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  1. Only a team as sorry as the Jets would be desperate enough to want this punk.
  2. 6 sacks allowed. While this doesnt reflect well on the OL, it was apparent that the Jax DBs had the WRs covered well, and had an outstanding game. Props to them. - Our D-Line was banged up. Marcus Stroud wasn't in the game. Your OL stinks. 5 punts. The bright spot was BG averaging 49 yds per. MVP - The MVP is the punter? Hilarious. 4 make that 4.4 as in yds per carry for Leon. 101 yds today. Another rare bright spot in an otherwise dismal game. - Two Words: GARBAGE TIME. 3 interceptions thrown by CP. An awful day for him. - You're right about that! 2 atrocious calls by the zebras. Disgustingly bad and I cant believe they get paid to be that bad. - Whiners aren't winners! 1 blocked punt. A serious momentum changer (not that we ever really had any mo to begin with) - LOL. 0 as in zero, nada, zip, no points. Shutout like the Dodgers getting swept by the Mets. A failure to score like Max in a brothel.
  3. 41-0, Eric Mangini is a Great Coach

    That's right. Anytime the Jets can win 5 games has to be considered a success for them. EDITED BY MAX: Leave personal insults out of this.
  4. Team Is A Joke

    Are you trying to be funny? NBC should give you a sitcom. What is really funny is the 2006 New York Jets.
  5. Team Is A Joke

    You wish you could live in the south. Go smoke some crack and watch your awful team go nowhere.
  6. 41-0, Eric Mangini is a Great Coach

    No need to be so upset guys. New York still has one half-way respectable team to root for.
  7. The New York Yankess outscored the New York Jets. This is hilarious.
  8. Your season ended last year after you lost to us. It ended this year. You guys got exposed for the clowns you really are.

    Play any RB who is going up against the soft Jets run defense. Can't miss strategy. You'll win your league.
  10. Team Is A Joke

  11. Team Is A Joke

    I wouldn't call it classless as much as having a sense of humor. Jack Del Rio knows that with the parity of today's NFL he will have very few chances to run up the score and embarass such a poorly talented and poorly coached football team. I'd rather be classless than stupid. Which is what the Jets are. You hire a 5 year old with one year of experience as a DC in which he didn't do that well to be your head coach. Then you pass over a good young QB like Matt Leinart for a soft Offensive Tackle like D'Brickashaw Ferguson. The Jets' organization, their front office, their coaching staff, and their fans all suck.
  12. 41-0, Eric Mangini is a Great Coach

    Today you lost 41-0. The Chiefs won 23-20. Don't worry, you can still root for the Giants.
  13. Seriously you guys took a couple steps back this year. Last year you almost beat us in overtime. This year we destroyed you. Not that Herman Edwards was a good coach, he was a disgrace but if the Jets perform this poorly what does that say about Eric Mangini? We own you.
  14. Working on that running game

    We beat the defending SB Champ Steelers there son. Oh I forgot, the Jets beat 2 good teams in the Titans and Bills.
  15. Working on that running game

    Give me a break. It was garbage time and the Jags were barely playing anymore.