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  1. I have Ronnie Brown and I picked up Houston off the waivers in week one. I put Cedric Houston in his place....SOOO GLAD I DID!!!! GO JETS!
  2. I agree, but honestly the refs really havent screwed us much this year. We should have had this game locked up. And did you honestly expect us to be 4-4 at this point?
  3. What happened? They are not using Leon Washington. He might give us a little spark. UGH.
  4. Westbrook should play...he is hurt but that should not stop him. THe nice thing about Westbrook if he plays this week is that Donte Stallworth is likely out and the only three people McNabb will want to throw to is Reggie Brown, LJ Smith and Brian Westbrook. So, I say go with Westbrook.
  5. Very nice again! - Hmmm....is this a jets fan message board or a _______ fan message board.
  6. Haha...NICE! Now, do you know what the 611 means?
  7. Hello All - I have been lurking around these boards for quite some time and decided to join up. Thanks for letting me be a part of the JetNation family and I look forward to future posts! Go JETS!
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