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  1. lol. that would send the dolphins fanbase into a lunatic asylum. you sir are evil. well played
  2. you would think this would be a low scoring affair with both teams defensively minded but I expect the same type of game as last year's first meeting where both offensive coordinators pull every trick out of the book. I think the Dolphins will win this but it should be close enough that key turnovers decide it.
  3. that was freakin pricelss lol. quote of the thread so far
  4. dolphins 27 jets 9 (week 3) dolphins 14- jets 10 (week 14) sparano and henning have the jets number. we'll out coach you, out gameplan you and our defense is much improved from last year
  5. told you that Vegas was making it very clear that the Jets were the play.
  6. ahh you fuzzy little jesters. good game. cant wait to play you next week
  7. cmon you puke green bastages! destroy the pasties! god i'm rooting for you. i think i just threw up
  8. the line is a bit low. everyone and their mother will bet the patriots. it seems like a classic trap game. wouldnt be surprised if the jets bounce back here. you have the secondary and pass pressure to make brady have a rough day. on offense i expect you to simply run the ball down their throats. will that be enough for a victory? dont know, but it might be. vegas seems to be indicating that its going to be far closer than most people think
  9. thats just silly. he won eight and last year was 1973
  10. I agree with the posters who feel this was a fan base/ owner pressure signing. I would also add that Ireland probably wanted it since he views WRs more valuably than Parcells IMO. Giving away two second rounders for a WR even if he is top 5 goes against Parcells tendencies. The fact that Miami needed a playmaker at the position probably helped immensely though in Parcells giving his approval even if left to his own devices he would have passed
  11. Where you rank Marino is dependant on whether you rank talent or career. If you base your rank on talent then he is top three of all time depending on what qualities you value most. If you base your rank on career accomplishmentsc(which are impacted by outside factors) then Marino is top 10.
  12. well if we're talking about you being in the mix then I agree. I said just that in my previous post. You have been in the mix for two seasons now. You were good enough to be in the playoffs last year, just didnt get the breaks. But if we're talking SuperBowl then the odds are that you will regress. I dont have stats but my impression is a team that makes it in to the playoffs for the first time after a period of being out of the playoffs tends to regress the next year. Its usually the 4th year or so where the teams that build right become SB champs. I wouldnt have SB hopes for 2010 but I would set my sights for 2011. I think if you guys draft right for the next two years you'll be a serious threat. Of course I expect the same for us lol. Who knows maybe we'll have a Mud Bowl rematch to see who finally gets their shot
  13. I really like Devito. He always hustles and makes plays. Real under the radar type of player. Yeah Tannenbaum or the owner made a conscious decision to roll the dice with depth and go for the frontline players. Its a roll of the dice. If certain players get injured you can weather the storm. If the wrong ones get injured your season is done. Same for every team but it seems you have less depth than some other teams
  14. Barring a season ending injury to Sanchez, Greene or Revis you guys are in the mix for the next few years no doubt, at least two years and maybe more if you can replace your over 30 players with equal talent. The point of the ESPN magazine was that generally the following year, teams regress for various reasons (injuries, players leaving, teams in division improving, etc) Your season was almost a mirror image of the Ravens 2008 season. Ravens made the playoffs this year and have a good foundation to build a championship run next year and maybe actually get to the big dance. You guys will probably regress simply because you only have four draft picks and will probably be handcuffed in free agency. But you should still be formidable. The odds are against you but every now and then a longshot hits
  15. very true. Sanchez played his best game of the year today IMO and on the biggest stage so thats a good sign that he might make a huge leap next year. If he does you have a chance. The real key is the team staying injury free. Injuries knock off half of the contenders
  16. If nothing else, football promotes diversity -- plenty of it. In the past 14 seasons, the NFL has had at least five different playoff teams from one year to the next, including six new playoff teams this season. The NFC will send a different team to the Super Bowl for the ninth straight year. And in the past three postseasons, the maximum number of 12 different teams have reached the conference championship games, with not one team being able to repeat. The message is obvious: The Jets, Colts, Vikings and Saints had better enjoy their time this week because a return engagement is neither guaranteed nor even likely. It also sends out hope to any team that is hoping to reach the second-to-last Sunday of the season, a spot that has been unattainable for only a few. In fact, the only teams not to reach the NFC Championship Game since 2001 are the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/2009/columns/story?columnist=schefter_adam&id=4839638
  17. depends on whether you keep trading your draft picks away. if no CBA agreement is reached you are pretty much banned from signing UFAs. Will you guys go after RFAs and give away more of your draft picks for the privilege? As it stands now, if you try to rebuild through the draft you pretty much have to bat 1000 to fill the holes on dline, secondary and WR. you will have to wait till 2011 to start drafting players for the OLINE. You have a good GM but you've painted yourselves into a corner. You almost have to win it in the next two years becuase after that the likelihood is you take a step back and start rebuilding again
  18. forget free agency There could still be a few choice players left to test free agency and a number of solid players on bad teams will be looking to go to contending teams. A team such as the Patriots has always done a great job in free agency, getting very good veterans on reasonable deals because a player wants a chance at a Super Bowl ring. Well, there will be a "Final 8" rule in 2010. The rule will restrict the final eight teams in the playoffs from signing free agents. The final four teams shall not be permitted to negotiate and sign any unrestricted free agent to a player contract except for players who acquired their status by being cut or were on the final four team when their contract expired. Playoff teams five thru eight get a break to sign one player with a salary of $4,925,000 or more and any number of players with a first-year salary of no more than $3,275,000 and an annual increase of no more than 30 percent in the following years. There is a mechanism to permit the final eight teams to sign an unrestricted free agent for each one of their own unrestricted free agents who sign with another club as long as they don't spend more than what their own lost player received from his new club. http://www.nfl.com/news/story?id=09000d5d808736ba&template=with-video&confirm=true personally i'm hoping you guys draft Carlos Dunlap.
  19. well at least the Haitians will get to sport those nifty JETS AFC Champion T-shirts
  20. good start for you guys. getting a sack on peyton is a huge way of starting the game. getting pressure on him is a must for you guys. lets see if you can follow up the good start on offense
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