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  1. Yeah. My guess is that if the defense had played to their abilities last night and stopped the Jets, Hennings playcalling would be a non issue today. As it is, I need somebody to blame besides the defense, and Henning is at the top of my list... Today. That's likely to change after we beat the Pats Monday night and Miami puts up a 50 bomb on those A holes, which could actually happen.
  2. Yeah, I'm well aware of the Jets struggle with Schotty, especially after your 1st game. Considering the change since then, you'd think somebody else has been calling the plays for the last 2 games. Good for you guys that he's turned it around, maybe we could get Schotty over to the retirement home for lunch with Dan Henning. On a side note, has anybody seen Miami's defense? I heard they were in Miami, but I didn't actually see them last night. I'm starting to get worried and may file a missing persons report.
  3. I do love my old monkey. (sigh) Anybody have a xanax?
  4. 2nd and 2 on the goal line and Henning called 2 pass plays in a row, when Lousaka Polite could have easily rammed the ball in on 2 tries. Then, on 3rd and 16 Henning calls a wildcat play. While Henning is good at his job, some of his calls are complete head scratchers and yes, alot of us Phin fans are unhappy with him today.
  5. I'm just glad I didn't get suckered into any of these bets this year.
  6. I'm so happy I deprived myself of sleep last night to watch the Jets win. Good times. /Kicks dog, hits wife, slits wrists.
  7. Well, that sucked. Now excuse me while I put some jam on my crow. P.S., I hate Sanchez.
  8. If you know the difference, then you already understand that your analogy was dumb.
  9. (Snicker). Mahi-Mahi and the Dolphins mascot aren't even close to being the same species, but whatever.
  10. That picture of Robo Chad was hilarious. What you have there is macabre. Especially with "Sunday Massacre" under it. Again, whatever floats your boat.
  11. Oh how I've missed you. You are my favorite poster of all time. Although, your breakdown of the Miami Dolphins is a tad.. No, seriously off.
  12. Why? I don't personally attack anybody and I talk football. As far as my feelings go, I could care less about Trent Green, he was our QB for 4 1/4 games, all losses. But, putting any player who is on a stretcher with a neck brace on, in your sig, is glorifying injuries. It's fine though, whatever pleases you. Quick question. How would you feel if I had pictures of Jenkins and Revis in my sig during the moment of their injuries? My guess is that you would jump all over me.
  13. After spending the week popping off about arrests and lawsuits. Debating the merits of 2 road wins vs. a 1-1 home stand, I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for a fun week. Even though my work suffers, I always enjoy the leadup to these division games. Here's to an injury free game
  14. Sorry Crusher, I'll amend my post. 2-0 on the road is > 1-1 at home
  15. Hahaha, no doubt Goodell consulted Kraft before the fine was handed down.
  16. Nice sig. Glad to see you're representing the class that is the New York Jets. Keep up the good work, and may Karma kick you in the nuts. I've never understood why some fans celebrate injuries, especially serious injuries that require a stretcher. You, sir are the epitome of class, minus the "cl".
  17. Yeah. However your answer was from some fantasy land. The truth is...
  18. Put a Mets jersey on it and it'll be the spitting image of your sig.
  19. And the year before he had 18 catches. And can you believe that Cromartie was still able to impregnate a girl while blowing coverage! Which is something that you excel at. At least you don't listen to that turd Sid Rosenberg.
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