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  1. Yes, I would pump to one of those cartoon sluts.
  2. I like Grimm but I never got a boner from it.
  3. Mentos

    Top 3

    Cigarette smoke Wood Food Top 3 types of farts
  4. Hi mister. I hope you enjoy your time here and make thrilling posts. I am Mentos. I am The Freshmaker.
  5. I am going (already ordered a ticket) but have no idea who I am going with or where I will stay.
  6. Mentos

    Top 3

    Make horrible moaning sounds Pick your nose and walk around with a booger on your finger threatening to wipe it on anyone who gets too close Belch really loud Top 3 types of ducks
  7. I love strawberries

  8. Ice cream is nice to eat if you are kind of full of sh*t and need to get some of it out quickly.
  9. Will do so but on phone now. But will do this week.
  10. Chief Lord J Rocka Wet Underpants Joe Joey Wigwam Joe Black a$$ Mama Robert Son of Jules Verne The Ice Cream Eater Official Hare Hair Stylist of Jet Nation
  11. I had not seen the over/under till I clicked on this thread a moment ago. 129 seemed appropriate to me. So I said, "wow" when I saw the O/U was 128.5
  12. Thanks. I took the Panthers 'cause you did. I figured you knew stuff judging by your cash total and mine.
  13. I made a small bet, so of course I won. Had I made a large bet, I would have lost.
  14. It has to be. That's a top 20 game of all-time, let alone just the past 50 years.
  15. I have been wrong on probably 75% of my bets this betting season.
  16. just made the deadline with 3 minutes to spare I hope I get this one right
  17. Only if they put a stop to their stupid OT and points system. I like ties. Play five minute OTs and that's it. You either get a win, loss, or tie. No shootouts. None of that losing in overtime but you still get a point crap.
  18. Okay, thanks. I really hope they fix that feature. Looking back at one's previous picks is important to me.
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