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  1. Love it, looks fresh and is a much nicer shade of green. Would even go heavier on the green i know gunmetal grey never made it to the new uniform but i’d think adding some of that would be cool.
  2. At this point the biggest worry is the almost universal praise around this move. It’s like the expectations are already building to such a point that can’t possibly be sustained.
  3. The ‘it remains unclear if George Paton will accept....” is all you need to know about who was asking LaCanfora for advice
  4. This Cimini by miles Then Mehta, simply because his job is to be a tabloid sensationalist working for a sensationalist tabloid and to make himself and his publication relevant...he’s very good at it. his going after Gase now will look very interesting if/when the inevitable Gase blow-up happens and all those here trashing Mehta will be singing from his hymn sheet soon enough The others are all meh bar KRL Breer appears to be the most interesting and connected of the Nationals back to Cimini; his Sunday Notes are always essential reading and provide genuine insight and when he eventually does a Gerald Eskenazi type memoir of his years covering the Kets it ought to be essential reading for any Jets fan
  5. If you are an up and coming GM candidate surely it’s good for your future prospects to have interviewed somewhere?
  6. 😁 well why not? Wouldn’t worry too much bout Liechtenstein personally. Thanks though, I did indeed have a great time although I was actually working but there are way worse places to work. I’d recommend staying in Menton which is about 20 minutes around the coast. The whole area is beautiful, stunning coast and mountains Bring cash though...lots of it!
  7. 😊 Not gonna lie, it was an awesome week. If you only ever do one F1 race it’s tough to beat Monaco. Although both Montreal and Austin are right up there, both fantastic cities and good tracks. i’d also recommend Mexico City, Spa(Belgium) and Monza(Italy)
  8. Yes, it’s a pretty cool place at the best of times but for race weekend it goes a little bit crazy.
  9. Yeah I know, cool story bro and all that. I’m normally not one to get all star-struck but I admit ,I was today, If you don’t care, no worries, but for what it’s worth he was a genuinely lovely guy, very humble, very polite, very approachable(both him and his entourage of about 5 guys) was pleasantly surprised. I think I expected an absolute diva, couldn’t have been further from the truth I told him I was a Jets fan and he said: “I’ll see you week 2” And i just thought “oh sh*t”
  10. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/03/brexit-transition-vote-depends-american-chicken/584041/
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