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  1. Yes, please do. Then we'll see how Wilson does against everybody else.
  2. You're predicting your team will finish the year 15-1, and I'm the stupid one? I need to get my wading boots for this week, cause I won't be able to wade through all of the bullsh*t without them.
  3. Does that mean you're going to be sporting a blow-out haircut, fake tan and Ed Hardy t-shirts all week?
  4. Well that's just not true. Take it from me, I've been to all of the Jets games in the last decade. Your fans just can't keep their traps closed, so all of the extra noise coming from their blow holes contributes to the overall crowd noise when the Jets are cheering, hence your false assumption that there are more Jets fans than Dolphin fans.
  5. Both wins can be credited to Miami's defense. They're playing some great ball right now. I'm not saying that they'll be playing the same all year, but so far, they've been awesome. Yesterday wasn't necessarily about good Brett or bad Brett, but rather, the emergence of Jason Allen as a legit corner (after 4 years of being called a 1st round bust).
  6. Uh, did the Jets not lose to the Ravens last week? Because I remember last Monday seeing the Jets eat a big fat helping of crow.
  7. Spelling "paranoid" wrong in your title, while trying to call out another poster (in a childish and sophomoric way), is an instant fail. You should go sit in the corner, think about what you've done and brainstorm better ways to to be an annoying Jets fan. C'mon, man, step it up.
  8. I'm shaking in my boots at the thought of an internet tough guy trying to start a fight with me at a football game. No really, I am. I love New Yorkers. No I don't. And you have 9,000 + while I've been a poster here longer than you. So I ask you, do you not have something better to do? The Vikings were on a 9-0 home game win streak and are considered a premier team in the league. That being said, we'll see how the Jets do when they head to Minn. in a few weeks. The Bills always beat Miami in Buffalo. You may not be impressed, but then again, nobody ever said you understand football. While I've never met you, you do know me from posting here. Your statement is now debunked. "Now let's go eat a God Damn snack"!! Holy ****, man. 1 win and the Jets are talking about winning out. Please tell me this post was made in Jest (see what I did there).
  9. Can't wait to shut these fans up. The sad thing is, after Miami beats the jets, again, they'll still be popping off that they're a better team.
  10. And let the Phins/Jets sh*t talking begin. I for one, don't know if I have te energy to listen to the fans of a team that went 1-1 at home to start the season, start talking tough like they just won two tough road games. I for one am scared of the Jets. No I'm not.
  11. Unfortunately for your argument, all of the points are added up and count. The score was 15-10.
  12. Considering Miami wasn't going around all summer proclaiming themselves Superbowl champs, I don't see how Miami could possibly more overrated than the Jets. You guys created your hype, now you have to deal with the consequences of being a mediocre team. Not my stats, it's what the NFL has on their website. I posted a link the other day, check it out.
  13. Whatever gets you off the ledge. Fact of the matter is, Miami led the Bills the entire game. They took the lead in the 1st and never relinquished it. Probably because of our #1 ranked defense.
  14. This reminds me of the old days before your banning from the mains. Ahhh, memory lane.
  15. Next week is gonna be hell dealing with the Talk talk talk talkitty talk coming from a inferior 0-2 team.
  16. Hmmm, makes me feel guilty for bashing the guy all these years. Get better Ray.
  17. Oh Oh pick me, pick me!! Me: Um, because they know they're gonna be whipped into submission by Tom Brady and start the season 0-2?
  18. Yeah, Sanchez's 70 yards of passing and 1-11 on 3rd downs were quite the display of QB mastery:rolleyes: At least Henne ended the game with a "W" which Sanchez couldn't.
  19. We'd rather have a blackout than have our stadium overrun with rude New Yorkers.
  20. If the Jets fans weren't so rude, there wouldn't be any problems. The best way to stay out of a fight is to not start one.
  21. Thanks Tex. Yeah, it's a nice way to start the year. Even though it was Buffalo, they usually give us fits, especially in Buffalo. I gotta tell you though, Buffalo's defense looked pretty solid and, Edwards looked pretty bad, but not nearly as bad as another AFC East QB, that should remain nameless.
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