rd down back
  14. i heard that we GAVE a (1) second round pick and we GOT T.J. and the 80something pick from them...I think it's a good trade...love Leon but we need stability back there, and our O-Line has just starting gelling
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