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  1. Breer's Draft Column

    Decent list, still don’t know what Ryan Finley has to do to get noticed and I think Falk will be a really good pro....If there’s a Kirk Ciusins in this draft it’s Luke Falk
  2. Hey don’t you realise this is yet another example of why the Jets are a clusterfvck, Maccagnan and Bowles should be executed and the Browns and Giants are super smart examples of the correct way to be successful that we could only dream of emulating if we weren’t so incompetent
  3. Why are Darnold & Rosen givens?

    I know stats aren’t everything but Jackson is waaaay ahead of Vick as a prospect and Vick went No1 overall....honestly think people are sleeping on Jackson big time, As a passer there’s no comparison and I’ve rarely seen anyone run like Jackson, the question is if he can develop into a legit pocket passer or if his ceiling is Tyrod Taylor(still not too shabby)but if Michael Vick can have a significant NFL career(and remember there was a time pre the dog-fighting downfall where he was an elite threat at QB) then I don’t see how Jackson can’t be a successful NFL QB.....’poor man’s Vick’ does not do him justice IMO
  4. McAdoo & Reese Fired

    Yep they always have the right idea, like giving him the job in the first place....clever, clever Giants
  5. Baker Mayfield

    Totally agree on the Watson nonsense, the selective amnesia is staggering, Texans gave up a top ten pick in 2018 AND their first rounder last year to take a guy who is currently long term injured but Mac is the fool apparently......two firsts for a guy who can’t stay on the filed but yeah we should’ve drafted him at 6 overall...lol
  6. Russell Wilson

    Oh and one other thing...that Jaylen Samuels is some player ....this place would lose it’s shizzle big time if we drafted a fullback early but I think he’s worth it, the scheme/match-up possibilities with him are exciting
  7. Russell Wilson

    Cotch....great player for us i thought Glennon had a great deep ball and he got victimised a lot by drops his junior and senior seasons. I think Finley goes in the 8-16 range when the draft rolls around.....right where we’ll be picking !! when you talk about looking the part I think he has it, like his ability in the short to intermediate as well as deep balls, he’s been productive, winning without being surrounded by Clemson or Alabama style talent(Chubb apart) and has started 2 or 3 seasons. Completes over 60%....he comes as close to the Parcells rules as anyone I think....we’ll see enjoy the game
  8. Russell Wilson

    Thanks fur the reply...really like him, looks the part and those NC State boys always turn out decent because they actually play in a pro-style (or as close as it gets in college) offense. Has been a winner too....but then I liked Glennon coming out so who knows. I can see him having a Tannehill type rise by draft time.
  9. Russell Wilson

    What do you think of Finley?
  10. The kicker is generally responsible for all kicking duties....other than punts, which the punter takes care of
  11. Nothing on the tiny backer?

    Nope, still none the wiser...everyone of which guys is a plus athlete|?...who are you talking about? And what is this offence and downright bogus nonsense thati want to ‘celebrate a bunch of low floor draft picks’?...where the **** are you getting that from? you wanted Beasley instead of Leonard Williams? That position that was so stacked with a brain-dead Doper who was another trip with the 14 year old nephew in his Bugatti away from a year suspension and the 86M man everyone wants cut. And you are the visionary that thought Bud Dupree was worth the 6th overall pick...lol, ‘anyone that doesn’t think Rex lacked a pass rusher back in 2009 & 2010 needs to go back and watch both AFC championship games hindsight makes you a genius...congrats
  12. Nothing on the tiny backer?

    Not sure I get which part of my post you are taking issue with and what exactly is false. There’s no argument from me that getting those elite speed rushers is way harder than the plug and play contain guys...couldn’t agree more it drives me nuts that we haven’t addressed that position properly in nearly 20 years. It’s the primary reason Rex’s defences were never quite the elite, championship winning unit that they could've, maybe should’ve been. It’s still the most frustrating aspect of our defence and we’ll lose more infuriating games because of it but i’m not sure when we were supposed to have acquired a Von Miller or a Khalil Mack. Which elite speed rusher did we miss on? What are you giving up in draft picks to trade up to get one?
  13. Nothing on the tiny backer?

