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  1. I think they're great. I'm debating getting one for the laughs. Right next to my Patriots perfect season t-shirt
  2. does that mean you have to win the SB or win one game, two? we had pennington in a playoff game. could it have turned out any other way?
  3. its funny but i really like Devito. Real lunch pail blue collar type but he makes plays in every game i watch. i agree that you guys are in a position that 28 other teams would want to be in. i'm just offering the miami perspective that the only thing that would hurt is if you guys win it all. when the patriots beat the Eagles in the SB that bothered me. When they lost to the Giants, well, whatever the word opposite of bother is is what i felt lol
  4. Good points. Braylon is a good blocker and his presence does force teams to respect him . Your running game is really the story of your run (no pun intended). Was hoping Schotty would continue running Jones but he eventually smartened up and started running Greene lol. If you can run for 150 yds again against the Colts I think you'll have a shot (i think you ran for 200 yds last time). still peyton is playing phenomenal this year. it will be a huge test for your defense I agree you guys will be better next year. so will we. doesnt bother me to hear it. so long as the patriots keep falling apart all is good in our world what position do you think you will targte with your first rounder in the draft
  5. it is funny how many posts were on these boards with jets fans saying the playoffs didnt matter and only the SB mattered when the Jets were playing the Dolphins. I guess those rules only applied to 2009 and not 2010. Now getting into the playoffs matters. I need to be kept updated on these rule changes
  6. it is funny how many posts were on these boards with jets fans saying the playoffs didnt matter and only the SB mattered when the Jets were playing the Dolphins. I guess those rules only applied to 2009 and not 2010. Now getting into the playoffs matters
  7. true regarding leon washington. not sure about edwards. i think you guys like him more than the rest of the league. you still need a DE, S, CB and WR next year. From our perspective it will help that you will be limited to only the draft. You'll be able to draft those positions but wont be able to hedge your bets by acquiring people in free agency. i figure you have a good shot at Golden Tate or Mardy Gillyard with your first rounder but it will be interesting to see what you do the rest of the draft. As to still playing, agreed that its good to still be playing. You still have a shot. You gotta be in it to win it so to speak. Still even if all the teams were equal you would only have a 25% chance of winning it all. But even JETS fans have to admit that you're going to have a rough time pulling this off. On paper all three teams are better than you guys. You're almost a mirror image of the Ravens last year even down to the rookie QB. And that didnt turn out too well for the Ravens now did it. would be interested to hear why you guys think you'll beat the Colts. do you think brad smith is going to get another return for a 100 yd touchdown?
  8. enjoy it while you can. you still have two to go. Lose now and you are severely penalized if there is no CBA agreement. You wont be able to get any FAs to improve. You picked a hell of a year to overachieve. so long as you dont win neext week, this will be the best of all possible scenarios for the dolphins
  9. yeah at some point you have to start throwing play action passes on 1st and 2nd down.
  10. Devito's a nice player for you guys. He doesnt get alot of press but he's a solid blue collar type of player
  11. i think it gets even more restrictive if you guys get into the final four. obviously if you win it all it will be worth it, but if you dont....probably right that a new CBA is reached but if it isnt your hands will be tied in FA. Picked a hell of a year to make the playoffs
  12. depends how its done. i'm not a poster who insults the opposition. i post respectfully but obviously i would have different rooting interests than you guys. alot of boards dont want opposing fans posting and thats fine. but this thread was about why fin fans arent posting here. well if the reason is you have to root for the jets to post then asking why isnt a question that needs to be asked
  13. I came onto your board when you beat the bengals the first time and congratulated you guys on making the playoffs. I came back yesterday to the game thread but your mod banned aquaforever for something i didnt feel deserved a ban (pretty funny since the mod had a sig of Rev Jones and koolaid and a Same Old Jets saying) I didnt feel it was worth it. Since its a day afterwards maybe you guys have calmed down. congrats on the win. i'll visit your site nexxt week and i'll post if i'm allowed to root against you guys. but if you're banning anyone who roots against you guys whats the point?
  14. lol. soon very soon. he'll probably end up in denver or cleveland however. lol maybe buffalo
  15. Congrats on never giving up and continuing to fight. Congrats on righting the ship. Enjoy the playoffs. We'll give you a better run next year. Injuries just were too much to overcome at the end of the year. Good luck against Cincy
  16. congrats guys. nice game. thanks for keeping our record intact. wont root for you next week but great job this week
  17. would be nice. i wonder how much the asking price will be
  18. Devito playing well. He's a nice player for you guys
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