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  1. redlichtie

    Live vs TV

    When exactly did this transition happen?
  2. redlichtie

    Stick and Pick

    Kind of agree here but for me I think the drop off from Bosa(who looks the part but scares me off a bit with the injuries) and Allen to Montez and Brian Burns is not that great, if anything I think there’s a strong argument that one of those two will be the premier edge to come out of the first round and not Bosa or Allen. I Would be perfectly happy sliding back to no worse than 8-10 and still getting an elite edge prospect. agree about Oliver. Quality prospect
  3. redlichtie


    So many solid oversized WR prospects this year but I’m convinced. He has something
  4. This is not your best work mate
  5. redlichtie

    Best photos of new unis

    Actually think you’ve nailed it here.
  6. redlichtie

    Best photos of new unis

    We’ve been wearing mismatched uniforms and colours since 1998 but yet people seem to think those were ‘classic’
  7. Check out the Florida State helmet which is a kind of two tone matt effect. Actually very cool. If it was something like that it would be interesting
  8. As one of the few UK/European Jets fans I’m hoping this uniform is such a statement that I start to see kids in London and elsewhere wearing Jets colours more often. We have always been a bit of a secret society in the UK us Jets fans. When you see someone in Europe wearing a Jets cap or Jets colours it’s almost like ‘holy crap, there’s more than just me!’ Even in recent times you get the tube in London, especially on an NFL London day and the whole city is decked out in Pats, Dolphins, Raiders, Cowboys, Niners, Steelers, Texans, Cheifs(Mahomes a lot last year) jerseys, but it’s rare to see our Jets. The one exception was on the day we played Miami at Wembley when I was shocked how many Jets fans there are actually out there. It was a proud moment and I’m hoping the combination of Darnold, Bell, whoever we take with the No 3 pick and this new uniform changes all that and we start seeing International fans really get behind our Jets
  9. I always think the uniform looks better in a match situation than on an unveiling, a lot of folks will hate it at first look but by the time they see it on game day will have come round....a bit like the Gase hire!!
  10. 140 pages and about 6 months(or is it 20 years?)summed up in less than a paragraph. Outstanding effort Sir
  11. redlichtie

    QUESTION: One Jets Drive

    Thanks for all the responses guys, much appreciated
  12. redlichtie

    Pro Football Talk- Gase interview

    I just love how you can always find a sliver of positivity in even the most hopeless of situations!
  13. redlichtie

    Pro Football Talk- Gase interview

    I’m sure if we pull up the posts from this time in the Bowles tenure the general feeling was the same. Like him a lot, was pleasantly surprised we hired him at the time and want him to succeed but the bottom line here is he needs to get us to Jim Mora-ville
  14. redlichtie

    QUESTION: One Jets Drive

    Top man Cowbell, I’ll give it a go thank you

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