    What?...getting arguably the best player in the draft at a position of need made no sense?....good god man what are you on? needless to say I disagree with pretty much everything you say...you can ‘get fast’ players later in the draft is just too mind bendingly simplistic for words. If it were just about speed we’d be scouring the Jamaican Olympic team trials and just slotting guys like Asafa Powell in. It;s about adding players with the skill-set AND speed, and Darron Lee was an outstanding playmaker in only 2 years at Ohio State. The knock was obviously that a player his size can’t be getting battered all day by 300lb linemen so you need to move him around, but also the fact he only played two seasons at OSU means he’s still raw but with a very high ceiling. It’s still early days but his upside is significant. Mac is ‘safe’ and goes with ‘bland’ picks?....but he drafted Hackenberg, I can’t think of a bigger gamble. The fact that gamble looks like a major failure is another argument, but to say he’s risk averse is, in your own words ‘not a good review’ Where is this team’s future?...to be honest I doubt there’s anything I or anyone could say to persuade you that we aren’t anything other than an almighty clusterfvck and that there is no future...we are doomed to perpetual failure, doubtful we’ll ever win another game not just this year but any other year. If all you see is a tiny linebacker and a couple of safeties then I guess it’s going to be a perpetual ordeal supporting this team going forward...no joy....no hope...nothing. I could spend a while trying to compose a detailed response as to why i don’t agree that it’s all bad(I sure don’t Think it’s all rosy either but I can see some light...not a lot, but enough to have some hope)but it won’t make a blind bit of difference will it? Your mind is made up right?so we’ll just have to agree to disagree. good luck for the rest of the season
  14. Todays games...

    https://www.si.com/mmqb/2017/06/29/kansas-city-chiefs-john-dorsey-fired-nfl-notebook This is the guy we want?....the guy who drafted Kevin Hogan and gave huge deals to Eric Fisher and Laurent Duvernay-Tardif? And people want to kill Maccagnan?
  15. Nothing on the tiny backer?

    Excellent post, thanks for taking the time hard to argue with any of that and it just illustrates that we are in plenty good cap shape that we should, if we choose to, be able to resign our key FA’s and still have money to spend. That’s a welcome change from years gone by. I’m not even for advocating a massive splurge in FA either, one or maybe two key additions in important areas(CB maybe C) but it sure is nice to have that flexibility. I would just add that where ASJ, Mo Claiborne and to a lesser extent DD are concerned we pretty much picked them off the scrap heap so each comes with a buyer-beware tag that we and any other future suitor will need to bear in mind before committing big dollars to. That might playa factor in the overall cost of resigning each but you kind of alluded to that anyway. If we can only re-sign 2 of the 3 then presents an interesting problem, i’d Probably go ASJ & Davis but that’s an argument that hopefully doesn’t have to happen. There’s a reason they all came available in the first place I like Enunwa but if anything our WR core hasn’t skipped a beat without him and not being able to consolidate the promise he showed in 2016 means I don’t see him having much leverage. Tough break for him, maybe good for us....either way your ‘prove-it’ deal is probably about right. I have to be honest I thought he was under contract through the end of 2018. Some would probably argue that Kearse has proved himself the key long-term veteran, solid pick up there. The WR outlook is a million miles ahead of where we were not that long ago when we were banking on the Chaz Schilens and Clyde Gates of the world. agree that Ealy is the blueprint for the type of player that complements Leonard Williams....again he was a scrapheap- pick-up and while he’s played well he likely won’t put up the kind of sack numbers that command premium dollars. I’m going to guess your estimated contract numbers are about right. I like him a lot. one last thing i’d Add that often gets lost in these discussions is that a good Pro-personnel department finds good contributions from players in the bargain basement, reclamation projects like Ealy, ASJ, Claiborne have shown that it’s not just about the draft and high priced free agents. I think we’ve done a decent job there and the coaches take a lot of credit for that too. If we can find those guys in the first place then I see no reason why there can’t be one or two more on the horizon. Reshard Robinson is the next man up, will be interesting to see how that goes.