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  1. It was Bowens that missed the tackle, JC right on the money
  2. I think thats a bit unfair. This team is just not as talented as we thought, and the defense is absolutely awful. Could mangini have coached better, yes, but in the end, the players are just not good enough. I would put more of the blame on the front office.
  3. Couldnt agree with you more JC, to blame JV is absurd. His talent and abilities have nothing to do with whats happening. Each DL is being completely obliterated on the LOS by single blockers. No Jet DL commands even a double team. The D sucks not because of Vilma, but because of the lousy play of the DL. By the way, Ray Lewis struggled greatly after the Ravens went to the 3-4 after Lewis left as DC. It takes time and consistent DL play for a 3-4 to be successful.
  4. Youre absolutely right, why should an athlete that is paid millions of dollars give 100% effort on the field? I hope the jets acquire many such players, only good things would come from that.
  5. I understand that, but the point is that moss isnt quite the upgrade over branch that many believe he is.
  6. Would you do me a favor and explain why moss was traded for a fourth rounder and Branch was traded for a first?
  7. Just a frindly three way check for some testicle cancer is all. Nothing weird here.
  8. We didnt trade a high second rounder for Jones. We traded a high second rounder for jones AND a low second rounder.
  9. Jamal = done. He has been atrocious the last two years. Why would you want him?
  10. Is there any signing or trade that you may get excited about?
  11. Anytime you can add a running back that AVERAGED 1250 yards for the last two years on a woeful offense for what amounts to a third or fourth round pick, you do it, especially considering what our running game was like last year. After all, no one killed the Barlow trade and we got him for a fourth. Plus, its not like Jones' age is that big a factor, considering the low number of carries he has had throughout his career.
  12. If this trade doesnt satisfy the masses, no trade will
  13. So you root for him when he is literally destroying his body to win football games, but want him to F*** off when he demonstrates the effect that those games had on him. Putting the responsibility on an athlete with a non guarenteed contract to take himslef out of a game or practice is foolish. How you could take mumbles side on this proves how much of a homer you really are.
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