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  1. Agree, we need someone with explosion and quick twitch to complement the solidity of guys like Jordan Jenkins but they go very early for obvious reasons....Jeff Holland might fall into that category and could be around at 72. I also think Mata’afa would be a heist if he was around in the 4th or 5th
  2. Agree with you on Samuels have been banging the drum for him all year but i’ll be shocked if he is around much beyond the late 2nd early 3rd...Flowers wouldn't be a bad consolation prize though. also Washington diesn’t Have the gaudy triangle numbers of traditional deep threat wideouts but he just makes play after play...Ateman too is good as much as I like Mason Rudolph I think he had terrific receivers making tough catches
  3. Him and Jaylen Samuels will make the fullback position sexy again...I think Samuels goes 2nd or 3rd round though
  4. Agree, every time I watch Mayfield I coma away thinking Andrews and 36(Dmitri Flowers) are the shizzle
  5. I’d say it’s the opposite, people are just throwing sh!t against the wall where we are concerned
  6. Eagerly awaiting @Grandy‘s cats full 1st round mock dropping around October!
  7. What if the Browns drafted 2 quarterbacks?

    I thought the silly season had been well underway for weeks but it appears to be just beginning!
  8. This is no less p(l)awsible than any other method
  9. Good read, thanks for sharing The value of continuity is even greater now, so long as that continuity actually delivers
  10. I remember him announcing with absolute certainty a few years ago that USC WR Damian Williams would be no worse than a top-12 pick.....I think he went late 2nd round in the end
  11. The thing is if Darnold goes top 2 or 3 next week then clearly we are missing something....but if Darnold is the guy who drops then perhaps we were more right than we thought.....only another 7 excruciating days to go!1
  12. You and me both fella, i’ve just Never understood the out-and-out love for him. I think if anyone is falling come draft day it’s Darnold. I also like that he has Mason Rudolph as high as he does. For me this guy is the closest i’ve seen to having the QB’s ranked correctly.
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    So where did CJ Anderson end up?
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    Sign this beast!