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  1. @Ron Rico made this point several pages back, so yes
  2. This is good information, it only took what? 200 odd pages 😊…anyway excellent point, I for one did not appreciate that and I’ve not heard anyone else join the dots on this either so thanks, it might explain everything
  3. I know LaFleur is gone and therefor the SF connection is less obvious but I’d keep an eye on Mostert or McKinnon on that list
  4. Well done the OP….took a shocking amount of borderline bullying in this thread but guess what, he was right all along and those who mocked and piled on should be lining up to offer fulsome apologies
  5. Totally agree with you, Green Bay should actually be lucky to recoup anything for him. There are effectively two positions to which any trade parameters can be decided: A) The Packers have to eat the huge amount they owe Rodgers, in which case they demand as high a draft compensation as they dare, aware that AR holds all the leverage over them and can squeeze them into complying if he so chooses and desperately wants a deal to the Jets concluded. On top of that JD will attempt to play poker face and hold out for the lowest compensation. Not without risk for Douglas but he has a very encouraging track record in this area of his tenure so far. In this scenario it’s likelier the Jets move closer to what GB would want in compensation but I still don’t see the Packers having a ton of leverage at all here. B)Douglas & the Jets agree to take on some or most of the cap hit, offering GB some relief and freeing up space to add in FA to support presumptive new starter Jordan Love. But in that case JD should rightly expect a very very favourable deal, as in, what else are you giving me GB?….how much flexibility we have here is the question but go with me theoretically. At this point there’s much wrangling and detail to be thrashed out but I would have a hard time swallowing a deal that involves us giving up much at all for AR. We’d have basically just upped ourselves in effect.
  6. Yeah I think if that were the case we’d see it happen all the time? At this point it’s worth remembering that trade a few years ago when (I think) the Texans actually received a draft pick from (Ithink) Denver when Houston actually traded FOR the QB that Denver mistakenly signed to a huge deal the year before but then wanted rid of….apologies for the vagueness, can’t remember his name, either way we’ve seen the precedent where a team in a cap bind has to actually give more up to get free of it. Not saying that this will happen with Rodgers but the Jets should own a lot of leverage here and if they have the cap space to absorb it then we are in a string position, but the key thing in that Texans deal was that they had so much cap space they could make that deal AND receive a high draft pick as well as the player, but that does have to go against the cap I think EDIT: I had the wrong way round, Texans actually shifted the player to the Browns; Brock Osweiler https://www.pff.com/news/pro-brock-osweiler-trade-smart-move-by-browns-front-office
  7. agreed on the excitement!…..It’s the off-season, it’s when we come alive
  8. ???…I actually thought your comment was pretty funny and my response was intended light-heartedly….maybe I should’ve added a smiley face, have only just joined the thread and so haven’t read all 40 or so pages…perhaps I missed some context
  9. For me, this is the clearest indication yet that Derek Carr has no intention of signing for the Jets!
  10. Exactly, o-linemen especially are holding on every single play in every single game but it only occasionally gets called. I reckon they should force all OL to wear boxing gloves so there’s no chance they can grab
  11. It still amazes me that after 30 or so years of consistently being wrong about everything and just throwing darts against the wall this Kiper guy STILL retains the prominent ‘draft guru’ position he does …it’s truly mind-boggling, but fair play to him
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