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  1. I just don’t think you can count on Lawson & Myers, CL may never be the same again, Achilles ruptures can be devastating and even take several years to recover to previous form and even then, his career best was only 5.5 sacks(I get that sacks are not the only metric, but still). JFM is spectacularly overrated here in my opinion, nothing more than a capable rotational pass rusher. That ‘talented’ DL you speak of has been utterly gashed routinely in the run game. I think we have to invest high in the 4-3 end position and probably double dip with one of those secondary prospects you m
  2. The only reason to pause for thought is whether or not Hamilton is a hybrid who can be equally effective at LB as at safety, if he’s really that good and can be dynamic playing both the run and the pass then it would be foolish to rule him out based on a flawed assumption he’s ‘just a box safety’ …..that said, what we know of Joe Douglas and what we know of the composition of Saleh’s D in SF I’d say it’s unlikely we pick a safety that high….if we do end up with 2 top 5 or even top 8 picks I want an edge at 1 a) and trade down into the mid teens or early 20’s for a haul of picks and take the be
  3. It’s a good question as he does line up inside a lot, I think that ‘s more an illustration of his versatility than anything and the term ‘edge rusher’ is actually more of a vague premise than a specific position. There are smarter minds than me who understand defensive scheme’s etc but he’d likely play end in our 4-3 (or OLB in the 3-4 we generally ran prior to this year) but much like JFM he can line up both inside and outside. I actually think Franklin-Myers is more of an inside guy who can play end and Hutchinson appears to be the opposite, an outside guy who can bu disruptive and effe
  4. Sorry but there were a number of us who didn’t see it with Lawrence so at the risk of upsetting your self-congratulatory party it might be nice of you to acknowledge that, absolute under appreciated genius though you clearly are, you are not alone thanks
  5. Great post as ever KRL, hoping we can add Hutchinson with our top pick in April, we still desperately lack a dominant pass rusher or two and need to make sure we address that finally this year…it’s been 20 years of mediocrity and allowing opposing qb’s all day back there. Yesterday’s aberration doesn’t leave me any more convinced that Myers isn’t any more than a serviceable rotational guy
  6. Offensive line dominating in the run game and starting to put it together as a unit is a big plus …our defense is still terrible though and will get exposed soon enough
  7. Good post, Craig ‘Ironhead’ Heyward is what Vick could’ve been…big, destructive runner with real athleticism and could catch out of the backfield…in those days that kind of back was the holy grail and teamed with Freeman McNeil & Johnny Hector he gave us a very (or what should’ve been) dynamic backfield back when running the ball remained the key to success. Earnest Byner & Kevin Mack were tearing it up in Cleveland back then and created the platform for the success of that Browns team. It wasn’t a terrible pick because he was a FB / TB hybrid he just didn’t deliver on his athletic pro
  8. Josh Allen & Lamar Jackson both sucked and would never translate to the NFL and anyone who thought otherwise was a clueless fool
  9. Yep, that requested roll-call of doubters is sure mounting up!
  10. Reggie Rembert Doug Jolley Chaz Schilens Honourable Mention: Vance Joseph…a college QB who I think we decided, ingeniously, to convert to CB the morning of a game against the Raiders and assigned him to man coverage on the great Tim Brown…who predictably went off on us, big style and delivered a HOF ass-whooping…at least Vance fronted up and tried and has subsequently become a very good defensive co-ordintaor…but otherwise, the most Jetsy of Jetsy-ness
  11. And nor should he, if the guy who hand-picked him as coach, staked the franchise future on ZW and has provided the roster that has won 4 out of the last 26 games is getting 6 years then nobody should be surprised, or upset about, Saleh being in this for the long haul
  12. The guy has been hanging around on our roster for about 3 years, it took the Chiefs all of 10 days to realise he was garbage
  13. It’s a fair point and Douglas has done a good job of cleaning up the cap but that is the easy bit, getting rid of players is something anyone do….what we don’t know is if he has any clue how to replace them. Yes we’ll have a gorgeous, clean salary cap and a team full of youthful starters but what good is that if we are still starting Joe Flacco and going 4-13 again?
  14. Absolutely agree with you that first things first, secure the ball ….but Kerley at least was worth his spot at WR …Berrios should be no more than a placeholder for a younger player with the ability to develop into a contributor on offence who offers at least the same ball security on punts if not an actual threat to return one every so often
  15. Probably true yes…Braxton Berrios meanwhile was still Braxton Berrios on the Pats …a marginal roster player who was cut the moment it became obvious he offered nothing but ‘heart’
  16. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying never pick OL high but with Becton and AVT we have already invested heavily in that line, we absolutely have to be able to hit on guys in Rd 2, 3 or later …or pick up solid veterans like Morgan Moses . If Joe Douglas is any good he’ll get improvements there.
  17. Braxton Berrios is an absolute waste of a roster spot….he’s a PR - KR who’s not even any good at returns! Jets fans hated on Jeremy Kerley because all he could do was catch the ball cleanly and reliably but offered little to no threat of breaking a decent return, Kerley was at least a decent WR …Berrios is just stealing snaps at this point Like Franklin-Myers and Vyncint Smith it’s baffling how our fan base value these guys who are practice squad depth at best…but hate on Robby Anderson and players who genuinely offer something going forward .
  18. This, it’s remarkable that with a defense as abysmal as ours that people still think we need to draft a C and an RG with our two likely top 10 picks…absolute insanity
  19. I suspect your logic is probably correct here but if that ludicrous panic move to throw money at JFM is the reason we pass on a top edge rusher then for that reason alone Douglas should be out the door….Myers had shown nothing but a couple of flashes as a promising rotational player with some versatility and a modicum of pass rush ability and I’m still baffled as to what anyone sees in him! Lawson was unfortunate as hell but even then he wasn’t a premier player in terms of production and was more a complimentary player. He’d have been a hell of a 1b to a Chandler Jones style 1a…he may well com
  20. We have an historically bad defense, the solution is not to be drafting a RG or C
  21. In fairness to the new department they set up to deal with this specifically, they’ve only been in situe a few months and this could be something that needs a year or two to get to the bottom of. But yes it’s a concern that the pattern hasn’t slowed at all and the Achilles tears are especially troubling
  22. Crap yes, I completely forgot about Lawson, good point…that’s 3 guys in less than 2 months with Achilles tears….I wonder what percentage of players league-wide are suffering those injuries especially, but the career jeopardising ones in general…it feels like we are being hit especially hard by these and it’s been too consistent for too many years to just be put down to a freakish “bad year” i don’t pay enough attention to other teams to know if it’s especially ridiculous for the Jets the last 3-4 years, it certainly feels that way
  23. What is it with this team and injuries?…Sherwood and now Maye with the Achilles tears which is possibly one of the worst injuries any athlete can endure, at least modern surgery has made ACL’s and knee injuries far less of a career ended than they used to be it’s been chronic the last 3 years with us, is it conditioning or the training surfaces at Florham Park?….either way it’s way beyond the normal for any team and will continue to destroy any hope of putting a cohesive and competitive team on the field
  24. When you don’t draft a single edge rusher with your top pick in 20 years then funnily enough you end up with an historically bad defence….at least the first, if not both, top 10 picks next April should go on elite edge rushers, maybe Linderbaum or Green with the 2nd first rounder if either us as good as advertised but we need to replace stiffs like JFM with proper NFL talent
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