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  1. Either that or Prozac.

  2. Ever seen "Cable Guy"? You're in for it now that we're friends lol.

  3. All is right in the world today. Ooops, pick up your feet, we're sweeping in here.

  4. So much for trash talking me... Pick up your feet, I'm sweeping in here.

  5. Didn't realize you were the "bad taste" police. I'll be sure to please you with my posting in the future. Pffftttt (snicker).

  6. A little. I saw the opener and the end of the Memphis game. Hodges does look good, not Henne good but good :). I'm trying to get to the Miami game, but my brothers baby is getting baptised the 17th... Ugh.

  7. Thanks (insert sarcastic smilie) I've been through hell over it. How's my fellow Knight doing?

  8. Thanks ecurb. We need some luck.

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