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  1. Thank you. The world just feels... Right. There was a certain crispness to the air this morning. I'm getting a migraine thinking about Harvin getting overthrown by an overpaid Mark Sanchez. Hey, the 1 TD he had in Miami was more than just pedestrian.
  2. Bump for Welker and likely, his last game as a Pat. 5 Years with Pats, 0 Superbowls.
  3. On behalf of South Florida, We would like to send our warmest "thanks" to the New York Jets, for one of the finest football seasons in memory. From the "buttfumble" to the video of Jets fans heckling their players at halftime on Thanksgiving, It's been a wonderful year. In my wildest dreams, I never thought the, coup de gras, would be this tattoo. Bravo, bravo! A standing ovation is in order. Thank you, NY Jets, for a fantastic season filled with laughter and joy. May 13' be as riviting as 12'.
  4. No. No it wasn't. It was considered a positive year, considering the happenings in NY.
  5. Sup. Some people think the Jets are going to win... I am not one of those people. Miami gets revenge on Sunday, VIVA RYAN TANNEHILL!
  6. Sup. You still shining shoes? I don't know if everybody here knows, but Klecko used to be the best shoe shiner out there. They used to call him "Spit Shine Klecky".
  7. Gross dude. Why are you getting hard with monkeys?
  8. Sparano spends Sunday fist pumping like crazy!! Phins: 24 Jests: 15
  9. Hey, I remeber this little Nancy boy. Yeah, cause after 18 years in the NFL, retirement isn't an option and somebody has to be "forced" out? Word, B. Took the words out of my mouth. Don't forget to sneak into the moderators lounge and hide their dildos. They get so upset on "Freaky Friday" when they can't find their toys.
  10. Of course I rip on you guys for hiring Sparano. His brand of "ground & pound" or "3 yards and a cloud of dust" type football, is perfect for todays, pass happy, QB driven NFL. Not really. Good game, yes, perfect no. The Jets have flaws. Yo! Sup, Dawg? This, is a given, hopefully our O-line can keep the pressure off the rookie.
  11. Could you be more specific? Hey, you can brag about the Knicks making the playoffs if you want.
  12. No, you're wrong. I started out with a sharp quip, that mocked the Jets hiring of our former head coach and you followed that with a ham-handed semen joke. Boring.
  13. Yeah, that's when the Heat usually wins the Championship. Aw, thanks, Bro. You're all aces. Who won last time these teams met?
  14. Mommy? 5 months? What are you talking about? Drunk already or still drunk from yesterday? Yeah, all season. The whole lonnnggg season we've had so far. Pft. (Yaaawwwnnn)... Love those middle school jokes. Got any more?
  15. Right there, at the corner of your mouth, there's a little bit of spittle, wipe it off, it's gross. Ok, now, what were you saying?
  16. If Tony Sparano knew how to call an offense play worth a damn, maybe Miami would... What's that? Sparano is on the Jets now? LOL, looks like a victory for Miami.
  17. Reggie bush: "I'm taking my talents to south beach". Done deal, 2 years.
  18. This coming from a bandwagon fan who just joined this site last year. Hmmmm, Dec of 2010, that's during the Jets failed playoff run, isn't it?
  19. Bush will be a great addition to the Phins. Hopefully he comes cheap. Maybe we could give him a 50 mil contract, but have it loaded on the back end so that he only counts for 2.5 mil on this years cap.
  20. Breaking news: In 2008 while the Dolphins we're hunting for a new coach ( which they will soon be doing again) Rex Ryan was on the short list of possibilities, until Jeff Ireland asked if his wife was a whore... All right, who threw the rotten tomato at me?
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