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  1. The Vikes were 2/5 in red zone scoring opportunities last week. The Dolphins held the Vikes to 10 points, from the goal line. Did you even see the game? Didn't think so.
  2. Your star receiver (I use the term star loosely) was arrested and your fan leader was arrested for assault. Yes, your distractions this week are > than a little locker room cat calling.
  3. Thanks to Antonio Cromartie refusing to tackle.
  4. Dude, stop. Green for 130 yards?! He hasn't even run for that through 2 games, yet he's magically gonna start ripping off long runs like he's Adrian Petersen? Just stop before you embarass yourself more. And deep bombs to Clowney?! Stop Clowning me man, the guy has already been cut once by the Jets this year, yet he's gonna be a deep threat all the sudden? Eh, no.
  5. Jets delusion... Check. Jets distractions... Check
  6. What's the over under on the number of babies Cromartie will spawn while in Miami?
  7. So you were what, 5 in 2000? Good for you, now go do your homework. Ok, so now we ARE using Vegas lines as a measure of who's gonna win games? Why not just use accuscore and say "**** playing the games"?
  8. The Vikings were also 6 point favorites. Miami hasn't had a blackout since 2000. So yeah, kinda blows that theory out of the water.
  9. Too bad half of those talented players are either A. old B. injured.
  10. Not spinning, but you're right. Apparently, and this is my biggest surprise this year, our corners are playing lights out. Vontae is playing really well and Jason Allen has decided to finally live up to his 1st round pick ability. Guy played outstanding the last 2 games. 2 int's against Favre (the 3rd was called back by a defensive penalty) and a dropped pick 6 against the Bills. Running on us may have it's up side, hard to tell though. When AP's running, it's difficult to tell whether it's his skill or the defense not doing their job.
  11. 1. He didn't have any TD's and was stuffed at the goal line a number of times. 2. AP is not a Jet, and nobody on your team compares..
  12. Yeah? Well were gonna be eating sauteed turbines for breakfast, with a side of fuselage.
  13. If you'd read the article, it would have told you that as a teenager, Sparano was working in a kitchen and had hot grease splashed in his eyes and that it has been a life long problem for him. He keeps his office unusually dark and has problems with his eyes tearing up with bright lights. His wearing sunglasses is due to a problem with his eyes, not because he's a "Joe Cool" type guy. Kthxsbye.
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