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  1. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    Don’t get me wrong I’d have him back for the right money, he always gave 100% and I agree sacks don’t mean everything, but my point is he wasn’t noticeably better away from Todd Bowles. He was more productive as a jet in 2016. He was productive with us too, it’s just that knucklehead history which likely prevented us from prioritising him over Mo. Doesn’t excuse the fact our DL in general has been hugely underwhelming under Bowles despite all the talent he inherited.
  2. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    Not to disagree with you as it’s a fair point but it’s not like Richardson lit it up in Seattle. That said there are serious questions to answer as to Bowles ability to coach up and maximise the ability of those players he’s been given.
  3. With you 100%...plus how you can say a guy with a ‘weak’ arm is “Bryce Petty all over again” is beyond stupid...Petty might be many things but weak-armed is definitely not one of them
  4. The Olympics Thread

    I’m in PyeongChang....it must be seriously damn cold where you are...even the Canadians are complaining about the cold

    True...but it’s a start and it happened when it mattered

    Makes it all the sweeter
  7. Are people overlooking Luke Falk? why?

    His arm and especially release is way better than he gets credit for...deep ball accuracy still a question mark but other than that I think he looks terrific.even the Cal game a couple of those INTS were on freak plays(one I think was a fumbled shovel pass)
  8. F*ck the NFL!

    Bryce Petty tried it for 3 straight weeks...we got no calls
  9. Pass rushers

    That’s exactly what happened with Terrell Suggs and he dropped enough that Baltimore was able to draft him.
  10. The Latest Possibly Greatest Master Plan

    Good post, I take your point about Bell but I think Crowell is the goods and will flourish in the right situation....he’s already excellent but I think he’s like Chris Ivory when he came to us, he’s not even scratched the surface. And crucially, he isn’t looking for 15M per!...hell he might even pay us to get him out of Cleveland!! agree about VT corners, they are always good. I take a long look at Fuller in FA for that reason. Landry in the 2nd would be a very sexy consolation prize and Washington is always impressive and Uber productive. He won’t test off the charts like Marcell Ateman hence Ateman goes maybe 1st and perhaps JW drops.. I love Courtland Sutton but think he could go top 10 and like the idea of a big-Body like Jaleel Scott or Tate but realistically if we are going to add a WR into our already pretty healthy depth chart I think we have to consider return abilty so Dante Pettis comes into play. I guess we have to give Brant Boyer something to play with because the return game has been dormant for years. i like your upside buys in Burton and Gaines. my only other question is can O’Neill or Davenport be gotten at 6 or is there scope to drop back a few spots and add another 2nd rounder if a willing partner can be found?
  11. The Latest Possibly Greatest Master Plan

    Tidy offseason I think you’re after the wrong RB back though Gato. Isaiah Crowell is the guy, vastly underrated, only 25 and a 3 down back who shouldn’t come anywhere near the cost of Bell and with far less mileage. Would consider Kyle Fuller as well at CB if we can’t re-sign Claiborne but EJ Gaines I can live with. I like your draft a lot other than O’Neill only because I really don’t know anything about him. I’d prefer Marcus Davenport because we still need an Abraham-esque pass rusher. and I think we can make do with Beachum or go McGlinchey in the 1st or Martinas Rankin/Will Hernandez/Isaiah Wynn on Day 2. Love the Freeman pick, and Haynes. I still think Rudolph is a first rounder but I’m feeling indulgent. How about Mike White or Falk instead?....and I might be taking Logan Woodside in the 5th or 6th if we can’t go QB earlier 1-Marcus Davenport 2-Martinas Rankin / Will Hernandez 2-Anthony Miller 3-Quenton Meeks 4-Marquis Haynes 5-Adonis Alexander / Arrion Springs 6-Royce Freeman / LJ Scott / Logan Woodside 7-Coleman Shelton / Ian Thomas(TE Indiana)
  12. prospect porn: lamar jackson

    I think I read that before the end of the seasons end, and apologies for not having a link or more concrete data, someone calculated that Jackson had in the region of 26 drops, now I know every QB has dropped passes and occasionally what is tagged as a drop is a bit unfair on the receiver but even if you were to just give LJ 15 of those passes back he’s a 62.2% passer ....up there with Rosen. i’m a Big Mason Rudolph fan but there’s no doubt he had great WR’s making some very tough catches. Jackson wasn’t benefitting from having receivers who were anywhere near as good imho and if you look at his ball placement on short underneath throws and screens as well as deep passes he routinely puts it absolutely out in front where his receiver can take it in stride. ‘I can’t see how he ‘busts’ at the next level but i’ve been wrong.before......there was that one time in 1987 I think!😊
  13. Updates from Shrine Week

    Please tell me Heath Harding is not actually 5’1”