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  1. its all about the ring. i think we should be in the playoffs this year. i think its a failure if we're not but its not like i expect a super bowl this year. we're just shooting ourselves in the foot the last couple of games similar to what dallas did the first two weeks. we're 2-2. i am not worried about the team. we'll bounce back. can you seriously say miami fans expected a super bowl? i mean i post on a dolphins message board and i havent seen one
  2. nah. just the same clown proportion every team has. i'm sure if i dug up some old jets threads here i could find similar. the worst are twenty somethings. feel sorry for them. they've had a bad decade which for them is almost their entire fandom and simply don't have the patience to wait for all the pieces to be put in place. the majority of fans are happy with the team though not monday's special teams meltdown. we arent looking for a superbowl this year, just the playoffs. even if we fail to make the playoffs we feel confident that with one more offseason all the pieces will be in place for us to make our own noise and seriously challenge. we are a young team and with that come certain growing pains like monday's game. but the talent is there and with experience will only get better
  3. your defense is better when healthy and your offense isnt close to the red gun offense in effect or style. not sure i get the comparison at all
  4. this is not the time to be thinking short term. this is the time to be thinking the big picture. with buffalo on pace to be able to draft Andrew Luck out of Stanford it is incumbent upon the Jets to sacrifice for the good of the conference and take the loss here thereby hurting Buffalo's chances in getting their next Jim Kelly. I have utmost confidence that you will do what's best for the division
  5. right now Henne, Sanchez, Flacco and Ryan are all bunched together in the promising young QB group. You might even be able to throw Bradford into that mix. I would put Stafford outside of this group so far but he could well get in there if he gets healthy and improves from last year. Right now I would say Matt Ryan is the best of the young QBs. Flacco, Henne and Sanchez have all had their moments but none has taken that next step where they become a legit franchise QB. I think Ryan has but the others are close. They just need consistency. Its an exciting time in the AFC East with one old gun Brady still playing and two young guns rising. And if Buffalo doesnt screw it up they get the best of all the young QBs in Andrew Luck. Should be a very interesting decade for the AFC East. Which is why you guys should lose to the Bills. Sacrifice a win for the good of the AFC East and prevent Buffalo from getting Luck. You will have plenty of other opportunities for wins but we must prevent Buffalo from getting their next Jim Kelly
  6. allen had a rough game no doubt. he had some good plays but the bad ones were killers. it will be interesting to see if he can bounce back. Cornerbacks need to have short memories. As for Fasano, what happened during the game is a mixture of your pass pressure and our offensive line. They ended up keeping in Fasano to help block. Remember the JT sack? Better to have a TE blocking than a RB. It was a good game with plenty of in game adjustments by both teams coordinators throughout the game. Usually teams script the first fifteen plays or so and then end up figuring out whats working and what isnt and adjusting accordingly. Your coordinators did a great job in breaking down the game film and coming up with a brilliant script for the first fifteen plays or so. That was the first qtr and it took us till the 2nd qtr before we could adjust to what you were doing schemewise. Good game
  7. thx. i hope so too. btw i just hang around here so when the yanks make the playoffs i have somewhere to post lol
  8. we have a better defnse then them, they have a better offense. we'll see
  9. they are tough to take while they're happening but they're great once they're over with. hell we lost and i cant say that i'm that upset. might be the vodka though. every game is now a coinflip with you guys. congrats on 1st place. we'll have to take that back from you lol. three teams at 2-1. someone call the bills they are missing out on a helluva party lol
  10. damn these games are just murder. they always come down to the last play
  11. whew. thank god we showed up finally. now maybe we can find someone to cover keller
  12. nice drive by sanchez. mangold is having some trouble. hope its something we can exploit
  13. I think the key for the Dolphins will be getting Sanchez to throw picks. Our secondary is improved from last year. Vontae in his second year is playing error free. Jason Allen is an improvement over Sean Smith and Chris Clemons is a vast improvement over our free safety play last year. The key will be the Jets offensive line. If they can keep the pressure off Sanchez he should be able to pick his spots. If we can get to him, there is a good chance he will try to force some throws and this year we have the guys back there to make you pay for that. On offense our running game isnt quite clicking as it was last year. Its good but not as dominant. Passing wise Henne is still trying to develop a chemistry with Marshall. Hartline and Bess are decent complimentary receivers. The guy I would watch is Fasano. With Marshall getting safety help over the top (I expect) look for the middle of the field to be the place to attack. Should be an entertaining game yet again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzg2O5gXB0w&p=3A27B1B336CBC87C&playnext=1&index=2
  14. well yeah but thats only because he's a rotting skeleton with maggots coming out of his eyesockets now. face it neither one of our teams has anything to brag about when it comes to opening day musical entertainment. hopefully elton john plays halftime for the patriots and george michaels plays halftime for the bills soon to even it out.
  15. green day? seriously? some emo pop punk band. This aint the Bad Brains, Agnostic Front or even Slayer. this is Green Day you're talking about. Might as well have Queen open up for next year's show
  16. thnx. ac joint right? nice shot of whatever caine they're using and good to go. gotta love football
  17. it's slausson. he played well vs new england and played poorly vs the ravens and ngata
  18. mangold playing with a bum shoulder might have a rough game against soliai. soliai has played great for us early. he's really come into his own and is making the loss of ferguson alot easier to handle. i know mangold will play but anyone know the severity of the injury to mangold's shoulder.
  19. agreed. both teams should give their best and the better team will win in the end. i think it will come down to the QBs in the end. Whoever has the better night, Henne or Sanchez should be on the winning end
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