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  1. Miami Anyone?

    Definitly going to the Miami game! Nice weather, NewYears in Keys and beating the hell out of the Dolfags. Lets get a good showing at Lot 13!!
  2. Haven 't heard anything since September about Jax trip. What is happenning? Is the trip still on from NY/NJ and with joebabyny? If so, what hotel are some of you guys staying at?
  3. I really think Kerley was afraid to be hit after Freeney tipped the ball. Did you see his hands fall down? If he had his hands up, I think he would of caught it. I like Kerley, just think he was a little worried. I need to take another look later. Anyway TOUCHDOWN!!!!!
  4. Chargers @ Jets Tickets Wanted

    Max, Your site is great! Tixs in sec. 344, regularly $125.00 was $78.00! Thanks a bunch for the info. Hope to see ya in New York Jetfandan
  5. Looking for 3 tickets to the Chargers @ Jets game. Also, a parking pass in the Yellow section. Thanks, Dan
  6. Tom Brady Is Amazing

    With all due respect, are you old enough to remember Dan Marino, Jim Kelly and Jon Elway. Not to mention Joe Montana. Give me a break, Brady is nothing but a "system quarterback".
  7. Jenn Sterger > Ines Sainz

    This may be for another thread of it's own but don't you think there is a double standard with the NFL Commissioner and the media with this Farve/Sterger thing and the Jets/Sainz. All the news media, I'm talking world wide, was all over the Jets with Sainz. All that was found was some juvenile behavior...big deal! Farve, on the other hand, has supposely sent nude pics as well as numerous sex texts and only now is there any press and nowhere near as much the Jets/Sanchez received with the Sainz fiasco. What gives? Special treatment because of Farve, lets be real, the media loves to tear apart the Jets. We get no respect. Even the Braylon incident received more negative press than Farve. Gary Myers and Mike Lupica wanted him suspended for multiple games and he wasn't even convicted! AND WHERE IS DUNGY!!! Why are we hated so much?
  8. Thanks Al, great read. Hope to see you and Judy in Miami. Will you be wearing a Kilt
  9. Sanchez Sneaks into 11 on 11 Drills

    DITTO my boy:box:
  10. Bring him in!! The man is arguably the most cerebral quarterback in the NFL. As for his interceptions, would you not want Farve as a tutor? Comon guys, he was our "Quarterback" and for him to be willing to come back to us after what we did to him (which was a lousy, lousy move), means he still has strong feelings about the green and white and sees himself as someone who can help Sanchez, I think this would be an excellent move if we can get it done. On a personal note, I could start wearing my $200 #10 jersey again;)