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  1. I really love this guy. Like his style
  2. How anybody could root for the Patriots and be a Jets fan is beyond me. Opponent does not matter. If you want to say you're rooting for a smoking crater then that's acceptable
  3. Eh.. I would have liked Tre Mcbride with the 7th. We already have 2 RBs similar in what they do in Ivory and Ridley. Not bad for a 7th just nothing that makes me excited.
  4. It broke my heart seeing Duke get picked. To add insult to injury I can't even get excited about Duke as a fantasy football asset thanks to the wasteland that is Cleveland
  5. I didn't know anything about this Mauldin guy but I'm impressed by the backstory and his scouting report is pretty good too. We need a good young OLB so hope he works out for us
  6. For anybody that hasn't seen Duke Johnson...guy has a nasty stiff arm, toughness, wiggle , and great hands. Perfect compliment to what we have in Ivory. Last time Gailey had a committee RB like this was Spiller who went for 1200 8 that year(2012). CBS is currently mocking him to the Cowboys in the 2nd rd
  7. Harold would be a good fit . I'd like to see either OLB or RB. Would hope for Tre Mcbride in the 3rd
  8. Duke Johnson- we need a homerun threat out of the backfield. This guy looks special
  9. I hope the Jets take him in the 3rd rd
  10. I guess I'm in the minority but I'd love to have Gurley even at 6
  11. We are much better off keeping Milliner. Let him learn from Revis and take over Cromarties spot eventually. I can't see him fetching much in return right now. Bowles uses a lot of DBs out there. I think we will need him
  12. Does it make me happy to see fellow Jets fans spewing misinformation as if it's fact? No not really. I thinks it's annoying.
  13. Pace was playing OLB in zona before we got him. Coples was playing DE and DT at UNC before we drafted him and his transition to OLB is actually a good case against Hardy. Let's not even address the bad PR ramifications or the fact the league still hasn't addressed his case, from strictly a skill and fit perspective the hypothetical signing would risky and expensive
  14. I figured as much that's why I called you out on it
  15. You know Cromartie was looking for a 5.5-6 million deal over 2 years? You have a link to that? We also don't know the guaranteed money on that contract which is the most important factor
  16. I think 9-7 or even 10-6 is attainable. We were in most games last year. The division as a whole should be very good.
  17. Gurley looks like a beast to me. I'd rather not take him at 6 though
  18. Greg Hardy is strictly a 4-3 end not seeing how he would fit into Bowles scheme. The off field stuff also isn't anything I'd want the Jets to have to deal with
  19. I'm more worried about the Pats and Bills. It's almost impossible to take any team we beat last year too seriously
  20. http://m.espn.go.com/nfl/story?storyId=12434113&src=desktop&rand=ref~%7B%22ref%22%3A%22https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F%22%7D The case for trading Drew Brees Aaron Schatz [ARCHIVE] Football Outsiders | March 7, 2015 Drew Brees Gregory Shamus/Getty Images Drew Brees' time as a top-level NFL quarterback is running out. This is not going to be a good offseason for the New Orleans Saints. The Saints have signed a number of big contracts in recent years, trying to return to the Super Bowl, and those moves have not worked out. Now it's time to pay the salary-cap piper. E
  21. http://nflmocks.com/2015/03/12/nfl-trade-machine-drew-brees-to-the-jets/
  22. 1. Drew Brees is still a franchise QB. Brees signed a $100 million deal before the 2012 season and it runs through 2016. Even at 36, he's still playing at a high level and the hope, presumably, is that he can continue to do so until the Saints find their next franchise quarterback. Brees is set to make $18.75 million in 2015, $19.75 million in the final year of his deal, and unless the Saints have a change of heart (and they very well may, given their recent decisions to rebuild), there's every reason to think he'll earn that money. http://mweb.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25104558
  23. Love to get Gurley or Gordon in the 2nd or move up in late 1st
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