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  1. Exactly……that and the fact they probably realised the Islanders are sh!t
  2. I’m interested yes but I’d be flying in from the UK and so need to see if I can fit it around work schedule and cost of flights from London(would be bringing the good lady along too)
  3. Radiohead(yes Radiohead) were by far my biggest disappointment live….just so far up their own @rses and refused to play most of their greatest tracks because of a dispute with the record label….that’s ok guys but when the fans have paid to hear Street Spirit, Creep, FPT, etc etc then just get over yourselves Bjork was also terrible live….just a wild and incoherent ramble of squeaks and noises, had just seen Muse blow the doors off it mind you so nothing is going to sound good after that
  4. Never thought I’d find a World Snooker Championships thread in a Jets forum, been watching since I was about 5 years old(I think that was the first ever year at The Crucible) I was a huge Kirk Stevens fan as a kid, got a signed photo of him and everything…loved that guy, such a cool dude with the all white suit, no tie and the mahooosive coke habit!!…being Scottish, Stephen Hendry was a god throughout the 1990’s and we’ve still got top guys like John Higgins and Stephen Maguire. As great as Ronnie is he’s had to play for far longer to get to Hendry’s records. If you are interested there’s an awesome 3 part documentary series on BBC iPlayer called ‘Gods of Snooker’ that goes back to those early days of Hurricane Higgins, Big Bill Werbeniuk, the Black Ball final of 1985 and right through to the present day….check it out if you are a snooker fan, you’ll enjoy it.
  5. Already shuddering at the thought of what @T0mShane is going to make of this !
  6. Apologies if already posted….nice read https://www.golongtd.com/p/the-new-york-jets-know-what-theyre?s=r The New York Jets know what they're doing GM Joe Douglas and head coach Robert Saleh needed to nail this 2022 NFL Draft. This weekend could not be going any better. Tyler Dunne 58 min ago 2 Getty Images With all due respect to Wayne Newton shouting “Mississippi!” there are few things better on draft weekend than the fist bumps. When that camera peers inside a draft room, we get to see GMs and coaches acting very human. It can be fun. It can be awkward. Howie Roseman and Tom Donahoe supplied a must-see exchange last year. Unfortunately, neither network televising this weekend’s festivities are giving viewers many peeks behind the curtain. On Night 1, however, there was one awesome moment. From Pick No. 15 to Pick No. 26 — before every single selection — New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas tried to trade up for Florida State edge rusher Jermaine Johnson. Finally, he found a trade partner and the Jets captured his elation. “We’re on the f-----g clock,” Douglas says after setting the phone down. When head coach Robert Saleh wraps him in a hug, he gets louder. “We’re on the f-----g clock!” It wasn’t forced, either. This felt very real because both had every reason to be ecstatic. Go Long is a completely independent newsletter that covers pro football through a longform lens. We’d love it if you considered subscribing to receive all stories and podcasts right here: Subscribe No team faced more pressure than the Jets this weekend. With the Buffalo Bills still quarterbacked by a MVP candidate, the Miami Dolphins adding a dream team ensemble of talent (headed by Tyreek Hill) and the New England Patriots still coached by the greatest coach ever, the Jets needed to take full advantage of their hefty draft ammo. Two days in, this is the franchise’s best haul since 2000 when they nabbed four difference-makers in the first round, DE Shaun Ellis, DE John Abraham, QB Chad Pennington and TE Anthony Becht. It’s no exaggeration to suggest that the Jets landed the best cornerback (Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner), the best wide receiver (Garrett Wilson), the best running back (Breece Hall) and, in Johnson, one of the best pure pass rushers. For a team that already made its big bet at quarterback, a meat-and-potatoes draft came at a perfect time. This all comes with a massive caveat, of course. Nothing matters if Zach Wilson doesn’t pan out. But the draft broke beautifully for a team in need. Douglas inherited a colossal mess of a franchise in 2019, quietly stocked the roster with actual talent and — if the Jets do turn this thing around for good — we’ll probably look back at the 2022 draft as what lit the match. Getty