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  1. There is no way we lost to a rookie QB if our running defense is as good as we think it is.
  2. Fantastic year---unfortunately, you will never go past the first or second round in the playoffs with Chad---I don't care how good the running game and defense is. Its really not to complex. In the playoffs you face defenses that put loads of pressure on the QB---besides the weak arm, Chad's mechanics aren't the best in the world (his foot work is horrible and his throwing motion is ponderous) leading to very slow releases of the ball. This doesn't cut it in the playoffs----the speed of play goes up a notch and unless you have a quick release and/or a good arm, you aren't going anywhere. J
  3. I agree with the report card although I think he was a bit low on the offensive line---Remember, they played against one of the best rushing lines in football, and two sacks ain't bad. I thought Ferguson had a great game after the first play.
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