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  1. This 100%...I really HOPE he will do well for us but he has to start putting a competitive roster together and show that he understands talent rather than simply creating the cap space to one day, sometime in the currently distant future, possibly maybe have a more talented, less-injured roster than we currently have today. If for no other reason than to give Gase zero excuse for this season.
  2. We know how to mismatch, we have Perriman, Berrios and. josh Malone at WR....that’s a mismatch every time
  3. This winds me up too....he’s a head coach and should be coaching the team, get an actual OC in and let him build the offence.
  4. Excellent post and good arguments well made. I think many of us really expected to see a better product on the field and at least something to get excited about and I’m not a fan of totally sacrificing a season for the sake of a brighter future. You build for next year by at least showing something and I think we are all tired of the decade long rebuild that never ends. NFL seasons are only 16 weeks of the year and it’s a long old way to wait for competitive football when your roster has literally nothing to get excited about until this time next year (at the earliest) We were in trouble at WR before the injuries & Covid opt outs, any scenario where Vincent Smith & Braxton Berrios are anything other than battling for the final roster spot is the dictionary definition of mismanagement and we really need to give Darnold something to work with. JD might have played this well if indeed the Covid cap ramifications hit teams hard but I’m skeptical that will come to pass. There’s definitely some mitigation but also some clear examples of egregious decision making(Robby for example) and there needs to be something out of the draft class as the season progresses. We need to start finding contributors who can actually suit up in those middle rounds and some playmakers and long term starters in the 2nd and 3rd. If we see that JD knows how to draft talent as well as play the draft process(which the early evidence suggests he can) then all is not lost but right now it oooks like a tough old sled ahead
  5. The infamous ‘cow on ice’ Scouting report from pre-draft looked absolutely bang on the last two weeks, his body is just all over the place and he just looks rushed and panicky and he has no ‘good’ technique to fall back on in such situations. that said he’s got the worst skill around him in the league but right now he looks like he’s in a Geno Smith career death spiral ...troubling it’s becoming clear that Bates actually was a QB coach who had some clue in terms of helping Sam technique wise because it feels like Darnold was way advanced as a rookie and his poise and release just didn’t resemble the worst of his USC tape, right now he looks like he’s regressed right back into that sloppyness meanwhile there’s is absolutely no evidence that Dowell Loggains has ever coached a QB up in his life other than handing him a clipboard and shouting ‘rah’ and Gase just did what Payton Manning told him to and rode his talent into a reputation
  6. Well you do appear to be an expert on empty arguments so I’ll give you that
  7. It was pretty maddening to see the 49ers lose an all-pro TE and have his understudy torch us all day while we have 4 TE’s and none of them showed up other than Wesco as a blocker
  8. It’s fair to reserve judgement and he didn’t inherit much, on top of that he does appear to have played the draft process better than anyone we’ve had in a long time but having all that cap space and all those draft picks is only ever any good if you actually use it to procure better players than you previously had. So far we have regressed in terms of talent. That is troubling
  9. If your brilliant GM thinks Breshad Permian is an upgrade over Robby Anderson then we have bigger issues than purely our team sucks
  10. Douglas does not get a free pass here either, I keep hearing he has a plan but putting out substandard NFL Players in nearly every position and trading away or letting walk in FA the only legitimate talented playmakers you have is not a plan
  11. You know it’s bad when the 49ers started resting their starters on the Tuesday before the game ! abysmal I’m sure glad Joe D spent all those resources overhauling our OL!!......to the complete and utter detriment of every other position on the roster, 20 years and we haven’t even remotely addressed the edge rush and WR (and skill positions in general) continues to be a position criminally under valued, but hey we’ve got Alex Lewis and Greg Van Roten! shockingly poor roster management and coaching thanks for the write up as ever KRL
  12. Great analysis. As much as I’m not bailing on Darnold just yet I was never that sold on him in the lead up to the draft. The mechanics were so blindingly obviously terrible that I’m baffled that only now are people seeing this, it was all there on his college tape but despite all that he did make some incredible throws and won some big games. It feels like Jeremy Bates actually did a great job of smoothing out Darnold from a mechanical point of view although most can’t see past how poor he was as an OC to give him any credit. It feels like Sam’s regressed somewhat although that may be more schematic and that, as others have mentioned before, he’s a ‘gunslinger’ who needs to be coached a certain way, it may also be that he’s the type of QB who will throw in those boneheaded days from time time ...he’s basically ‘sh*t or bust’ ...in fact the fanbase are so down on him I wouldn’t be shocked if he pulls out a performance on Sunday, he is still a relatively young and still developing player. Back to that draft, I wanted us to go Mayfield, thought Rosen was next best, loved Jackson and couldn’t see how he was any less than a much better version of Michael Vick and was really hoping Allen would prove the ‘experts’ spectacularly wrong. I’m enjoying seeing Jackson and Allen cause much foaming at the mouth and anxiety amongst those who confidently predicted that neither was an NFL QB
  13. Lol...you are kidding right? If not, I feel the same way about Tom Brady, take away the 6 Super Bowl wins and the many league MVP awards and he’s just another guy to be honest
  14. Izzo was a pretty decent special teams ace in his playing days so interested to see how he dies as a coach

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