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  1. They have 115 friends on their network and the profile pics aren't available because they're explicit. *Sigh* life is good.
  2. What I want to happen. A. It comes out that the male voice is actually Rob Ryan. Or B. There's a swinger couple that "emerges" with tales of hot and steamy night's with the Ryan's and some Jets players.
  3. Holy sh*t! That's really them! Speechless. without speech. I have nothing except, this is hilarious. Fat a$$ Rex is a swingingdick! And he and his wife role play.. On camera! I've got the title... Foot fetish freaks flying flabbily in Jetland!! Oh yeah, The Sanchize and the Ryan's have, without a doubt, licked each others toes
  4. It's not as gay as "3rd and Long Island".. Did you think that up yourself, or did you steal it from Gyno Tony?
  5. That was before our offense developed a bad case of "scoring anorexia".
  6. As with every year, I will now be rooting for whoever is playing the Jets.
  7. Nothing about Carroll's play being against the rules, but what the Jets did was. ******* cheaters... And you still lost!
  8. Rule #2,341: When caught being a scumbag, deflect to the Patriots.
  9. You'll get credit for my new tattoo. I'm thinking about putting that phrase in Old English on my back
  10. Oh snap! Cheatin' Mo fo's. Damn, and you still lost!!
  11. Bottom line is ... This is the 3rd game in a row that Miami has beaten the Jets in Giants stadium. Suck it.
  12. I love it. A Jets coach blatantly trips, and admits to tripping a player, and it's Carroll that was cheating. Only in Jets land.
  13. I'll give you the first one, but the second one he was trying to come back on, but was impeded by 2 blockers, ergo it's not a play worthy of a flag, WHICH IS WHY ONE WAS NEVER THROWN!!!
  14. Let's review how this started. "Illegally running out of bounds" was what I responded to. It wasn't illegal, especially with the 2 Jets players forcing him out of bounds. To which you said it was illegal... Well, with this reply from you, you backtrack and say it's allowed, but only if the runner is making an effort to return in bounds... Now, there are 2 Jets defenders impeding him from returning to the field of play, as well as 6 Jets coaches standing toe to toe on the field line, how's he supposed to return to field of play when there are 2 players blocking him from doing so? The whole play was designed to isolate Carroll from the play on the field, which it did. Kudos to the Jets coaching staff for executing this. Let me ask you this, if a player is forced out of bounds by the opposing team, you think the gunner should penalized?
  15. There were differences in the 2 plays. On the first one with the penalty, he had run almost the entire length of the field out of bounds, which is illegal, but the second play he was blocked out of bounds, and was making his way back onto the field, which is allowed by the NFL. It was the Jets players that had forced Carroll out of bounds, dumbass. Further proof that the Jets coaches set up that play... Force the gunner out of bounds, and we'll have the Jets coaches impede his progress, thereby isolating the 11th player. It's shady, it's cheating and the Jets entire organization should be donkey punched as punishment. Scoreboard. Look at the scoreboard. 10-6... Phins win. /reply.
  16. Hahaha thanks. To be honest, I think I've grown out of my "trolling" phase of life. But, for some reason this thread title came to me while reading the article, and I had an overwhelming urge to share it with the fine people of JetNation.com No, mostly because what he wasn't illegal, or against the NFL rules. That's hilarious and I plan on using it for an upcoming Wayne Cherbet quote. Ugh, I hate that fins up crap.
  17. Further "inside" proof that the Jets coaches have to resort to cheating in order to lose games. http://www.palmbeachpost.com/sports/dolphins/ex-miami-dolphin-zach-thomas-says-dirty-deed-1122207.html
  18. The Jets suck, and now the world is beginning to realize this.
  19. Thank you, and Feliz Navidad to you as well.
  20. The Jets defense let Chad Henne throw a TD, they suck too.
  21. Marshall scored more points than the entire Jets offense... I can see why you'd like him to STFU after a loss like that (insert sarcastic smiley). Seriously though, you guys suck. Really really suck.
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