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  1. the best QB on your roster is sitting on the bench right now. You guys will have an interesting problem on your hands in three years. Ever since Champ Bailey had that game last year, Brady's been scared of throwing the out patterns. Everything's inside now
  2. washington looks good outside the tackles but he doesnt seem as if he has the stuff to be effective inside the tackles. if you guys get a beast rb next year who can bull his way inside you'll have an excellent one two punch. Still like Houston more though
  3. how's houston coming along with his injury. i thought he looked the best out of the bunch
  4. You guys might be better served drafting a true NT for the 3-4 alignments. I'm not sure you're going to be in aposition to get Peterson in the 1st and you might be able to get a RB in the 2nd. Marcus Thomas in the 1st followed by Ken Darby in the 2nd might fill both needs for you
  5. Mangini and Saban are both transitioning their teams defensively from the previous regimes. If Mangini can do that seamlessly God bless him. You guys have started the oline transition but still need two linemen to pair with the Brick and Mangold, you need a RB, maybe a TE and about 5 players on defense next year. If you can do that in just one additional year you can put Mangini in the Hall of Fame. Aint gonna happen As to the Dolphin fans believing the hype, there were just as many fans who didnt buy into the hype. You can always find the fanse who think every year is Super Bowl year. I'm sure there were some Texans fans who were predicting a SuperBowl in August
  6. Yes, that loss hurt, but I notice that you have to refer to another team to find a Dolphins loss in the playoffs. That one mightve hurt but not as much as the 14-0 loss in the 82 championship courtesy of the one the only AJ DUHE. Have you guys ever beaten us when it matters - the playoffs? Maybe its my memory starting to fail me in my old age but I do believe you guys are a big fat zero against us in the playoffs. Playoff record Dolphins vs Jets : Dolphins 1 Jets 0 (the only record that matters)
  7. They had tryouts but they didnt go to well. Check it out http://www.ugoto.com/videos/cheerleaders-bloopers.html
  8. Miami was overrated going into the season that's a given. But that says more about the idiots who are the so called experts than the team. Our offensive cordinator left to become head coach of the Rams and we got stuck with Mularkey who hasnt been able to figure out how to tailor his schemes for our poor offensive line. Saban is going through his sophmore slump. Remember Belichik in Cleveland? He's made some mistakes mostly in regards to personnell decisions but he's dealing with a team that was in salary cap hell when he got there and on the verge of having half its team become eleigible for social security. Next year will really be the first year where we see what Saban brings to the table. The majority of the personnell will be his, he will have gone through his growing pains and he'll probably have his QB (though with Miami who knows). Watching him week in and week out, the guy is at the top of the game with his Xs and Os. His weakness this year was aquiring new players. As a GM he's got a ways to go. If he fixes that next year, you guys will have two legit coaches to play against in the division Look at Mangini. You can see the talent there but its going to take him a couple of years before you guys are legit. He took a 4-3 defense that couldve been good this year and turned it into a below average 3-4. You guys have two years before he gets the players he needs to play his type of defense. Who wouldve predicted that Vilma wouldve looked so bad in this new 3-4? Maybe he figures out how to play with blockers coming at him free or maybe you trade him away for a more traditional 3-4 LB next year, who knows. Trust me, dont expect great things from your team next year but in two years you guys may have finally turned the corner. For the fish, next year is the year where they have to turn the corner. This year is just another transition year
  9. You just summed up Nick's positives and faults perfectly. He's strictly Xs and Os
  10. I would say losing to the Jills and barely squeaking by the Titans were embarrassing but the Texans are actually slightly improved from the cellar dweller years. David Carr really took to Kubiak's offense and against us they switched up their formally vanilla defense and started gambling. It worked against us which aint saying much but it may be enough for them to go 5-11 or 6-10 before the year is out. I think they'll play teams tough this year, especially if teams look past them. The sad fact is that in a year where the Patsies are ripe for being dethroned, none of our teams are stepping up. Whoever loses this game will be in last place in the division. Be afraid, be very afraid By the way, as to us being a disappointment because the sportswriters overrated us, I think it says more about the morons who write predictions being clueless than it says about us. We're playing up to our talent level, but I guess the sportswriters cant grasp talent
  11. Fear the Fin!!!! Dolphins 28 Jets 21 . Dolphins cant stop the pass, Jets cant stop the run. Should be an interesting game
  12. The Dolphin def isnt the problem. The Jets are going to have an almost impossible time running. Its going to come down to Pennington finding Coles and Cotchery all day. What's favorable on that end is the Dolphins pass rush isn/t that good anymore so Pennington should get some time back there. On the other side of the ball who knows what's going to happen. The dolphin offense is pathetic and so is the Jets defense. If one of the teams actually wins this battle that's going to determine the winner
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