Images There’s few cliches in sports worse than a team telling us they took the best player on their board but, pick to pick, value met need for Douglas. An offensive tackle wasn’t going to change much in the AFC East for the Jets, but a true No. 1 corner? This was absolutely needed with Stefon Diggs, Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle play-to-play threats to detonate. Gardner is described as a faster and more athletic Richard Sherman at 6 foot 2 ½ with 4.46 speed and 33 ½-inch arms. His versatility to play press and off coverage is rare and Saleh nailed it during his press conference on Thursday night in explaining the value of Gardner. This league is all about getting a stop on third and 4 when everyone knows you’re locked up in man-to-man coverage. Sometimes, this sport isn’t that complicated: Can your premier corner blanket their premier wide receiver? With the game on the line? Take JC Jackson, the All Pro who signed with the Los Angeles Chargers in the spring. He takes the ball away at an absurd clip. The last two seasons, Jackson has 17 interceptions with 37 passes defensed, but when it came to what stands in the Patriots’ way right in the division, he repeatedly was burnt by Diggs. There will be growing pains. But the fact that Gardner at least has a shot to compete in such a matchup — because of his size-speed combo — makes him worthy of the No. 4 overall pick. Since Darrelle Revis’ peak 10 years ago, the Jets haven’t boasted a true No. 1 cornerback. “Sauce can do everything,” Saleh said. “He can play zone. He can play man. He can win in crunch time. He can run with the fastest guys. He can defend the biggest guys. He’s elite.” Saleh didn’t hide from a question about the division, too. As a defensive coach who’s thinking about how to stop all of these weapons in the AFC East daily, he knows his scheme will only go so far. In DBs like Michael Carter II, DJ Reed, Jordan Whitehead, LaMarcus Joyner and Ashtyn Davis, the Jets are compiling a group of tough, pound-for-pound players. Of course, the Jets needed to help their quarterback. Hill spurned them for Miami and the Jets were unable to swing a deal for unhappy 49ers wide receiver/running back/beer vendor/groundskeeper Deebo Samuel, but this is suddenly a promising crew: Garrett Wilson, Elijah Moore, Braxton Berrios and the vet Corey Davis should be more than enough for their 22-year-old quarterback. Scouts pegged Wilson the best wideout of 2022. Said one: “He’s exactly what a lot of teams are looking for. He doesn’t have ideal size, but outside of size I don’t think you could find anything wrong with him.” He’s smallish but proved he can gain separation and make the contested catch deep — the Jets sorely needed a game-breaker like this: “He has the whole repertoire in terms of the route tree,” Saleh said. “You see him and he looks a little slight but he’s actually very strong. Plays the game very strong. He’s got great range. He’s got really good speed. He’s another guy who can win 1-on-1 which obviously, when you look at Buffalo, New England and Miami, they’re man-to-man coverage teams. Being able to add him to Corey, Braxton and Elijah Moore and the rest of our receiving corps and the tight ends… it’s a group that’s really ascending and a really young group that’s going to have a chance to grow together.” Zach Wilson had a strange, futile rookie season with 2,334 yards, nine touchdowns, 11 interceptions and a lowly 55.6 completion percentage through three wins and 10 losses. But the mess around him did not help. The Jets’ receiving corps was hit hard by injury and he didn’t have anyone striking any amount of fear deep. That changes with Garrett Wilson. Of his 12 touchdowns last season, six were on vertical routes. He averaged 15.1 yards per reception and there’s a reason he’s so good in traffic trying to catch the ball at his highest point. It’s natural. He was a star point guard in high school basketball and the AAU circuit who could play at the rim. He actually received D-I offers and has said basketball was his first love. His father, Kenny Wilson, even played briefly for Denver Nuggets after scoring 1,573 career points at Davidson. Here’s Garrett Wilson’s high school basketball film for those interested. Getty Images Samuel is a 1-of-1 talent and nobody was used like him in 2021 — perhaps ever. His third-down run at Lambeau Field in the 49ers’ divisional playoff win was as clutch as it gets in January. While reporting on “Blood and Guts” (preorder today if you’d like!), I can’t tell you how many times