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  1. Very sad news, excellent old-school poster, never unreasonable, always with a sense of humour and THAT avatar….will miss him on these boards…..even though I never met the man nor even knew his face or indeed anything about him other than the chick with a glass of fizz clenched between her cheeks!! Behind the avatars are families, friends and acquaintances for whom this is a deeply sad passing…thoughts with them as this time it’s always sad when a fellow fan goes without getting to see us back in the Super Bowl or even fielding a competitive team, I hope he gets to enjoy his beloved
  2. Fair enough response, I’m not trying to justify the mystifying inability of the coaching staff to get the best out of a wildly talented player, merely provide some possible clues as to why, rightly or wrongly… I’m still struggling to think of a Baylor WR that has come out and been anything in the league….maybe Josh Gordon? (and he would’ve been Art Briles vintage) either way it’s not been a happy hunting ground and I can certainly go back and find a few college scouting reports where the concern on Mims was lack of refinement and how he’d adapt to a more complex offense in the NFL…..I’m
  3. It’s worth remembering that a lot of Baylor WR’s have struggled in the NFL and the knock on them coming out has often been that the system they ran there was very basic and didn’t demand a great deal out of the wideouts (or QB’s for that matter). I remember this being mentioned in the pre-draft process in 2020….Mims was talented as hell and had fantastic production but some of the scouts did seem to caveat that with the lack of complex route-tree experience. As others have pointed out, he dropped in the draft for a reason and even JD passed on him once before presumably thinking his potentia
  4. The Red Lichties is the nickname of Arbroath FC and the townsfolk of my home town in North East Scotland where I grew up. The name derives from the town’s ancient and world famous maritime heritage, The Arbroath Smokie is a world renowned delicacy that can only be produced within the town of Arbroath and the adjacent fishing village of Auchmithie. A Smokie, for those who are interested, is a North Sea haddock that is cleaned and cured overnight in salt before being smoked for hours over oak chips in smoking pits…as a schoolboy I had a job in a local smokehouse cleaning, gutting and s
  5. I don’t disagree with you and the wider premise, if a cruel bounce of the ball here or there has us at 2-7 when we could easily have been 5-4 then I can see both the wood and the trees…..but if we are getting torn a new one on a weekly basis, if all the talk pre-season doesn’t bear out on the field then that’s a different matter….. I’m hopeful…… there is clearly something about Saleh, he’s super intelligent, urbane, articulate and has a track record as a successful coordinator, he seems totally born to be a HC and I love the staff he’s built, but I have been here before. EDIT: yes t
  6. To be fair, I was 4 large G&T’s down at this point last night so the tongue-in-cheekness may have seemed more obvious at the time, that said, the last 5 words are the key here and still stand …… Lets’ see how they play Since 1982 when I was introduced to this godforsaken, tortuous entity in Kelly Green, i’ve rarely been more excited about what I’m seeing and what lies ahead. However, close on 40 years of hurt and shattered expectations has taught me to wind it in, no matter how much I try to get carried away….burnt too many times….sorry…..so Let’s see how they play if Z
  7. I love him, I love them all….but if we start the season 2-7 then it’s all for sh!t…..let’s see how they play
  8. Which is sensible…Rome wasn’t built in a day
  9. So encouraging to see an offense running from under centre most of the time and a QB looking so comfortable doing it….some motions in there too, it feels like we might actually have something exciting to watch on offense for the first time what feels like about 25 years
  10. Indeed that’s true, although I’d still say he gets credit for the fact Bosa came in and immediately performed as advertised...so many prospects like him simply fail to live up to expectations and I’d venture that coaching or ‘scheme’ are a contributory factor in most instances. Coaches are often way too clever for themselves and even good or great prospects can flounder under such circumstances....hopefully Saleh has that ability to both develop an unheralded player, such as Warner, and also handle the big time prospects (and ego’s) line Bosa, at the same time,...the great coaches manage ev
  11. Also, 2 of the top 5 were developed by our new HC (Warner & Bosa)
  12. I was banging the table for Justice Crater all through the draft
  13. To be fair to Bowles, he’s clearly a very good DC, just wasn’t a strong enough personality to be an effective HC and his reliance on vets was maddening, You can argue that’s down to not trusting the talent he was being given by Maccagnan and while there’s some merit in that argument, a good coach needs to be able to be flexible enough to work with what they have. I also feel like it’s obvious how much more we are on the same page between Douglas and the scouting dept and Saleh and the coaching dept. ....maybe I’m wrong but it does feel like the two are getting together and saying ‘we
  14. A lot of good points in this thread, I think the problem was Rex didn’t have an even remotely capable edge rusher and it came home to bite him in those two AFCCG, everything he did was deception and blitzing, it’s a testament to how great a coach he was on the defensive side of the ball that he made it work as much as he did but in the really big moments, and against the really elite QB’s, he had nobody that could put consistent pressure on QB’s and force rushed throws or mistakes, it’s been our Achilles heel for near 20 years and while every other position has been addressed (QB, OT, OG,
  15. I think by October, barring a major set-back, we should be at least 2/3 or eve. 75% capacity for sporting events outdoors....I know both Silverstone and Wimbledon will be spectator events in July ...probably at least 50% capacity at the Grand Prix and around 10 or 15K per day at Wimbledon when it’s usually 30-40K...that’s July!....... with hopefully everyone fully vaccinated by early autumn we should be in course for full stadiums
  16. Week 18....8-8 Jets face unlikely “win-and-you’re-in” showdown against Sam, who’s back in the starting line-up after missing 6 weeks with a fungal toe infection for the 6-10 Panthers
  17. He was Sports Illustrated’s “prospect X’ last year https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/04/29/deepest-sleeper-of-nfl-draft-prospect-x-identity-team-reveal
  18. 10 or maybe 11 .....think he wore 11 as a Freshman but would obviously need to speak nicely to Mims
  19. It’s cool, I’m still still seething about the state Mike Hickey left us in!...I’ll catch up
  20. Well, at least we’ve moved on from Maccagnan
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