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  1. Does "Blow me" mean anything to you? Ah, memories. Good times. BTW, I love the idea of the Phins hiring Rob Ryan, what a crazy game week that would be. Glad you enjoyed it. I'm not really jumping on the Jets bandwagon, it just looks like alot of fun.
  2. I took my lumps during the 07' season. Bugger off.
  3. She's a little tired from last night. Can they be had with our #1 pick? Probably, but only if you threw in Belichick and Brady.
  4. There's alot of Homerism that I could interject here, but I'll save it for another day. Fact is, our offense is flat and pathetic. It makes me curious why a coach would start a 3rd string QB, then put the game on his shoulders and shelve the running game. I don't know.
  5. Why would you want to kiss a grown man? Gay? Not that there's anything wrong with that and good for you for being up front with your feelings and desires.
  6. I've been masturbating with my own tears.
  7. Oh, you know. Just looking at the draft projections. Trying to figure out which player well reach for this year.
  8. Make some room, I want to get on the Jets bandwagon. Anybody have a JT jersey I can borrow? Thank's guys.
  9. I think were all finding out how good our division (and the AFC) really is this year. Jets & Pats are pretty damn tough and the Phins are a beast on the road.
  10. Boy, am I glad that they actually play all 16 games in a season.
  11. I came back after the game. I didn't have much to say, still don't, but I did come back. I hate the fins up crap more than anything. They've been shoving that down our throats at the stadium since last year, and nobody in the stands does it. They need to feed that stupid fin to the wolf. Aooouuuuuu.
  12. Not going to happen. http://blogs.trb.com/sports/custom/business/blog/2010/10/rapper_birdman_a_miami_dolphin.html
  13. Now, if only I knew what YOU were talking about. In a world full of bad English, yes, I guess it has become a word. That being said, "more stupid" would be the proper way of expressing the thought.
  14. Just a lazy Dolphin fan. See what I did there? Twice.
  15. I hate when Dolphin fans superimpose heads on bodies, especially when it's done in a haphazard manner.
  16. That's not a word. One can be more stupid, but stupider is not correct. Just thought I'd let you know, that way you won't look more stupid than you already do.
  17. That's not it at all. It was a training camp tactic Sparano used to motivate the defense and it caught fire with them and the fans. I personally like it, but the howl they were using at the stadium needed to be meaner and louder.
  18. /Turns off computer, looks for the rum.
  19. Fine, I'll be the punching bag today. Nice one, I set it up for you.
  20. That's hilarious. As I was reading it, I swear that in my head I was hearing Simple Jack's voice.
  21. He wishes. Wakes strong suit, it seems, is staying low to the ground and getting behind the RT. He's crazy fast and has great balance when getting low. I don't think the bull rush is anything that he's gonna turn heads with. He is 6-4 and 220ish, so bull rushing tackles probably isn't gonna get him to the Pro Bowl. Getting low and rushing around the tackles, that's where he shines. And yet, you rock a 80's band's logo as your avatar. Real men make their own avatars
  22. Wake is pretty awesome. Not seeing the game on TV, I didn't get to really see some of the stuff that was happening on the line, but my guess is Woody was holding Wake. Not trying to be a Homer, but that's what's been happening all year so far. Well, now that you're being a condescending prick, I'll never let you see my monkey again. Wait, what?
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