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  1. Lol, but in all seriousness it’s so true, just as the OL appear to be gaining some of that all important continuity & familiarity I wouldn’t be in a rush to change anything. If we see an improvement in the next three weeks or so and the line play is noticeably less of an issue than it was the first couple of games, then at the very least we don’t have to rush Becton back. Which would be a nice problem to have for a change
  2. Thanks for the reminder on Joe Kelly, I forgot he actually contributed and I totally missed the significance of us taking Rob Moore and how that impacted the draft in 91 and the Favre situation. How different things could’ve been
  3. Reggie Rembert WR West Virginia:1990 was a very high 2nd round pick (think we took Blair Thomas in the first No 2 overall so was a calamitous draft that one) Rembert was 6-5 and hugely productive with Major Harris on a National Championship contender….he should’ve been great but he never even suited up for us, he was traded to Cincinnati for a bang average, back-up level ILb called Joe ….something (I can’t even remember he was so rubbish) and I don’t even think Joe ‘Something” lasted more than a couple of games for us…Rembert dud nothing at Cincinnati, did he ever even suit up for the Be
  4. Amazing how last week has captured the imagination, in 40 years as a Jets fan I don’t ever remember the excitement about 1 player. That 2009/2010 vintage with Revis briefly had everyone talking about our Jets, even in the UK, but there’s a buzz about this team and Zachapono Enjoy the game everyone https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/american-football/58832621 NFL London 2021: Zach Wilson set to lead New York Jets against Atlanta Falcons By Ben CollinsBBC Sport Last updated on 3 hours ago3 hours ago.From the section American Football
  5. He was a 2nd round draft pick barely a year ago playing WR on a team that hasn’t been able to generate anything on offense …the fact he does not play under those circumstances is a story
  6. There’s such a thing as economy, you’ve probably never heard of it but it’s cheaper than 1st
  7. I like him and he’s really beginning to flash on a weekly basis but this feels a little premature, Abraham was elite
  8. Conversely, expect Ulbrich to know how to scheme against him
  9. London Bridge tube station will get you up to Seven Sisters via Victoria or I think the No 149 bus will get there too….nowhere is that far on the tube though depends how comfortable you are in enclosed spaces post covid…..probably no more than 25 minutes to half an hour and then walk up the road to the stadium form SS enjoy London
  10. Wish I could join you but I’m going to be watching in Salisbury, was supposed to be working this weekend in Istanbul so didn’t get tickets I believe there’s an official Jets pub at London Bridge and Nick Mangold is going to be making an appearance….enjoy and well done for representing
  11. Somewhere the Spanish Robert Saleh was yelling “No Sènor No Sènor, No Sènor …AI CARAMBA!!”
  12. LMAO…honourable mention to the security guard behind the EZ looking at the crowd who’s expression doesn’t change despite the fact absolutely everyone else around him in the stadium has completely lost all control of their bodily functions!!
  13. Brandon Moore…would also add Damon Harrison and even Ryan Young
  14. For too long we invested in elite DT’s to play in the 3-4 when you really just need space eaters at DE,(Rick Lyle, Shane Burton, DeVito) meanwhile we completely under invested in the edge and LB’s…the elite athletes and high draft picks were invested the wrong way round we might actually have the right players to fit the scheme and drafting the lies of Sherwood & Nasrildeen at least shows FO & coaching staff seem to be on the same page in as far as adding players that fit the scheme
  15. Agree here, I also thought the drive at the end of the 2nd quarter that ended with the Carter TD run showed some promise. Once Zach finally got over the hump and hit CD for that initial first down(what a roar by the crowd btw, it was ironic but definitely energised everyone) then the play calling on that drive was much sharper and we kept them guessing and on their heels…the Berrios reverse etc being case in point…to me that drive showed a glimps of competent play-calling…but it was still just a glimpse. LaFleur needs to be cut some slack, he’s a rookie too and far too many times in the f
  16. And yet Daniel Brown continues to take up an active roster spot
  17. Agreed …but all those 50 yard bombs by Zach is really hurting our TOP
  18. Apart from the critical one late in the game to McNichols that Quincy read and completely blew up….encouraging as it at least showed some adjustment and ability to learn from mistakes
  19. As a cameraman I can concur, this is excellent work by the spidey op, tiny loss of focus on the EZ zoom in but rectified instantly …why didn’t we see this on the replay!? as a side note it did seem there was a real lack of replays at the weekend, a number of plays needed a second look that never came, a couple of throws that Zach missed we really needed another angle to see where the error lay but they never came…..perhaps the broadcast was having technical difficulties
  20. Meanwhile Tyler Kroft is still on the deck looking for the guy he was supposed to block!
  21. Good call, I think Guidry really deserves a shout out here too, he gets forgotten but he’s done really well since he came in last year to the point that we really don’t miss Brian Poole at all which is a fair complement as Poole was one of the better slot corners in the league and easily one of our best performers in recent seasons….he’s clearly super fast and good in coverage but was hugely impressed with his tackling, for a smaller guy he packs a wallop and plays physical. He kept showing up on Sunday. i can’t remember being this excited about our young secondary since 1988 when we had
  22. Both Bryce’s’ss’sssss have been bright spots, Huff has progressed too and along with JFM is producing above and beyond expectations
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