some of the best tight ends and tight end coaches ever brought up Samuel’s name unsolicited as a positionless weapon changing the sport. You want him on your roster. Then again, Samuel would’ve also cost the Jets at least $20 million per year and we’ve seen contracts like this totally blow up in the Jets’ faces year-in and year-out for whatever reason. Whoever’s been in charge of the football operation too often chases the shiny bright objects. Overall, Douglas’ discipline is a breath of fresh air as he methodically rebuilds the team. Of course, if we’re nitpicking, the Jets probably would’ve loved for Aidan Hutchinson to sneak down to four. Their pass rush was abysmal in 2021. Getting Carl Lawson back should help. After signing a three-year, $45 million deal last season, the former Bengal ruptured his Achilles’ tendon in August. Johnson certainly comes with red flags, but credit to Douglas for his resiliency calling teams for half the first round to finally move from No. 35 to No. 26. When our Bob McGinn asked 17 scouts who the best pure pass rusher was in the draft, three said Johnson. There was some scathing criticism but no questioning his pass-rush ability after 12 sacks at Florida State. Said one scout: “He can power off the edge. He’s got get-off and flattens down on the quarterback.” And another: “He’s got exceptional hands and hand usage at the point of attack. That’s what grabbed me the most about him. The sacks came off hustle.” If the Jets foster the right environment for Johnson, this could turn out to be the great steal of the draft. I think we can take the franchise at its word when they tell us they drafted three players in their top 8. They all play premium positions, too. “Big. Long. Explosive,” Saleh said of Johnson. “He has great athleticism, violence to his game. Very smart. He is probably the most pro ready out of all the pass rushers this year in terms of having a repertoire to his game. Really a perfect fit for what we do defensively with our Wide 9 system, putting him on an edge and getting him firing off the ball and attacking. He’ll really be a great complement to the group that we already have.” On Day 2, the Jets found a running back. Iowa State’s Breece Hall is as good as it gets this spring and should add a needed wrinkle to the passing game, too. The Jets tried moving back into the first round to grab Hall and still landed him on Day 2. Everything adds up from the speed (4.39) to the athleticism (40 inches) to the production. The Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year in 2020 and 2021 rushed for 3,044 yards and 41 touchdowns. Again, the Jets found a playmaker who’ll stretch the field. Even as a defensive-minded coach, Saleh likely knows shootouts are going to be inevitable in today’s NFL. You cannot stubbornly expect to win 17-14 games in 2022. Not with Josh Allen locked in long term with the Bills. Buffalo had a chance to take Hall itself in the first round, but opted for the dual-threat James Cook instead in the second. It’ll be quite interesting to track both of their young careers considering both will factor into their offenses immediately in a big way. “Part of the plan,” said Saleh, “was to add some guys who when they touch it, guys can take it 80.” How refreshing it must be for Jets fans to have such general competence at the top of the organization. It’s almost difficult to comprehend. From the get-go, Douglas was a smart hire as someone who cut his teeth as a scout on Ozzie Newsome’s staff in Baltimore from 2000 to 2014. Newsome and the Ravens’ system is revered around the NFL as the gold standard. Many other front offices go sideways because you don’t really know who’s in charge and/or the person making that final call allows emotion enter the equation. As simple as it sounds, a steady presence at the top — think Ted Thompson in Green Bay — is all it takes to build a winner that lasts. Of course, these Jets are counting on this being their quarterback. A team can add all the talent it wants around a QB. Unless that’s your guy, it won’t matter. Douglas did everything in his power to set Zach Wilson up for success. As outstanding as that the Jets’ draft was 22 years ago, that was also the draft that doomed the franchise for a generation. Ellis was solid. Abraham was one of the best pass rushers of the 2000s. Pennington was damn good, too. But then at No. 199, a different quarterback was drafted by the Patriots: Tom Brady. Once the high from this weekend wears off, Douglas and Saleh will be taking a deep exhale and the real work begins.
