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  1. Read the thread and stop cherry picking posts. I was countering a claim that Marshall would only have 30 yards recieving against the Jets, and even with him being double covered, he'll most likely have more (I don't have my crystal ball in front of me, so I can't give you the exact yardage yet)
  2. Those aren't my excuses, they're you twisting my posts. And as far as the last game in Giants Stadium, look back at my earlier posts. Right there, on the corner of your mouth, you have a crumb. No, the other side. Ok, you got it. What were you saying again, something about college ball? I didn't watch the Cinci game, only saw the replays so I'll refrain from any future commentary, but I did watch the Phins game and Miami's defense was the cause of those turnovers. If you believe differently, turn off ESPN and all of the Favre ball washing that they do. Well, for starters, last year when Miami played Indy, we didn't have the luxury of playing their backups. So I'll refrain from going any farther on that subject.
  3. God forbid the Miami defense get credit for forcing 4 turnovers, it's always gotta be somebody else's fault 15-10, 14-10, 10-9 whatever, you lost to a team, at home, that lost to Cinci. That says alot. I pine for the Jets next 3 road games, let's see how they fare when they don't have a home field advantage.
  4. That's too logical and the truth would take away from their only arguments. Let them have their delusions of grandeur. sh*t, if I had to watch the Dolphins practice with cheeseburgers hanging from their lips, and face the fact that the team is full of aged starters who are already nicked up in week 2, I'd be making all kinds of excuses. Now let's go eat a goddamn snack!
  5. Are we making up stuff now? When did I refer to our offense as a "juggernaut"? I've merely been saying that Miami will come out running the ball and that with Marshall being double covered, our offense will succeed in finding open receivers/TE's. But hey, The Sanchize and Ryan have never beaten the Phins, so I can see why you would use the term "juggernaut" while referencing Miami's offense.
  6. You can't be serious. Baltimore, which got blown out at home by Cinci, is better than Minn? Flacco, who threw up 4 ints, is better than Favre? Please, give me strength. That's all you got? Go eat a Snickers and re-fuel.
  7. That's not even South Florida. Look at the construction, that would never pass our building code down here. Plus, there's no old "Vinny's Pizza" sign on any of those buildings. Not to mention the absence of any foliage, which always thrives in our sub-tropical climate. Couldn't possibly be South Florida. Massive fail on your part.
  8. Not nearly as impressive as the 9 points your offense threw up against Baltimore.
  9. And you are just like the rest of the Jets fans, making excuses and trying to rationalize why Miami is 2-0, without accepting the fact that they won those games on their own hard work, execution and effort. I can't wait to hear the excuses when the Vikes beat you guys in a couple weeks.
  10. Convenient how you're forgetting last years game in Miami, 150 yards rushing in the game, 100 yards of Wildcat, which scored the game wining TD. If you want to talk about the second game, just remember with 2 ST TD's and 1 defensive TD, Miami's offense didn't spend alot of time on the field, hence the disparity in offensive yards. But, when Miami needed a TD to take the lead in the 4th, what did they do? Yup, drove the field for a score, right down the Jets throat. You mean the one that hasn't turned the ball over in 2 games? That crappy QB?
  11. God that sounds nice. My home state and county with no Jets fans? I just came in my pants.
  12. The Pats have no running game and they did nothing in the second half except chuck up the deep ball to Moss. Miami doesn't play that way, Miami actually has a running game and will establish the ability to ram it down the Jets throat. Just like last year.
  13. Ok Marshall had more yards than that with 1 catch last week.
  14. Like, Oh my Gawd!!! You're so, like, immature, like, you know?
  15. If your son doesn't like working with Dolphin fans, he's more than welcome to move out of the state.
  16. No, but he'll most likely make your rookie DB and the 7-6-5 player look foolish. And if he doesn't, because he's drawing double teams, then Hartline, Bess, Fasano, and Brown will pick up the slack and exploit your depleted, injured and old defense.
  17. Trust me, not many people in Miami are sad to Ginn go. Besides, we have a better #19 in Miami now.
  18. Those just get old and rusty.. Kinda like your team.
  19. So much win in this thread. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot5-C_LXhSA
  20. You Jets fans with your excuses for everything. 3 int's, 2 sacks, six QB hits and a strip fumble recovery for a TD, but the reason Miami won the game was Favre starring down his reievers? Ever stop to think that the reason Favre had a bad day was BECAUSE OF MIAMIS DEFENSE! You get the same response as Klectard.
  21. Yeah, I did. I thought it was a joke. You were serious? 3 Int's and you didn't see Miami's secondary "make any great plays"?
  22. Even better. Thanks for correcting me, I forgot how good Miami's red zone D actually was.
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