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  1. Patriots losing brings people together. Welcome brother. LOL

    Thank you. The world just feels... Right. There was a certain crispness to the air this morning.

    Except Harvin is a legit big time player instead of a product of cheating.

    I'm getting a migraine thinking about Harvin getting overthrown by an overpaid Mark Sanchez.

    He's been regarded as a top 5-10 WR in this league for the last 5 years. He's no where close. Probably 20+ WR's I'd take over him.

    Once he leaves Brady, he's goes back to being pedestrian.

    Hey, the 1 TD he had in Miami was more than just pedestrian.

  2. On behalf of South Florida, We would like to send our warmest "thanks" to the New York Jets, for one of the finest football seasons in memory. From the "buttfumble" to the video of Jets fans heckling their players at halftime on Thanksgiving, It's been a wonderful year.

    In my wildest dreams, I never thought the, coup de gras, would be this tattoo. Bravo, bravo! A standing ovation is in order.

    Thank you, NY Jets, for a fantastic season filled with laughter and joy. May 13' be as riviting as 12'.

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  3. gaydolphinsmall.jpg

    Hey, I remeber this little Nancy boy.

    just to keep the record straight, Marino didn't leave. He was FORCED out by Jimmy Johnson..BWAHAHAHAHA

    Yeah, cause after 18 years in the NFL, retirement isn't an option and somebody has to be "forced" out?

    Thank god.....Now there will be no excuse after we beat you.

    Word, B. Took the words out of my mouth.

    I'm going to stick around; I'm a big Tebow fan and I absolutely despise Sparano so I figured what the heck.

    Don't forget to sneak into the moderators lounge and hide their dildos. They get so upset on "Freaky Friday" when they can't find their toys.

  4. Heh, you're seriously gonna play that card? You realize the coach that had seemed to "have our number" is on our sidelines now, right?

    It's also funny that you rip on us for hiring Sparano. You signed Pennington (after spending the better part of a decade laughing at him) and glorified him despite all of our warnings.

    Of course I rip on you guys for hiring Sparano. His brand of "ground & pound" or "3 yards and a cloud of dust" type football, is perfect for todays, pass happy, QB driven NFL.

    Having watched the two games each of these teams have played... it would take a perfect game for Miami to win.

    Not really. Good game, yes, perfect no. The Jets have flaws.

    CrahsingJet is back!! You guys have no chance Sunday!!! Reggie runs for a 150 2 td's!!! LET'S GO FINS!!!! WE READY!!! WE READY!!!

    Yo! Sup, Dawg?

    I am confident that Rex, etc will confuse ansd pressure tannehill to mistakes in this game

    This, is a given, hopefully our O-line can keep the pressure off the rookie.

  5. Yeah, there totally weren't two posts that happened in between there, right? NO WAY!


    Could you be more specific?

    once again typical...change the subject when failure occurs.

    Hey, you can brag about the Knicks making the playoffs if you want.

  6. OMG, GOOD ONE! I mean, it's not like you started with stupid, child-like jokes and I intentionally followed your lead to make a point of how foolish you acted, right? YEAH!

    No, you're wrong. I started out with a sharp quip, that mocked the Jets hiring of our former head coach and you followed that with a ham-handed semen joke. Boring.
  7. He said OFFSEASON. You know, the best time of the year for Miami fans?

    Yeah, that's when the Heat usually wins the Championship.

    You're my favorite troll. Seriously. <3

    Aw, thanks, Bro. You're all aces.

    I have a $20 bet with a friend that the Jets will sweep Miami. Loss. Cannot. Happen.

    Who won last time these teams met?

  8. Typical DolFag...win one game and spouting out of his ass .Convienent your mommy has allowed you back on the internet, why else would you have dissappeared for 5 months..

    Mommy? 5 months? What are you talking about? Drunk already or still drunk from yesterday?

    Must be feeling confident after an very impressive victory vs. the world beating Raiders since we havent seen you all offseason.

    Yeah, all season. The whole lonnnggg season we've had so far. Pft.

    Oh, thanks. I guess I should probably give you a similar heads up and let you know that right there, all over your face, is an excessive amount of semen. While I'm sure you're quite used to it by now, you still might want to take care of that.

    (Yaaawwwnnn)... Love those middle school jokes. Got any more?

  9. Hate to break it to you, but the fact that your team beat the freakin' Raiders, at home, in a 1PM game doesn't change the fact that your team is still a heaping pile of dog sh*t. You could be calling the Jets offensive plays with the sole intent of trying to make sure the Jets lost and it still wouldn't make a difference. The Jets could punt on every first down and the Jets D would outscore the Dolphins.

    Right there, at the corner of your mouth, there's a little bit of spittle, wipe it off, it's gross.

    Ok, now, what were you saying?

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