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  1. Hey jetnation. I said I'd be back on Monday to brag. Not the case this week. Offense was anemic til Jets played prevent. Good win guys. I did predict the blown coverage and said Coles would walk in for a TD. See you down in Miami. The result will be much different.
  2. finfan_insd

    Dan Marino - Super Bowl Memories

    Dude.. Smizzy stopped over at phinfever.com and said to stop by here for a little friendly ribbin. The title of the thread was favorite Marino memory. I remember I was at a sports bar with a huge jets fan friend of mine. I said my buddy right before half that Marino would score a td rioght before half and the fins would come back and win it in the second half and that's exactly what happened. And this dude was my roomate at the time and I rode him about it for a few weeks so therfor it is my favorite Marino memory. I know it hurts. I'll be back next week to brag after we stomp the Jests Sunday.
  3. finfan_insd

    Dan Marino - Super Bowl Memories

    Two words.... Fake spike!!!!
  4. finfan_insd

    Where are the stinky fish fans?

    28 frustrating years. I'll be in section 417 wearing a cup and steel toed boots. :yahoo: :yahoo: that was freakin awesome!! i live in south dakota and have a good friend who is a diehard jets fan. he has a jets tattoo, i have a fins tat and we kick each other in the balls at least twice a season!!!! i thought we were the only ones. btw jets fans. ronnie is gonna bust out this weekend. have fun tryin to stop him.
  5. finfan_insd

    Score prediction for Sunday vs. Fins.

    hello jetnation. first post here. you will all be GREEN with envy watching Joey go fro 300 yards & 3 scores while Ronnie has a breakout game and puts up about a buck-twenty and one score. Jet's will score on an inevitable blown coverage and Coles gets and easy td. Fins - 34 Jets - 10

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