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  1. He’s also throwing to guys who aren’t open, often on his 3rd or 4th read...and he gets it away quickly. The argument that he’s playing against garbage falls apart when you recognise that means he’s also playing WITH garbage. He’s making it all happen for that team. I really like him but now that he’s in the conversation at two the cat is out of the bag and his hype train is rolling. His size and the shoulder are good reasons to pause and do a deep dive and they can’t be ignored, but I don’t know how you can watch him play and be anything other than wowed and intruiged. His arm talent and skill level are exciting as hell. I loved the idea of dropping back even a few picks and taking him but right now it looks like he doesn’t get past 4 at best....still a long way to go in the evaluation process but if JD and his scouting team, along with the input of Saleh & LaFleur like him enough to take at 2 then I’ll buy on and hope for the best. I’m not down on Fields at all, think I prefer him to Lawrence, but if we are sticking at 2 it must be for a QB. If we can’t find a trade back partner in this draft then that’s pretty poor....in fairness to Douglas, he showed a real shrewdness in manoeuvring last year.
  2. Good post @Sarge4Tide I think we are possibly overstating the WR position. Crowder is a solid player but no more, he’s a No3 and counting 11M against the cap and while we are not in cap difficulty I’m not sure he’s worth the money, it’s just that we have absolutely nothing else even remotely productive on the roster ....the jury remains out on Mims and there’s no way I go into a season relying on those two and Doctson.......Berrios is a non-entity, he catches punts...that’s it We are, if people are honest, absolutely bare bones at WR.....there’s nothing there, zero dynamism or threat at all and a whole bunch of major question marks. We have to really hope that Mims takes a major leap forward and can stay healthy. It’s imperative he gets a full offseason and training camp and hits the ground running in 2021. He showed some promise for sure, he has talent but at the moment he’s just potential, I don’t think we can rely on him at all, he’s a leap of faith. I’d get behind a higher end FA though I’m not overly wowed by the top options, Robinson will cost an absolute fortune and I’m not as impressed by Godwin as others seem to be. Golladay probably gets franchised so perhaps Corey Davis is the best of the bunch. Personally I’d look at a guy like Keelan Cole. Either way I’m double, or even triple-dipping in the draft. I’d consider Kyle Pitts as a WR more than a TE or Ja’Marr Chase and then maybe revisit in Rd 3 or 4 with one of the speedier prospects, ideally with return ability. Specials need help too. It really all depends on whether we trade back from two and add more draft picks or stick where we are but Pitts is an absolute miss-match waiting to happen and would provide so much flexibility to a creative play caller and schemer, which we haven’t had in forever. He’d bring excitement and a dynamic we haven’t seen in years and whoever the QB is will benefit from his presence immediately. And no, he’s not really a TE...he’s more Julio Jones than Gronkowski.....but his upside is that good. If we stick at 2 then clearly we have less draft flexibility, and that does change things. JD really dropped the ball last year at WR with the failure to re-sign Robby, thinking that Perriman was in any way an adequate replacement rather than a potential compliment to RA and messing up a deep WR draft by coming away with nothing more than a project with major questions going into year 2. We have to hope he recognises his mistakes and prioritise the WR’s going forward. The position requires a complete overhaul AGAIN. I’d have edge rusher as top priority with WR.....we absolutely must add at least 1 pass rushing specialist, we’ve neglected the position for waaay to long and you still have to put opposing QB’s under pressure . It’s difficult to tell what type of player will fit that definition in the Saleh‘Ulbrich scheme but I’m pretty certain that player is not on the roster. Basham and Franklin-Myers are simply JAGS, situational guys at best....neither is keeping OC’s awake at night. The change to a 4-3 might unearth a player or two that is better suited to that scheme and the conventional thinking is that QW should thrive but we have to improve the pressure we put on opposing QB’s. Luvu & Huff have some potential but neither is likely a starter. Zuniga MIGHT have something as a 4-3 end There might be a couple of options in free agency but those top end pass rushers don’t usually make into onto the open market for a reason. Unfortunately it’s not a great year to draft one either. There’s no Chase Young or Bosa...Rousseau is the most exciting option coming out but he’s boom or bust and I think not playing in 2020 really hurts him. If he’d played last year and was even half as productive then he’d likely be in the conversation at No 2 overall.......he could drop to 23 though which might make for an interesting option. Otherwise Quincy Roche feels like the best of the rest and I’m not sure he’s a 1st round pick. i’m still baffled at people who want to use every pick and all our cap on adding yet more OL....we need skill players too. All those 1st round linemen in Dallas didn’t much help them this year. The line play actually started to pick up in the final 5 or 6 games, McGovern solidified at C, the Elflein pick up was a solid addition and he seemed to be building a chemistry with both Becton & McG....we definitely need a RG and Fant could be replaced but he’s more than capable, he‘ s more competent than the “he sucks, they all suck” crowd give him credit for. People forget