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  1. I think by October, barring a major set-back, we should be at least 2/3 or eve. 75% capacity for sporting events outdoors....I know both Silverstone and Wimbledon will be spectator events in July ...probably at least 50% capacity at the Grand Prix and around 10 or 15K per day at Wimbledon when it’s usually 30-40K...that’s July!....... with hopefully everyone fully vaccinated by early autumn we should be in course for full stadiums
  2. Week 18....8-8 Jets face unlikely “win-and-you’re-in” showdown against Sam, who’s back in the starting line-up after missing 6 weeks with a fungal toe infection for the 6-10 Panthers
  3. He was Sports Illustrated’s “prospect X’ last year https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/04/29/deepest-sleeper-of-nfl-draft-prospect-x-identity-team-reveal
  4. 10 or maybe 11 .....think he wore 11 as a Freshman but would obviously need to speak nicely to Mims
  5. It’s cool, I’m still still seething about the state Mike Hickey left us in!...I’ll catch up
  6. Well, at least we’ve moved on from Maccagnan
  7. It’s easy to say that now re; Wilson but the proof will be on the field when the games start and we see how he handles the inevitable adversity that will come his way, what’s for sure is we’ve given him a helping hand and a chance to hit the ground running with some exciting offensive talent that Darnold certainly never had. I also never felt Darnold wasn’t a ‘football junkie’ or lacked when it came to working hard or stidying film....the reasons for his failure (up to this point) are many and varied but I personally don’t think it was for a lack of effort on his part
  8. That was never the issue, it was your 40 time that sank you ...1 minute 42 (ish) butters no NFL parsnips!
  9. You threw a pick six....didn’t you?
  10. As good as he is, I’m yet to be convinced that Kyle Pitts is having a hall of fame career with Sam throwing to him...and hard to agree that we had a conservative draft when we gambled 2 very valuable 3rd round picks to move up to 14 for an OG!?...I’d say that ballsy
  11. If he can make FG’s from 66 yards then just take the 3
  12. Agreed, it’s a great trade if you went up and got a player you rated very highly and clearly wanted who fills a glaring need AND he develops into an elite player while starting from day 1......the Sam Darnold trade was a great trade at the time, but now it was a dreadful trade, not least because those 3 2nd rounders were prime picks that should’ve been used to draft players to help support Sam....all water under the bridge now, but this will be an excellent move if AVT is the player we and the Jets believe he is.
  13. I love this draft, I love what we have done offensively here and also through free agency, every pick has been exciting and I can;t wait to see what Zach, AVT and Elijah do when they get on the field and I’m just as pumped about Corey Davis and Keelan Cole too.....it’s been way too long that we’ve been dreadful and unwatchable offensively, but my point was more that a lot of the same people lauding what we are doing now will be the first ones heading for the life-rafts demanding we fire everyone when it turns out we are not very good on D. when poor old Zach has to throw 40 times a game chasin
  14. Amazed nobody picked up on the moment Woody hugged the 9 year old kid just as he was telling Elijah “we have a new quarterback who’s gonna be really excited to see ya”
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