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  1. 1 - Al Toon 2 - James Hasty 3 - Wesley Walker 4 - Darrelle Revis 5 _ Joe Klecko 6 - Erik McMillan 7 - D’Brickashaw Ferguson 8 - Mo Lewis 9 - Braylon Edwards 10 - Chad Pennington. 47 Years Young
  2. Love them...just wished we had a gunmetal grey with Kelly green option
  3. Billie Eilish just been selected to do the Bond theme so portably counts as yes
  4. Makes total sense ...he’s probably made way more money playing dumb than he ever did playing football fair play to him
  5. Gretzky, Jordan & Montana off the top of my head as actual HOFers....as for future inductees I met and interviewed Brady in Montreal a couple of years back.....told him afterward I was a Jets fan....he just threw his head back and yelled “a Jets fan,,,,,whaaaaat”....I couldn’t tell if it was mock disgust or actual disgust. also met OBj In May this year, he was cool...to,d him I was a Jets fan and he gave me a thumbs up and said “ see you week 2” there may be others that I can’t remember
  6. He injured the knee during pre-season with the 49ers after he left us....no mention that I can recall if him being hurt with us. I think Rex and Tanny were just all goo-eyed for Tone and unable to afford both prioritised the wrong guy
  7. Yep dude wanted to be here too....we were only ever 1 play away with him on the field ...such an exciting playmaker
  8. No agreed, it’s not a given, but as he’s one of the top 3 safeties in the league I’d argue it’s highly unlikely. If we got an insane offer for him such as two 1st rounders including a top 5 pick this year then maybe I consider it but I highly doubt that’s happening. Maye is good yes agreed but I don’t see this as addition but subtraction your last point is, if anything, a good reason why we should keep him. It’s precisely because he’s such a versatile weapon that he’s worth more to us than I think people appreciate. No player is Untradeable and JD is absolutely right to listen to any offers but I just think there’s a lot of wishful thinking going on here about how easy it is to replace a player as good as Adams
  9. I disagree, but that’s ok. I just think people are seriously underestimating the value of Adams (the whole, ‘he doesn’t play a premium position’ argument is a massive red herring imho) and overestimating the level to which any of the guys on that list can replace Adams. It’s not a premium position until you have to trot Eric Smith, Dawan Landry, Dwight Lowery, Yeremiah Bell, Rontez Miles, Brodney Pool, Abram Elam, Jon McGraw or Damien Robinson our there just my opinion
  10. I’m baffled by the logic that we need to trade Adams to acquire more picks. We’ll get two additional picks tops and then what?...we need a new safety, and no matter how good that player is they will almost certainly be a significant drop-off in quality from JA so say hello to getting gashed by every TE in the league again and generally picked upon on the ground and in the air....and we lose our best pass rusher too. So that’s actually about 3 players we need to replace Meanwhile what evidence do we have exactly that we’ll make those picks count? we are crying out for playmakers, we finally have one...and people want to get rid madness
  11. Edelman & Welker....oh how I wish there’d been a safety or linebacker take the penalty just to break either of those two in half the next time they came across the middle....Eric Smith did it once I think to Welker and the poison dwarf was a non-factor after it. Also Bill Romanowski....just a vile man, dirty horrible player.....although had he broken either Edelman or Welker in half then he’d be forgiven
  12. Thanks for this....I should check out his podcast more often. loved Mangold and Colon was good soldier too...... Absolutely it all went to sh!t when they prioritised Holmes over Braylon
  13. We have been deficient here for more than a decade....shocking how edge pressure has been ignored
  14. Dante Fowler is the guy I’d go after before Shaq Barrett
  15. He didn’t say there would be no changes....just highly unlikely....he’s not going to stand at a lectern and say “yes we should probably fire a few people at some point just don’t know who yet” i don’t give Gase a free pass here as this seems way too much to be just an anomaly or bad luck but I’m encouraged to hear his response and they appear to be taking it seriously
  16. Thanks for all of these this season.... it’s the only post I look out for on a Monday morning and your observations are always spot on.
  17. Core value player...deserves a good contract and an investment in him going forward..put another guy opposite with some explosive ability and he can be a very very good player
  18. Thanks for taking the time @Samtorobby47 my question is regarding the injury situation. To me it’s way more than an accident that soooo many guys got injured this season. Is there an acknowledgement within the team that something needs to change next year? Is there a sense that preparation or cinditioning may have been an issue that must be addressed? i appreciate this is a tough thing to address inwardly as it basically means someone is probably getting canned but would still appreciate an insight thanks again
  19. Robby needs his Al Toon....Wesley Walker was a pretty good wideout and having a very good career but when you gave him Al Toon then you had a legit difference maker. Robby with a properly physical No 1 opposite becomes lethal
  20. There’s a paradox with Darnold. You want him to freelance a bit more, get out of the pocket etc....me too because he clearly has a special ability to make some plays off script that only a rare few QB’s have....but.... that’s also his biggest weakness at this point. He still needs to learn when to set up and execute flawless technique so that those passes don’t sail into the wrong hands. His ability to go off script means he will always be on the edge of technical breakdown. That’s a discipline he needs to improve on and that good coaching has to help with(curiously it feels like Bates had a better grip on the technique smoothing out than Gase & Loggains have shown). the point is you probably can’t have that exciting gunslinger type QB with the ability to pull a magic rabbit out of the hat without accepting there will be flawed throws and ‘boneheaded’ plays from time to time....it might be a good 3 or 4 years before he can mature and work on his game to the point where he hits that sweet spot where he can be both .....and have the supporting cast to help him out...like actually make some plays for him....catch the damn ball...block the damn OLB....break off a damn 60 yard run etc etc so we either need to accept those mistakes at this stage or ask him to be one or the other(an old school drop back, set feet, deliver passer or the freelancer who can make something happen when it’s all broken down around him).....it’s unreasonable in my opinion to expect him to master both at this stage without there being growing pains. That and coaching and play calling helping him out too
  21. It’s to Darnold’s credit that the seeing ghosts crap lasted a week or two and he banished it to the point nobody talks about it anymore....Sanchez still has to hear about the buttfumble every day of his life
  22. He was, but the closing speed was pretty rare for a 300 pounder DT

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