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  1. Considering Camarillo only had 1 catch for 3 yards, yeah you're right. Vontae also made an interception on a pass to Percy Harvin in the endzone, so I'll say his coverage is pretty tight.
  2. It spits too. HardKoreXXX pointed this out earlier, that with us wearing orange and the Jets wearing green, the stadium will look like a Hurricanes game. Advantage Phins
  3. We always tailgate at east orange 23, so yeah, maybe. I've already had a few invites to meet up with some JN posters, but I don't think they want to buy me any beers Don't forget, this Sunday is an orange out, so wear your orange jerseys.
  4. Aw shucks, thanks. No matter what, I'll always think Brooklyn is better than the next sh*ttiest Burrough
  5. Yeah, that letter has been discussed. http://fanhell.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2338
  6. sh*t storm in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... Love the optimism though.
  7. He's probably already been banned at my favorite Phins board. Besides, I remember some pretty good exchanges between us from the old days around Phins/Pats week.
  8. Haha so true. These games give my heart a workout. Once, just once I'd like a Phins/Jets game that we don't A: Lose B: Win on a last second play. I would kill for a blow out victory that didn't put me at risk for a heart attack.
  9. Not me, I've always thought Tx was all aces.
  10. The Hard Rock is only like 5 minutes away, quick jog south on the Turnpike which leads right into the stadium... I mean, it's an hour north of the Hard Rock
  11. Ronnie wasn't arrested for assault last year like Braylon was. Multiple offenses are frowned upon by Goodell, especially when they're within a year of each other.
  12. I'm not trying to be a dick, but how the Hell can you say that without bursting out in laughter? Rex Ryan has never beaten the Phins as a head coach, Sanchize hasn't either, yet, you think the Jets are gonna go on the road with a "who's who" injury report and "kick Miami's asses? He shredded you guys at home last year, but don't worry about him, our WR's or the defense. Just come on down and, don't forget to eat your Wheaties.
  13. (Snicker) Our offensive coordinators name is Dan.. Wait for it ... Wait for it... Henning. (Snicker)
  14. 1. I can't wait to see how the Sanchize handles the Viking defense. 2. I'm not sure of the point you were trying to convey about injuries, in the second paragraph, but my point is, your team is quickly becoming injury prone, and your best players on defense are out. Yet, you still think the Jets are gonna roll in Miami next week? Yeah, ok. Not saying Miami is gonna win by 30, it will be a tough game, but thinking you're gonna come here and whip our asses is presumptuous to say the least. 3. You're bringing up last year to trash this years team? Ok, just keep thinking that this years Dolphin team is the same as last years. Hopefully your coach takes the same dumb approach. 4. 08': Play the injured QB role all you want, but Miami finished the year 11-5 with a division title after beating the Jets in Giants Stadium. It was your team sucking that allowed the Phins to win. 1. A 2-0 start means absolutely everything in football. It's 2 wins, and I'll take them any way possible. 2. The Vikes may not be the same team as last year, but apparently neither are the Ravens or Pats. 3. A two game total of 20 points allowed is tied with the Steelers Defense this year for fewest points allowed, so yeah, Miami's D is fairly convincing so far. 4. I'm not posting that the Dolphins are awesome for being 2-0, I'm just countering the argument that Miamis record is a fluke. 5. Quit biting the pillow.
  15. Did you consult your tarot cards or something? Maybe the voices in your head? I actually love your bold, blanket predictions based on absolutely nothing. Makes you look like the blind Homer that you really are.
  16. Coulda shoulda woulda. Fact is, Miami DID win.
  17. The Jets are the best mediocre team in the whole wide world. The Jets opening the season 1-1 during a 2 game home field stretch is clearly better than Miami's 2-0 start with a 2 game road trip, 1 of which was to a dome where an opposing team hadn't won since 2008, against a team with one of the leagues best RB and toughest defenses. The Jets defense is ranked lower than Miami's and their 2 best defensive players, are injured. Clearly the Jets are better, how could I not have seen this?! I mean, you guys are the off-season champs after being handed your entry into the playofffs last year, leading to your inflated sense of worth. Don't forget, your team was only 1 game over .500 last year, and that was a gift. I clearly understand now why the Jets are better
  18. Yeah, and you could get laid, but that doesn't seem likely, now does it. Am I landshark? Did I post his posts? No, is the answer you're looking for.
  19. What am I wrong about? That the Dolphins are 2-0 and lead their division? Or that the Jets have a worse record than the Dolphins and can only hope they start losing games? Please, share your extensive knowledge with me.
  20. I used it as an example for why the argument is stupid after week 2. But cherry pick my posts all you want, it's what you do best.
  21. My God, Man. Get laid and release some of that pent up anger. Otherwise you'll have a heart attack and not be able to watch the game Sunday. Remember, it's only a game, there's no need to be a complete ******* a$$ hole. But, if you want to start talking about "controlling ones own destiny" after week 2, then no, the Jets don't control their own destiny. If the season ended today, Miami wins the division. The Jets are at the mercy of the Phins. /Awaits profanity laced tirade.
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