  7. He should just sit there in his draft chair, when we are on the clock, and just let it tick down to zero…refusing to turn in a card …just sat with his arms folded looking straight into camera with Saleh standing off to the side and just over his shoulder …meanwhile there’s Woody, slouched in his chair, feet up on the table, down in the front of left of shot, flipping a big fat middle finger to camera and mouthing “come at me, bro”
  8. 2nd and 5 is a huge difference maker for a young QB(or any QB for that matter) We’ve been putting our young guys in a hole of 2nd and 9 or worse for far too long….establishing a dominant ground game and having a defense capable of getting the ball back are vastly underrated amongst the general fanbase and every bit as valuable as a great WR or blue chip LT…it’s smart team building
  9. soooo, am I gonna be hella excited to watch the Jets offense this fall? ….. congrats dude, glad you got one and thanks for all your great work over the year in bringing us these prospects …you are not the only one but great jo
  10. OK I really am going to bed(it’s 1am here)….If I wake up to the absurdity that Travis Jones or Jelani Woods slipped all the way to us at pick 101 then I’m calling this all off as an elaborate but brilliant hoax with the entire league in on a mass trolling of Jets fans! ….g’night all you lovely peeps!
  11. Based on the last 15 years it’s not a exactly a high bar is it?….but yes, it should be exciting as hell for at least a series or two!
  12. Right that’s it, I’m off to bed!….we don’t anyone else !!….job done
  13. Please be Breece Hall, Please be Breece Hall, Please be Breece Hall
  14. We have it….in abundance! Watching the draft live up until pick 16 and then catching up today on all the interviews and aftermath I couldn’t help but be impressed by all 3 of our new guys. All 3 bring a little long needed swagger and pizzaz but still being respectful and articulate. Last year clean-cut Zach was all well and good and we might need a couple of old school ‘quiet types’ or ‘lunch pail guys’ today to balance things out but you need a little attitude in the mix and while it’s a fine line between that and tipping over into ‘character concerns’ I feel good about all 3 of these guys. Sauce is just a character, he’s got superstar written all over him and maybe he’ll need some careful managing but he just has that ‘it’ factor….there may be a little diva but he comes off as fun and humble with a youthful verve and genuine belief in himself that is confidence rather than arrogance. Wilson was hugely impressive, spoke well and comes off as a legitimate high character guy, but that suit!…oh my that suit was the sign that he has just the right amount of WR diva in him. I wasn’t totally convinced by him at 10 but I’m all in now, there’s no question he has some talent and the way the WR were going we did the right thing getting our guy there. I like how he and Olave are clearly good friends too and bounced off each other, shows both are good kids and good teammates As for JJ, I’d heard there were potential character issues but he came across really well on-stage and afterwards when talking to the Jets reporter and seemed genuinely thrilled to be a Jet. I know this is all great for now and it’s all about when the pads go on but we’ve added a bit of edge (and I don’t mean edge the position) to our roster….these guys all have something about them. It’s exciting as hell as a side note there’s just something about Thibodeaux that comes over as way too cocky, way too knowing…maybe he’ll be a superstar, maybe he’ll be like Odell but you can see where the scouts had their doubts about him….on the other hand , even though he’s gone to Detroit I really hope Hutchinson becomes a star, what an awesome human being he comes across as, the suit with his lifetimes manifestations sewn into the lining by his mother is about as millennial/2022 as it gets but you can’t help but love the guy….I hope he goes on to greatness, just not when he plays against us
  15. Indeed, Echols is unlucky if he’s odd man out. He played really well as a rookie and has earned more playing time not less. Perhaps we look to get something back for one of our younger guys who looked good last year? I personally wouldn’t want to shift any of them for the reasons of depth you stated but it might be a consideration
