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  1. Well then look forward to another year of watching as opposing passers have all day back there and being picked apart by every QB in the league. in a draft where we should finally get a shot at an elite edge rusher it would be madness not to fill our longest standing, and still biggest need
  2. redlichtie

    Monumental drops...

    It was one drop, even the best have them from time to time and he’s a rookie in his first significant playing time, sometimes players develop and get better. Otherwise he showed up well and isn’t really supposed to a power back despite us asking him to play like one
  3. redlichtie

    Monumental drops...

    Agree, he could be a weapon if properly utilised. Came right back from the drop with a terrific effort as lead gunner in specials and made a big open field tackle on their returner, showed heart and character. He’s tough too and has legitimate speed and moves. I also really like how he has no problem being ploughed into the middle of the line with little or no blocking and will fight for yardage. He’s 5-10 and 185 and yet he’ll fight for the hard yards like a guy 30 pounds heavier should be doing. ‘Imagine if he ever actually got schemed into, you know, the open field!!
  4. redlichtie

    A Play That Stood Out To Me

    The one where ‘coach’ was busy yapping away about something irrelevant while the replay showed blatantly that Robby had been mugged by the defender and should’ve gotten a PI ? that was one of a number of lovely throws that deserved better
  5. redlichtie

    If Mac got his way

    I sometimes wonder, if the Cuban Missile crises had ended differently, would Mac have ever been hired at all?
  6. Agree but not sure Ferrell is the guy. We really need a twitchy guy who has bend and quickness. If not Bosa then Josh Allen, not seen enough of guys like Polite, Zach Ellen or Sweat yet
  7. It would be the ultimate double cross wouldn’t it? Especially after what BB did to the Jets, imagine if ......ah never mind
  8. redlichtie

    $80 Million Cousins

    Jim Sweeney?...crap he must be nearly 60 by now! Great Jet back in the day though
  9. redlichtie

    $80 Million Cousins

    Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don’t make
  10. redlichtie

    Sam has elite accuracy

    Maybe a little credit to Robby and Herndon, both have made some plays. It seems most weeks Herndon is making a spectacular grab, just need to be getting him the ball more regularly and Anderson has kept his head down, worked through the trash of the mid-season and yesterday he did the hard yards. ‘Very promising 4th Q from Sam and for sure he showed some chops on a couple of those throws but let’s hear it for the WR’s too
  11. redlichtie

    Random Observations

    Or indeed a new staff might work out how to maximise his potential? Often a change of coaching has unforeseen consequences. Players who were previously anonymous or underwhelming can emerge(Cotchery when Mancini arrived a good example) and established starters, even stars, can fall out of favour(Rhodes under Rex) Will be interesting to see who flourishes and who doesn’t Totally agree about Brant Boyer but I doubt many incoming coach candidates will want to play ball. Would be a shame to lose him as his unit has really excelled and somewhat puts the lie of lack of talent to bed. Boyer has found talent and in such a lost season deserves a lot of credit.
  12. redlichtie

    49ers, Raiders, and Cardinals

    And young guys like Robby and McGuire showing up too
  13. Thanks for posting this, I personally couldn’t be arsed to go back and check but this certainly chimes with my recollection. Absolutely nobody was banging the table for a QB at six and if anything the complaint was that it was a terrible year to be picking high and looking for a QB and typical SOJ luck that there wasn’t a franchise QB that year because if anyone thought Mahomes or Watson were that good then they wiukdn’t Be getting picked at 10 or below. Those passers go top 1 or 2. I think people were already looking ahead to the next year and Darnold & Rosen funny thing is you can;t move these days for people crawling out of the woodwork acting like they knew all along that Mahomes would throw 40 TD’S his first season

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