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  1. that's ridiculous. as a dolphins fan i would love for you to give up on sanchez but realistically you guys are in the same boat as us. you need to play the young QBs and let them grow and mature. some weeks they'll play like all pros and others like bums. its the nature of the beast but its good for the long term health for both our teams

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  2. Definitely think its time we move on in regards to Posada. Bring up the youth and lets see what they got next year. I could handle Jeter for another two years. I'm still confident we have this series. Think we win it 4-2. I think we beat Lee Monday which should make it interesting in the offseason lol

  3. Agree.

    You would think with their o-line and Brown and Williams thay would just run run run, limit Hennes mistakes and keep that D off the field

    the oline is really our problem right now. three new starters at both OG positions and a new Center. We are still trying to jell. We're just an average oline right now but should improve a bit as the season wears on and they learn to play with each other
  4. could be wrong but my feel is your defense does ba pretty good job against one dimensional teams. your defense only has problems against dual threat offenses. i dont see a reason why you should be worried here

  5. Fireman Ed ball massaging his brothers neck > Marc Athony doing the fin salute

    i look at it like

    Fireman Ed ball massaging his brothers neck = Marc Athony doing the fin salute

    whatever happened to fans yelling without encouragement. yell as loud as you can when your team is on defense and pick your spots when your team is on offense. i hate all this choreographed crap. guess i'm just old and cranky lol

  6. Truth is Teh Woof came to me in a dream and he assured me that if Marc Anthony suffered an untimely demise the Dolphins defense would once again rise and dominate. Take it for what it's worth. awwwwoooooo

    if only it were so :lol: i was hoping for lemmy kilmeister of motorhead or hr of the bad brains but for some reason they shot down those ideas
  7. You don't understand the concept of controlling your own destiny do you?

    OK let's play pretend...

    Imagine the dolpags win all the rest of their games...

    Now Imagine the Jets win all of theirs except the phags game...

    Who wins the division??? :blink:

    well imagination is a wonderful thing. like i said technically you both are correc t but realistically you'll have a couple more losses. i fully expect your team in the playoffs. i doubt you're going in with a 14-2 record though
  8. I came back after the game. I didn't have much to say, still don't, but I did come back.

    I hate the fins up crap more than anything. They've been shoving that down our throats at the stadium since last year, and nobody in the stands does it. They need to feed that stupid fin to the wolf. Aooouuuuuu.

    the fin stuff at least makes sense. the wolf stuff makes no sense to me. feed the orca, feed the pirhana, feed the fin. any of those would at least be keeping with our namesake. granted we were the killer bees in the 80s but there was a story behind that. unless we trade for garrett wolfe i dont get the whole wolf thing
  9. Not sure I agree 0-2 in the division. Home games no less. You will need The Jets and The Pats to come back to you quite a bit.

    The wildcard will be tuff considering Steelers or Baltimore will get one. Not to mention the Jets or Pats will probably get one. You guys are not 100% control of your destiny. Gonna need help. aaawwwwwooooooooooooo

    five weeks have gone by. every team is in control of their destiny.
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