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  1. redlichtie

    jets staying with 3-4

    You kind of allude to it in your post above but we’ve been doing it alll wrong for more than a decade. Instead of having our blue chip athlete’s on the edge, where in a 3-4 they need to be, we’ve drafted them on the inside. Back in the day when Parcells was taking us to AFC Championship games we had Rick Lyle and Shane Burton at end in a 3-4. Nether was a stellar athlete but they got the job done, occupied the blockers and freed up space for our OLB’s. I’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t need top ten picks at end in a 3-4. If anything you need to find a great NT to clog up the middle. So our best pass rushers have been gumming up the interior but we’ve had nothing on the outside, and in turn the lack of playmakers at OLB hasn’t helped those interior guys much either. I’d like to think Leo would be far more effective if we had a couple of guys causing havoc around him, the other knock-on effect would be to help out the secondary a bit,increased pressure and harassment of QB’s leads to more rushed and errant throws which = more incompletions and INTS. The hope is that finally under Williams and with a draft pick in a position, and year, where an elite OLB should be a shoo-in we can look forward hopefully to changing that.
  2. redlichtie

    jets staying with 3-4

    Was just about to post the same, in a 4-3 he makes more sense. Not sure he’s a fit at all in an 3-4. If there’s anything good about sticking with a base 3-4 it’s that finally, after years and years of missing out, we are in a position to actually get a top echelon edge rusher and it was looking like with typical ‘SOJ” luck that would be the moment we’;d transition away from the 3-4. The blindingly obvious pick, assuming we stay at 3, is now Allken or possibly Montez Sweat.
  3. It’s possible they’ve seen some concepts but even then i’d imagine the absolute finished article hasn’t been widely circulated.
  4. Yeah the ‘all of the players have tried them on” sounds bogus as hell. There’s what? 60 to 70 players, and then there are all the people in the building when this supposedly happened. If you are going to keep a secret, you don’t do it by getting 100 or so people with twitter and Instagram accounts a sneak peek and then hope that somehow none of them will squel for the 3, 4, 5 or 6 months until the unveil. That many people do not keep a secret. It’s almost as far fetched as the moon landings conspiracies!!
  5. redlichtie

    RB Dexter Williams (Notre Dame)

    Some terrific RB prospects to be had this year outside the 1st round. If we go smaller, shiftier with excellent hands and potential return ability(IMO something we need to consider despite possibly having Roberts back) then take a look at Devin Singletary(Florida Atlantic) and Justice Hill(Oklahoma State)
  6. redlichtie

    Do the Jets pickup Darron Lees 5th year option?

    While it’s always dangerous to be seduced by an impressive few games cameo(Wayne Hunter anyone) this is true. Hewitt impressed and there was no noticeable drop off at the position. This coupled with the suspension may be the critical factors here. I’m not a Lee hater and think he’s just another classic whipping boy, much like Demario Davis was first time around, so hoping that under Williams he can flourish
  7. redlichtie

    Hearing Broncos will let Paradis test FA.

    With regard to @Paradis and his ‘misses’ I’ll take a guy who puts his name to it than the millions of retrospective GM savants that pollute this board with their “we coulda had instead of” or ‘“ I knew he would bust” genius acting like they are, but-for-the-grace-of-God, not heading up an NFL front office
  8. redlichtie

    Hearing Broncos will let Paradis test FA.

    Forum Paradis should get us back at least a 3rd in that scenario, his draft forum work alone merits it
  9. Exactly, If they turned out to be great pick-ups we have them under reasonable deals for multiple years and if they didn’t work out we can bail with next to no consequences. I get that people want to find any stick to beat the organisation with but this is Good cap and contract management.
  10. Agree, think he’s an intriguing player. I was way more impressed with him having watched his tape than I expected to be but his production doesn’t jump out. He has an excellent explosive step(unlike you I thought that was the first thing that jumped out to me) , uses his hands well, locates and tackles very well and as you say he appears to have an appreciation for what he’s doing and how to ‘win’ his match-up. Why was the production less than stellar? If we dropped back a bit to say 8-13 range then he would probably be an excellent value. Personally I’d like Montez Sweat if both Bosa and Allen are gone but wouldn't loath the pick if it was Gary
  11. redlichtie

    Darnold > Goff

    Yes, but it was the Super Bowl.....the SUPER BOWL
  12. He is a phenomenal athlete no doubt and a truly great superstar but .....doping Christian Coleman is the next great sprinter down the pipe
  13. I think you just made the argument for how relevant the organisation is bearing in mind how many people care
  14. redlichtie

    the naysayers are planting the seed

    Interesting analysis and thanks for posting. It’s not an invalid point and I personally can see this going South just as easily as it could turn out to be a master stroke I’d be surprised if the Bowles led Jets didn’t have exactly the same ‘them and us’ feelings going round as either side of the ball failed each other so often that even if Gase and Williams create a polarising atmosphere around both units it likely won’t be any different to the last couple of years....it’ll just be more obvious and out in the open.

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