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  1. It’s not an everyday occurrence for sure but the last time we went Seattle we got James Carpenter and he exactly fits that description, massively underwhelming first round pick who was terrific for us year 1. You could also argue guys like James Farrior, Sione Pouha and even Jericho Cotchery all showed little or nothing until a coaching/scenery/scheme change allowed them to break out. We know Fant can dominate a great player for an entire 60 minutes(Bosa SF) the question is can he translate that out to a consistent level of high performance over a full season. it does happen,
  2. Hey Maxman, do you know if i can order and the gear will ship the the UK and Europe. I can order through nfl shop Europe but if it helps the site I’m happy to go through your affiliate. i would happily wear a Jets face covering but I’d probably wear a bandana style neck gaiter than a surgical mask keep up the great work
  3. I’m no expert on o-line specifics (doubt many are) but doesn’t the mooted move to a more spread blocking scheme change the dynamic slightly on the level of athleticism required? I’m guessing here but I’d have thought that traditional road-grader type is less likely to be a fit in our new scheme and that a guy like Edoga, who apparently does have OG experience, might well be able to slide inside and flourish. One reason why a guy like Warford doesn’t make sense perhaps?
  4. Was also wondering if Edoga can move inside?...is he an option at guard? everyone seems to have given up on him after he failed to make the pro bowl as a rookie but he showed some flashes
  5. No love for the legend that was ...all too briefly....Reggie Rembert?
  6. I thought we acquired a 2021 pick from the Patriots?
  7. We have plenty OL...we need edge rushers & WR’s if you really want yet another OL then Justin Britt is about to become available
  8. I love the new uni’s ...don’t care much for the tears of all the doddery old farts around here that thought our hideously old fashioned multi-patched, non-matching mess of a so-called classic uniform has gone...we finally look like a modern NFL team rather than the useless bunch of fat-arsed, heavy legged losers that those uniforms are synonymous with (other than some utter fluke of a win by the single most overrated player in all of American sports all the way back when they had only just landed on the moon) move on people ffs rant over PS thanks OP...I partially agree....uniforms look great anyway but yes am excited about some of the new players who’ll be wearing them
  9. Very interesting. Lots of speculation we wanted Hennessy but this would suggest not
  10. I know it’s ridiculous to make the comparison but even physically he resembles R***s.....he runs and plays remarkably similar in style, always looking back at the ball, mirrors and re-routes receivers like you-know-who....I was reluctant to say it too then this. if he just becomes an upper level starter in the NFL he’s an outrageous steal.
  11. He looks about 12 years old and puts almost no effort into the kick
  12. Happy birthday to an absolute all-time and generally underrated(not largely by jets fans) great
  13. You could even extend it to the Sione Pouha/James Farrior/Jerricho Cotchery rule whereby a couple of seasons and a coaching staff that is brave enough to get you out on the field and understands how to use you can make all the difference

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