  16. I really liked Alex Gordon, was a very solid player for us a couple of seasons until we switched defensive systems and he wasn’t as suited to our style of play…Fabini too was a success story, so Cincinnati has been a happy hunting ground. Ohio State is a bit hit and miss but those FSU guys all worked out to a certain extent
  17. Didn’t we start 3 CB’s most of last year with Hall, Echols & MCsquared?….when we drafted Carter there was talk of him being a possibilty to play safety. He’s so versatile he’s almost a hybrid to put anywhere so I could see us starting Hall, Sauce & DJ Reed with Carter, Pinnock and Davis rotating with Jordan Whitehead at safety. If we don’t take a guy like Brisker when we are up next I can see that being the way we go and we still have Echols, Guidry, Dunn and Zane Lewis as depth at CB
  18. Wonder who they were after? Breece Hall or Devin Lloyd would feel like stealing at this point t
  19. It’s not just the needles that are moving!!!……..went to bed at 3am (I’m in the UK) while they were at pick 16 …happy but a little deflated that we didn’t take JJ at 10 and concerned where we are going to get our edge rusher, then wake up to this news……amazing, after almost 40 years of following this team it finally feels like we can have nice things on draft day!!…..Pumped AF
  20. Skimming this thread on an empty stomach was not one of my better ideas
  21. This is an excellent fun thread to while away those agonising last few hours before the shadow boxing ends and the punches start getting thrown for real. Obviously all mocks fall apart the moment trades start happening and that inevitable ‘shocker’ pick happens that nobody saw coming(Trevor Penning at No 3 overall anyone?….Devin Lloyd a top 10 pick?). We are almost certainly going to be one of those teams involved in moving around and Joe Douglas has shown real skill in maximising his capital and playing the draft. I’m excited to see where we go….it’s so much fun to have all those draft picks in the first 2 rounds, I hated the Tanny years where we had a mid first round pick, and then nothing until the 4th . Finally, I’m not a fan of a blockbuster Deebo trade, or at least not if we are giving up any of our firsts. I Would far prefer AJ Bown or DK Metcalf if only because we need to build an entire roster of players known only by their initials….first names are so 70’s and the game has moved on since then ! 1 - Ahmad Gardner, CB (Cincinnati) The dream is Aidan Hutchinson dropping to us but that is a pipe-dream, would prefer a trade back with Philly and get 15 and 19. But if we have to pick at 4 and Hutch is gone it’s between Sauce and KT. With an historically horrible defense in 2021 we have to add some talent back there and Gardner is the most exciting prospect in the draft other than Hutchinson. The thing that gives me pause here is that we’ve addressed CB position significantly with DJ Reed, Hall is a rising star and locked in starter and we added excellent young players last year in Echols and MC2, Javelin Guidry, Pinnock and Dunn are all talented youthful depth with upside, CB is not really a need in the way WR/EDGE/TE/LB or even Safety are but it’s still a key position, add the fact that your corners are only really as good as your pass rush and I’d sooner be taking pass rushers….anyway, I go with potentially the best player and cleanest prospect in the entire draft…no bad thing and we know how Saleh has been part of an all-time secondary during his years in Seattle, he’s not going to be unhappy to have so much talent back there….passes the ‘initials’ criteria by having a super cool nickname instead….so Sauce it is. 1 - Jermaine ‘JJ’ Johnson, Edge (FSU) I just feel the difference between Thibodeaux and JJ is negligible at this point, both could bust and have ‘character’ concerns but the upside with either is huge. If JJ is gone and Thibs is still on the board at this point I take KT and watch him become a star and every team that passed on him wonder why they whiffed so badly…..I want nothing to do with any OL or Karlaftis/Stingley/Hamilton/Wilson at this point and I’m firmly unconvinced by Travon Walker(so he’s probably the next TJ Watt!!)