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  1. Absolutely, after a shaky first season the guy has been a consistently excellent coach who’s had his unit delivering their side of the bargain. He’s had little to no help whatsoever from the draft and FO and has just managed with what he has and gotten it functioning.
  2. The real story is how good Brant Boyer clearly is. He got his unit decimated but still has it functioning
  3. And when Robby manages to auction the jersey for 10K and gives the proceeds to a children’s cancer charity....yeah wtf dude
  4. Class all -time underrated Jet. His goal line leap ability and end-zone nous was exceptional....bravo Johnny Hector
  5. Maybe just don’t read it?...that way those who are interested can carry on and those who aren’t can also carry on
  6. I’m not sure anyone got this....either that or I really didn’t get this 😂
  7. He’s also done really well to overcome the ‘seeing ghosts’ game and all the mockery that came with it. That kind of thing can ruin a QB (like the buttfumble came to define Sanchez, rightly or wrongly). The bounce back is helping to eradicate that as an even remotely relevant ongoing issue, he’ll need to enact full redemption next time he plays a tough D and possibly next time he gets a go at the Pats but not letting such things define and, as you say, ruin him is a big positive sign going forward
  8. Great so he’ll end up in Miami until he’s fifty and win another 6 titles
  9. Darnold hit him right in the hands on about the 2nd play from scrimmage and Thomas dropped it. It was only 1 play but it was an absolute killer and you could feel the wind disappear from the sails at that point.... DT makes a fairly routine grab there and we get a big play and first down in decent field position and maybe that first possession goes differently....he had to make that catch that said agree with the point generally about how abysmally poor we are. It;s so frustrating seeing every other team in the league execute the simple plays while we can’t do even the very basics....dreadful
  10. The Rex Hogan factor makes Colts a very interesting possibilty
  11. In only his 15th NFL game!!!(he’s not even completed a full 16 games yet) and with a clearly bang average roster(which is pretty decimated by injuries BTW) Outstanding from Darnold. Take the final 4 games of 2018 and his 2 starts this year and his QBR has to be up there Also think G Williams deserves a ton of credit for his defence playing well above it’s collective talent level
  12. He was actually better than he gets credit for....if you go back to the games in recent years where we had an absolutely dominant running game(yes, there have been 3 or 4) Dozier was usually in the line-up. He never got a sniff at Centre which is where he was supposed to fit in after being drafted but on the rare occasions when he stepped in at OG we put in our better OL performances.
  13. How long before a player or the union seek legal recourse against a team like the Dolphins in this situation? You only get so many years in the league, your opportunity to win in the NFL is minuscule, you get no say in where you play if you get drafted so you are stuck in Miami(or wherever) with a team with no desire to be successful for at least a number of years. OK so you are getting paid but you have no shot at playoffs and you have no shot at the type of success that leads to lucrative 2nd contracts. I can’t imagine we are far from a situation where someone argues this is anti-competitive. i’m no fan of litigation but it’s hard not to have some sympathy with that point
  14. The Namath curse needs to end....somebody take him out!

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