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  1. Nice info and insight...thanks for sharing Would love Fowler, he only turned 24 about a week ago and his play has been ascending....certainly more realistic than Mack
  2. Ironically, considering he was touted as the most likely to step in and be ‘NFL ready’, I thought he looked like a guy who clearly has the tools and potential but would benefit from sitting at least to begin with. Every likelihood Sam Bradford gets injured at some point in the season anyway....would be better for Rosen if that is sometime after mid-season!1
  3. redlichtie

    Josh Rosen the One Who Got Away?????

    He’s gotta rest on the Sabbath otherwise his arm is gonna fall off.....Bowles should be fired immediately for this
  4. redlichtie

    Josh Rosen the One Who Got Away?????

    You mean you had to check your journal?....I thought everyone just knew!?
  5. redlichtie

    The sub 1.50 10 yard split

    I’d guess the scheme that fits Bill Powell the best is whichever one opens gigantic running lanes for him
  6. redlichtie

    Articles About Darnold's Debut Thread

    The 2 things that jumped out at me from the highlights i’ve seen are the tempo that we were playing at was impressive and as the OP alluded to the speed at which Darnold and the offense were moving was something we haven’t seen in some time, he was finding open guys so quickly and his release and zip on the ball are better than I expected. also as @Scoop24 mentioned already someone has to take a lot of credit for clearing up those hideously ugly mechanics that he displayed in college because he looks like a different player in an almost impossibly short space of time but with no sense of loss in effectiveness or accuracy. Not only do we possibly have a QB but we might also have some proper coaching taking place.
  7. redlichtie

    Articles About Darnold's Debut Thread

    Nice analysis...was this a Jenny Vrentas piece?
  8. redlichtie

    Articles About Darnold's Debut Thread

    Why can’t there be a reasonable, level headed assessment of anything Jets?....it’s either worthless/a total bust/doesn’t belong in the league or massively over-stated the other way. I’m as excited about the direction of travel , especially at QB, as the next person but for the love of god can we have some calm, rational, fair and non-prejudicial analysis of everything from someone....anyone
  9. Why mint?....no love for salted caramel?
  10. redlichtie

    Darnold Article (Cimini)

    Cimini has always been good with the caveat that he likes to over-egg the pudding a bit on our failures down the years, Jesus H Rich we get it that the butt-fumble was a mildly embarrassing moment but he acts like it was the most critical feck-up in NFL history...it wasn’t...nowhere near, but yet he will bang on and on and on about it. That said he’s a good reporter who’s connected who does some proper work and his Sunday Notes are absolutely required reading every week. Mehta is Cimini 10 years ago in that he’s working for the NYDN and has to report based upon his editorial direction. It seems ESPN give a little more freedom. ‘Would arguevthere are better, more under the radar reporters though, they are just the high profile guys. I think a Jenny Vrentas is pretty good in an unshowy kind of way.
  11. redlichtie

    Around the NFL - Preseason Week 1

    Yep....And Jamarcus
  12. redlichtie

    Bracing myself for some ugly cuts...

    How many of those guys did BB coach with the Jets?...other than maybe Clement I don’t Think any were even in the league back then.