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  1. No I wasn’t and agreed, I wasn’t a Darnold fan coming out but he’s been hugely impressive in everything he’s done since he walked in the building....good times
  2. I’m sure, somewhere, the SOJF blames Maccagnan for passing on Marino for Kenny O. Not trading up to get LT. For the continued war in Sudan or for when it rains in Manhattan
  3. Two of the flat out dumbest posts i’ve ever seen here in the space of a couple of replies...Congrats. If you are just trolling, well done
  4. Wow....twice in one day!!!😊👍
  5. So what you’re saying is, it’s a team game?...interesting take
  6. It’s been quite obvious to me how much gray is being pushed out there. Caps and shoes etc. I think gray with colour rush green is going to be at least an alternate and as long as we go white shoes I’m good with almost any uniform.
  7. Ducasse had great upside and was a 4 year starter at UMass....he’s also doing pretty well these days
  8. redlichtie

    Anderson and Crowell

    I think he’s a better all-around receiver than he gets credit for but the two fumbles really blotted his copybook. The running game coming alive can only increase his effectiveness if Darnold can utilise the play action pass more effectively.
  9. redlichtie

    Breer On Darnold

    Biggest takeaway from the game for me. He seemed much more comfortable hanging in there and stepping up and it’s no coincidence that setting his feet resulted in some elite throws. We know it’s in him it’s just a case of can he deliver consistently
  10. redlichtie

    Will the real Jets please stand up?

    The Robby fumble in Cleveland as well
  11. redlichtie

    Will the real Jets please stand up?

    I think(maybe I’m hoping) the answer lies in the youth of this team. We are very raw in a lot of positions. take a look at the age of our starters on D and we are, in theory at least, some way off our potential. Young teams usually make mistakes, they usually take a while to gel. But the hope is the inconsistency is that and not a lack of talent. Our best players are Williams(24) Adams(22) Maye(24) Lee(24) Williamson(25) Jenkins(24). That’s a a core that could grow together and be pretty damn good with the right pieces around them. Story is not too dissimilar on O The two wins have been fairly dominant and other than Jax we should’ve won the other 2. That tells me the team is better than it’s results. The winning is usually the last thing to come and we are still talent deficient in a couple of key areas(OLB/Edge) but the manner of our performances has me hopeful
  12. redlichtie

    Jets \ Broncos Game Observations

    This still cracks me up. How the hell do you ‘almost’ score on a 105 yard return!

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