…all could turn into good players but we have to take an edge rusher with one of those two top 10 picks and Gardner is too good to pass up. This pick works with taking Sauce at 4 as we instantly infuse our D with a major talent upgrade that makes everyone in that unit better from day 1…… Would reluctantly consider Drake London here but he just doesn’t excite me with a top-10 pick. If we traded back to the teens then London or Olave become an option but neither DL or CO sound as good as JJ so we’re going FSU edge at 10. Devin Lloyd is my shocker back up here. We need LBers and I think he’s going to be great. If we traded back into the teens he becomes a target. I can’t work out if Jordan Davis is going to be the second coming of Haloti Ngata or DRob so I’m scared off from taking DT this high. If we traded with Philly and acquired 15 & 19 my first round looks like JJ at 10, Drake London or Chris Olave at 15 and Devin Lloyd at 19 ….but that then stuffs up the rest of my draft so sticking with Sauce and JJ 2 - Breece Hall, RB (Iowa State) I get it that RB isn’t supposed to be a value position anymore and I get it that there will be good backs to be had later on in the 4th and 5th but Hall just looks sooooo good. He’d be the thunder to Michael Carters lightning and would give us a legitimate feature back who, if he reaches his potential, is a lock for 1K per season. We know JD covets versatility and Hall is both a productive rusher but also as good a receiver out of the backfield as you can get….he doesn’t shy away from blocking either. He’s the complete back and will be 20 years old when the season begins. Yes the SF offense didn’t put premium resources into RB and has traditionally operated a ‘committee’ approach but if a player this good is there at 35 it’s a no-brainier. I personally think he goes in the 20’s but the chatter is no backs are going in Rd 1…a difference maker at RB gives our young QB the best possible leg-up by giving him a legitimate beastly ground game. That’s better for me than reaching for a WR at 4 or 10……has absolutely no initials chops but he’s called Breece ffs!1….and we’d be adding a Breece Hall to a Bryce Hall and complementing Michael Carter and MIchael Carter ……he’s in 2 - Treylon Burks, WR (Arkansas) The failure to take WR up to this point is a glaring hole in my draft. I just don’t fancy London in the top 10 and I think Olave will be better than Wilson but again, not until the mid to later part of round 1. I’m banking on the poor 40 costing Burks and he free falls into the 2nd round(hey, I can dream right!?). I Still think he has as much chance to be great as any WR in this draft and will be motivated to prove the doubters wrong. Not a clean prospect by any means and worrying echoes of Denzel Mims in the lack of complexity in his routes at UA but his size and physicality are exactly what we need. He’s not Deebo but he can get yards after the catch and he’ll go up and make contested catches. We need an AJ Brown type and Treylon ‘the truck’ has a chance to be that. George Pickens is in play here too but how scared should we be about his red flags? This is also where I’m looking at OL….Tyler Linderbaum & Zion Johnson are definite options here but I really like Kenyon Green, dominant blocker in the run game, versatile enough to play anywhere other than C and would be our future long term RT. Other players to look out for here would be Logan Hall & Devonte Wyatt (yep DT/DE is definitely in play for us)I’d also look at another WR here like Jahan Dotson or Skyy Moore but I just feel we have a greater need for a bigger, stouter wideout, we already have that guy in Elijah Moore. I’m also thinking safety and Jaquan Brisker here….I fully expect Douglas to trade back one of these picks and add later or future picks but in the end I’m hoping the big guy falls to us….no initials but Treylon ‘truck’ Burks has a nice ring to it no? 3 - Darian Kinnard, OT (Kentucky) Assuming we don’t take an OL up to this point I’m adding our future starting RT in the 3rd and feeling like we’ve got great value…..think Kareem McKenzie here……He’s one of those prospects that just gets forgotten about but will be a very solid multi year starter for us in a position of need. The big unknown is what is going on with Becton.? Is he going to be our starting RT or battle Fant at LT? …it’s not beyond the realms of fantasy that either gets traded on the day, if so then the arguments for taking OL early have more legitimacy (although I’m still not buying in the top 10). I get that C is probably the greater need here but RT remains a missing piece of the final puzzle. Assuming we get a high enough pick for either them the logic is that pick garners Cross, Linderbaum, Penning, Johnson or Kenyon Green….. The other option here is Chad Muma, we need another thumper to add alongside CJ and to eventually replace him. Muma will be everything Blake Cashman couldn’t be because he couldn’t