that more than any other unit the OL is about continuity and familiarity. It’s no coincidence that when they got healthy towards seasons end they looked better than the injury ravaged carousel of the first 10 games. By no means great, but improving.... if we add another 3 or even 4 new starters, as some are suggesting, then we just go back to square 1. That familiarity has to be rebuilt We need to see what blocking scheme John Benton brings and how that affects things and we also need a coach with balls to either let Cameron Clark play or the coaching chops to actually teach him how to be ready to play...so tired of Bowles/Gase turtleheaded conservatism when it comes to young players....if he’s not ready to play then that’s on you...coach him. Rant over! we actually have some young talent in the secondary.....Marcus Maye is a must re-sign. If we improve our pass rush we’ll see better coverage. We still need a top end CB but we can do better in helping out the players we already have. At LB, if Blake Cashman can ever stay healthy he could flourish in a 4-3 @WarfishI get the argument that we need focus on offense and I agree I’d rather watch a team lose 31-30 than 6-3....our output on O has been putrid for way tooo long and after last year I’m tired of diabolical, dull, predictable, boring and conservative football...I want us to be fun to watch, so I totally get that people want us to just focus on the offense but we can’t totally ignore the D....it’s pretty p!ss poor back there too and it’s no fun seeing teams march up and down on us at will. We can’t keep watching as opposing QB’s stand back in a perfect pocket and wait for a target to get open....we might actually have some promising secondary players but they can’t cover forever.....I’d argue that doing something....ANYTHING...to put more pressure up front is still a high priority. Much I guess depends on the QB decision and whether we add more high round picks by dropping back from No 2 overall. If we address the D in free agency then an offense heavy draft is all well and good but the likelihood is we can find better value in free agency on the OL and adding a running back or filling out WR depth than we can in trying to find a starting CB or edge rusher. Depending on how the draft falls if a top CB or edge rusher is sitting there when we pick we can’t afford to pass up that elite talent on D because we are dead set on drafting another OG. if that guy is Creed Humphrey or Wyatt Davis then sure, I can see the logic....but we can’t totally overlook the defense. just my opinion
  3. Schefter has built an enviable reputation that is basically “I’ll believe it when Schefter tweets it”...in this day and age that credibility is gold. When many are in a rush to be first, so throw out any old rumour or unverified nonsense, Schefter takes his time, waits until he verifies the story himself and only then publishes. that is old school journalism and it remains powerful....it’s presumably also why he is trusted and has legitimate sources Leaguewide
  4. Well if it isn’t his agent it’s Watson himself....failure to see this is simply naive. Watson could make this all go away very easily by publicly announcing that there is no basis to any of this and that he is absolutely 100% going nowhere and fully committed to playing for Houston...he could kill this very easily, but he hasn’t. There is very little to separate him from Adams at this point, JA started off with ‘rumblings’ and ‘sources’ before eventually escalating to demanding a trade.....Watson wants to create the stir but not step up and take ownership of it, hence the hiding behind his representatives and leaks to guys like Schefter......you can argue that’s entirely his right and simply the way these things happen in modern sport, some might argue it’s pretty cowardly and pathetic ....the bottom line is any portrayal of Watson as some kind of saint is ludicrous. if you want to turn your franchise over to that then all well and good, but if it goes to sh!t nobody can claim they didn’t see it coming
  5. While I clearly like Jones a bit more than you do I don’t disagree with your logic here at all especially with regard to the bolded. Jones in the 3rd would be a very good value pick up for sure but I really hope we have our guy already by that point. I guess my point about going Jones or Trask is really dependent on how set JD and Saleh are on rolling with Sam, which we can only speculate at this point.
  6. Not only that but he’s not surrounded by amazing talent, if anything he’s making a lot of throws to WR’s who are not open which is probably why those throws look risky. You can say those are risky throws that get picked off in the NFL or you can marvel at his ability to make throws that only an NFL calibre QB can make. There is some stat out there on him that he only threw 5 passes in 2020 that were considered ‘interceptable’ ....that’s extraordinary.....and of the 3 picks he did throw the Coastal Carolina pick was on an end of half deflected hail-mary! The knock on him playing for BYU is often that he’s playing against a lower level of comp, but that also ignores the truth that he’s playing WITH a lower level of player. He’s having to pull rabbits out of hats with guys who largely won’t be troubling the NFL draft ever....his TE looks like a really interesting prospect but other than that it’s not like he’s throwing to Tee Higgins or DeVonta Smith with an All-America offensive line blocking for him or Travis Etienne/ Najee Harris piling up the yards on the ground. He’s not a blemish free prospect, I want to hear more about the shoulder and whether it’s a genuine concern and I want to see how he checks in size wise but if those concerns can be allayed then I’d see no reason why he isn’t a top 5 pick in April.
