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  1. He was actually better than he gets credit for....if you go back to the games in recent years where we had an absolutely dominant running game(yes, there have been 3 or 4) Dozier was usually in the line-up. He never got a sniff at Centre which is where he was supposed to fit in after being drafted but on the rare occasions when he stepped in at OG we put in our better OL performances.
  2. How long before a player or the union seek legal recourse against a team like the Dolphins in this situation? You only get so many years in the league, your opportunity to win in the NFL is minuscule, you get no say in where you play if you get drafted so you are stuck in Miami(or wherever) with a team with no desire to be successful for at least a number of years. OK so you are getting paid but you have no shot at playoffs and you have no shot at the type of success that leads to lucrative 2nd contracts. I can’t imagine we are far from a situation where someone argues this is anti-competitive. i’m no fan of litigation but it’s hard not to have some sympathy with that point
  3. The Namath curse needs to end....somebody take him out!
  4. We’re walking there....from Scotland!!! will keep you posted on any orgy details
  5. I voted this for post of the week having only read the first two lines....never a truer word was spoken. It’s unbearable being a fan of the Jets, not because of the team and it’s ups and (mostly) downs but because of our so-called ‘fans” The bolded is the most accurate assessment of the type of nonsense that poisons proper discourse on any fan site....that said I was right all along about Sam throwing flat-footed off his back foot and that his mechanics were flawed I told you so in the draft forum time and time again....he’ll never be successful with that crap....Sam Old Jets Am off to watch the Calgary stampede with the wife
  6. Yep, who was basically the same guy but a few years younger
  7. Nope...he was picked in the 3rd that said...I agree, he was a good player for us and outplayed his draft position but the expert’ Jets fans hated him until we let him go in free agency and now revisionist history has him remembered a little differently we always rate people a little differently when they no longer play for us
  8. Remember when Jets fans complained that guy was a JAG and couldn’t wait to run him out of town?
  9. What if the Lions lose?...because for 90% of fans that’s the difference between being the GOAT or rubbish
  10. This is how we roll....next week he’ll be coach of the year
  11. Crowder caught what?....13 passes?...he must’ve had some separation Robby wa wide open at least 3 bombs. 2 were under thrown so the CB was able to recover and make the PBU and the other Darnold overthrew him
  12. I would also add that Ryan Griffin looked like a very solid addition at TE....big and mobile with good hands....willing and effective blocker from what I saw on first watch. OK so he’s not going to trouble the pro bowl ballot counters at seasons end but as a number 2 option when Herndon returns I think he gives us hope that the TE position is in decent shape overall.
  13. I love this guy and indeed all our coaching staff but talking a good game and delivering are two entirely different things ...let’s see tangible results first
  14. A bit too early to be talking about Darnold in this category, let’s see what he actually does in year two rather than what we think(and HOPE) he’s capable of. that said, if this continues, it might not be the worst idea to start drafting QB’s in Rd 1 even if you have your guy.

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