stay on the field, and a lot more besides. He’ll call the defence, He looks remarkably fluid moving and you think he must be only 215-220 but he’s 6-3 242….perfect size and great athleticism and all the other toughness and instincts you want in a 4-3 LB. He’ll drop effortlessly into coverage and will diagnose and attack the ball carrier, he’d be an awesome pick in the 3rd and with Sauce and JJ, my god our D is going to be way better in 22, and a better D will do a lot to help Zach and the offense to thrive too….that said, I’m going with the tackle from Kentucky…..DK Kinnard also has a nice ring to it and would assuage the disappointment of not trading for the other DK. 4 - Jelani Woods, TE (Virginia) OR Isiah Likely, TE (Coastal Carolina) Because every draft has to have an @Paradis love interest that ultimately ends tragically with said lover spurning our resident fan of a nice tight end and ending up in Detroit. I’m going Woods because any chance you have to add ‘The Mutant’ to your roster you’d be a fool not to take it…that and Jelani ‘JW’ Woods is a decent back up for the ‘all-initials’ roster!…..In all seriousness, he’s a monster prospect, personally I think he goes way higher than this, possibly high 2nd round, but this is my dream draft and I’m dreaming we get him here. Would be the ideal prospect to learn and feed into the system gradually while Uzomah & Conklin solve the immediate, short term lack of talent at TE. I would even be in favour of double-dipping at TE but I’m still holding out hope for Kenny Yeboah developing. If Jelani goes higher then Isaiah Likely is a more that adequate fall back, again needs some work and wouldn’t be an immediate contributor but we have the luxury of taking a player who’s upside is huge and has the luxury of learning behind CJ and TC without being thrown into the fire straight away. I also really like Jake Ferguson or Cole Turner here but they may be better as 5th round options, there’s no doubt in my mind this is the sweet spot to get a good TE. ….Safety and LB are now glaring holes in my draft The other player I’d love to add here is Cameron Thomas, Edge (San Diego State). I think he goes on day 2 but I’m all for double dipping at edge and I think Thomas is very underrated at this point. He’s the perfect compliment to JJ and Lawson and has been productive. I might even take him in the 3rd over Kinnard. 4 - JT Woods, S (Baylor) We know Joe Douglas has a draft strategy, and it’s a sound one….draft as many players of the same name as possible and there’s a better chance at least one of them will work out(see: Michael Carter & MC2). So to Jelani Woods we add JT Woods and laugh all the way to the pro bowl. JT nails the ‘all initials’ brief effortlessly and probably starts from day 1 because…we need safeties 5 - Danny Gray, WR (SMU) I’m following up the Joe Douglas approach to DB of last year by multi-dipping in key positions later in the draft and in my opinion Danny Gray is one of the biggest sleepers in this draft. Solidly built at 6’ 190lbs he’s a brilliant athlete with sensational speed and fluid body control, really solid hands and looks like he’s had experience running a more complex route tree in college, excellent production too. He also has return ability …I love him as a later round prospect and would fit in well with our WR group….I’m hoping his middle name is James so we can call him DJ Gray 6 - Ty Thornton, WR (Baylor) I know, another tall, skinny wideout from Baylor!?….yes we might still be scarred by the Denzel Mims disappointment and while Mims might yet see the lightbulb go on I’m banking on him being dealt for back-up linebacker and special teams ace KJ Britt! Meanwhile Tyquan Thornton might be just be the guy to have us thinking of another former Jet burner who was tall and rail thin but an absolute home run threat and a perfect compliment to possession guys like Corey Davis and Treylon Burks….TT would keep defenses honest and he’s also a fantastically physical blocker, we know our staff value such trait and versatility so TT is in. This is also prime territory for a totally unknown DT from Western Appalachian Methodist or a kicker, at this point I’m picking guys purely on whether I like the sound of their name so Cade York is in play but for a beautiful bit of Jets poetry, how about the magnificently monikered Andrew Mevis from Iowa Stae?….give him number 24 and a dollar sign instead of an ‘s’ That’s all I got
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