  7. Thank you kind sir, and appreciate the shout out. i can’t even begin to pretend I am an expert on QB’s or the draft in general and I would defer to any number of smart and knowledgable draft or college guys on here and in the draft forum, too many to mention, but @Paradis would certainly be one of them. Over the next few weeks I’ll dive into draft prospects more and more and, like most people here, I’ll form my opinions on who I really like and in who I just don’t get the hype about. Over the years I’ve learned to trust my own opinion but also accept that I’ll get it wrong too.....a lot With that in mind and to your question on QB’s ......I really like Zach Wilson but the shoulder surgery and his size are legitimate questions that need to be answered. I’m just not convinced that Lawrence is the slam dunk he’s made out to be and Fields has really grown on me. While almost all the talk is of those guys and Trey Lance in the upper half of round 1 it’s well worth considering Mac Jones or Trask. I agree with you & Paradis that Mac Jones looks the part. He just has so much of what you are looking for in a QB. Great poise, feet are good, appears to read defenses and go through progressions and his production was off the charts, almost Burrow level. The concern is he only has 1 year as a starter and he had an all-world supporting cast. He’s always throwing from a perfect pocket to incredible WR’s.....how tough is he?....how will he handle adversity?......legit questions but he’s definitely an option in late Rd 1 or Rd 2... I like him and I can see him being successful As for Trask? ....I have to admit I’ve seen less of him. What I have seen I like but I need to see more, he certainly has great size and like Jones, the poise, accuracy and decision making appear sound. Played in a tough conference too but again, like Mac Jones, had a lot of talent around him. I wouldn’t say his arm strength is too much of a concern, Burrow wasn’t exactly a cannon arm coming out......His arm pears plenty good enough...he throws a pretty ball and shows some nice touch too, dropping some lovely deep passes over coverage into Toney & Pitts this year....he’s definitely intruiging for sure. I’m totally onboard with your theory of drafting a Jones or Trask if we are indeed rolling with Darnold again in 2021. It makes sense from an insurance POV and another young QB with talent is a saleable asset in future. It a;so assumes we’ve added even greater draft capital with a trade back from No 2. I guess we need to factor in whereJames Morgan sits in all of this too?..... I’d listen to guys like @JiF @Lith and @RobR for greater thoughts on Trask(and Jones) and am sure across in the draft forum there’s good chatter about those guys already ongoing.
  8. Good post, I’m wary of taking any player who opted out of the season at No 2 overall but maybe that’s just me. I would also add I’d be hyper wary of taking a guy that high if he’s missed a year with injury, I can’t think of many 2nd overall picks that had only the 1 year of production but there are probably examples....actually Burrow at No1 last year would qualify, so yes there is precedent. I think it’s because I like to see at least 2 years of quality production in any player that we are investing such a high draft pick, just to prove it wasn’t a one-off or that there’s ability to produce to a consistently high level over a number of seasons. I would concede however that this year is very different so the normal rules might not apply and all bets are off ....there’s clearly a lot of support for Sewell here but if I was forced to go with a 2020 opt out then I’m going Chase or even Rousseau. In a perfect scenario we drop back to the 5 or 8 range and take Wilson or Kyle Pitts....I think @Paradis might spontaneously combust in that Pitts scenario but it’s a price I’m willing to pay 😃
  9. Right!... so you never watch the Texans other than a playoff game ages ago but you know he’s a ‘game changer, who changes games’ because your Fantasy Football says so? OK, thanks for clarifying
  10. He was one of the hottest coaching candidates this year 😉
  11. Totally agree with all of it, interested to note that you are high on Mac Jones too, he passes the eyeball test for me in terms of those fundamental technical skills. There’s this modern day thinking that the perfect QB prospect has to be Uber-mobile as well as have the big arm and rack up the big numbers in college (usually in RPO offense with minimal reads that inflate passing numbers)but that just means the old school pro-style passer, the statue like Brady, Rivers or Matt Ryan gets increasingly overlooked. Those guys may lack mobility but they posses the innate skills of reading a defense, going through progressions, getting the ball out quickly and throwing WR’s open....those remain the critical skills for a QB and Jones appears to have them. I doubt it would go down well with the fan base but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Jones translate to the NFL very favourably. I’m also with you on your TE crush this year.....Pitts is special, but I didn’t think he’s really a TE...if there is a combine and he runs well then he’s a Julio Jones level prospect. on the subject of combine, surely there will be in some form?.....with the evaluation process so out of whack already, how do you gauge guys like Sewell and Chase that haven’t played in a year? I have to believe a series of bubbled events for the different positional groups can be arranged?
  12. It’s the elephant in the room that Watson dreamers refuse to confront as they fap themselves into a DW4 stupor...it’s relevant, some people just want to pretend it didn’t happen
  13. Pretty sure it said he was signing a 5 year deal back when we first announced him...not heard about the benjamins though
  14. Absolutely nobody is suggesting that having an ‘elite’ QB wouldn’t be a nice thing to have. Sorry if an essay is too much for you, I’ll dumb it down to your level in future. There’s nothing else I can help you with, have good day and enjoy the press conference and hopefully the start of an exciting new era under Robert Saleh. I’ll be happy to join you in celebrating winning Jets football in future whoever the QB is.

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