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  1. On 10/19/2021 at 6:10 AM, T0mShane said:

    I, too, think it would be a good idea to replace an elite pass-blocking OLT with Mekhi Becton (who has been on the couch for a calendar year) at the very point where, theoretically, Zack Wilson should be rounding into form.

    Lol, but in all seriousness it’s so true, just as the OL appear to be gaining some of that all important continuity & familiarity I wouldn’t be in a rush to change anything.

    If we see an improvement in the next three weeks or so and the line play is noticeably less of an issue than it was the first couple of games, then at the very least we don’t have to rush Becton back.

    Which would be a nice problem to have for a change 

  2. On 10/19/2021 at 3:07 PM, #27TheDominator said:

    The worse thing about Rembert wasn't his play or his holdout.  It was that his sh*t forced the Jets to snag Rob Moore in the supplemental draft.  That in turn probably cost them Favre.  They had Wolf back then and found some real gems, like Terrance Mathis, Jeff Blake and Tony Martin.   Joe Kelly wasn't bad.  He was a starter and they were very much in need of LBs that year.  I think he was a top 10 overall.  

    Thanks for the reminder on Joe Kelly, I forgot he actually contributed and I totally missed the significance of us taking Rob Moore and how that impacted the draft in 91 and the Favre situation. How different things could’ve been 

  3. Reggie Rembert WR West Virginia:1990

    was a very high 2nd round pick (think we took Blair Thomas in the first No 2 overall so was a calamitous draft that one) Rembert was 6-5 and hugely productive with Major Harris on a National Championship contender….he should’ve been great but he never even suited up for us, he was traded to Cincinnati for a bang average, back-up level ILb called Joe ….something  (I can’t even remember he was so rubbish) and I don’t even think Joe ‘Something” lasted more than a couple of games for us…Rembert dud nothing at Cincinnati, did he ever even suit up for the Bengals?

    at least guys like Lam Jones actually played

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  4. Amazing how last week has captured the imagination, in 40 years as a Jets fan I don’t ever remember the excitement about 1 player. That 2009/2010 vintage with Revis briefly had everyone talking about our Jets, even in the UK, but there’s a buzz about this team and Zachapono

    Enjoy the game everyone 



    NFL London 2021: Zach Wilson set to lead New York Jets against Atlanta Falcons

    By Ben CollinsBBC Sport

    Last updated on 3 hours ago3 hours ago.From the section American Football

    Osi Umenyiora & Jason Bell preview NFL London game between Jets and Falcons
    New York Jets v Atlanta Falcons
    Venue: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Date: Sunday, 10 October Start: 14:30 BST
    Preview: Watch NFL This Week and The NFL Showon BBC iPlayer
    Coverage: Live text updates on BBC Sport website and app from 14:00; watch highlights from 00:35 on BBC One (available from 22:05 on Red Button, website and app)

    UK fans who followed this year's draft were licking their lips when the fixtures were announced for the NFL's return to London.

    The top two picks, Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson, are both exciting quarterbacks tipped to lead their teams into a new era - and both were scheduled to visit Tottenham this month.

    Lawrence arrives next week with the Jacksonville Jaguars so Wilson gets the first chance to give an expectant British crowd a glimpse into the future.

    After letting Sam Darnold leave, the New York Jets have put their faith in the "flashy" youngster with an "unbelievable" arm, and BBC pundits Jason Bell and Osi Umenyiora "can't wait" to see him live against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

    'Get him out of the pocket and let him use that big arm'

    How New York Jets can light up London with Wilson magic - Jason & Osi

    With the Jets having gone 2-14 last season and coach Robert Saleh having just taken charge, it was always going to take Wilson time to settle in.

    As the Jets lost their first three games of the year, Wilson threw two touchdown passes and seven interceptions, averaging 209 yards.

    Then Wilson burst into life against the Tennessee Titans. The 22-year-old threw two touchdowns as the Jets fought back in the fourth quarter before winning in overtime.

    He finished with just one interception and 297 passing yards, catching the eye by running out of the pocket and pointing down the sideline to Corey Davis before finding him with a 53-yard touchdown pass.

    "Last week showed why they drafted him," said Bell. "His ability to make second-reaction plays and then make the throws is unbelievable. They were so high level and precise.

    "That big throw he made down the field, the adjustment by the receiver when Wilson points to him. That's command, that's trust.

    "As [Tampa Bay coach] Bruce Arians says 'no risk it, no biscuit'. He's going to throw some up there, but the kid has all the arm talent in the world. 

    "He's having trouble seeing over the middle of the field, which makes sense, he's young and defensive coverages are confusing in the NFL. So get him out of the pocket and let him use that big arm down the field and make the defence back up because this kid can make you pay if he gets out on the edge."

    'The Jets could really turn the corner with Wilson'

    Coach Saleh has suggested Wilson will have to play in a conservative manner while the Jets aim to develop a winning habit. Umenyiora disagrees, especially against an Atlanta defence that's been the league's most vulnerable through the air.

    "Zach Wilson is a flashy guy with a big arm," said Umenyiora. "He can dissect a defence, taking shots down the field. He's not a game manager, making short plays here and there, dink and dunk. I don't believe that's the right way for him to play.

    "They should use him like they did in the second half last week. He has the arm talent, the ability to make all the throws. He just needs to grow up a bit in terms of reading the game, reading the coverage and being able to distribute the ball across the field.

    "Defensively they're an aggressive team, but that might enable them to take more risks because they know defensively they're going to be able to hold up. They really got after the quarterback last week."

    Marquise Brown, Russell Wilson & Tyreek Hill all feature in week four plays of the week

    The Jets sacked Ryan Tannehill seven times, meaning only four teams have more sacks this season, and with that foundation, Bell says they could enjoy their first winning season since 2015.

    "If teams don't miss a lot of tackles and don't give up a lot of yards after the catch, it tells me they're fundamentally sound," he added.

    "Offensively they've got to grind out to get some points but if Zach Wilson can make two or three of those big plays a game, they can win. They could really turn the corner."

    'A great environment for a great game'

    Atlanta have had a knack of throwing games away, most notably Super Bowl 51 as they let a 28-3 lead slip against the New England Patriots.

    They did so again last week as Washington scored two touchdowns in the last four minutes to deny the Falcons their second win of the season.

    And that was despite veteran quarterback Matt Ryan throwing for 283 yards and four touchdowns - three to running back Cordarrelle Patterson.

    The Falcons also have a new coach, with Arthur Smith appointed after a 4-12 season, and Tennessee's former offensive coordinator has stuck with Ryan, 36, who is ninth on the all-time list for passing yards.

    "Everybody was talking about getting another quarterback but Arthur Smith was like 'I'm happy with this guy'," said Bell. "And when you have a weapon like Cordarrelle Patterson and you're dispersing him in the ways they are, it tells you that they've got creative play calling.

    "They're able to put points on the board, but their problem is defence. They've got to get off the field. That's what they have to show on Sunday. Can the defence come up with some good plays because the offence can move the ball and score?"

    Whoever comes out on top, Bell is glad to see the NFL back in London after the pandemic ruled out any chance of international games in 2020.

    "The opportunity to come out here is so different for the players," he added. "This is a unique experience and environment.

    "I really missed being a part of it last year and I can't wait to see that crowd. There's so much energy and the players feed off it. It makes a great environment for a great game."

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  5. 18 hours ago, NYJ1 said:

    ALL of your post is true. And what I mean by that is he never did get a proper chance, bad coaching, etc., so on and so forth.

    The ideas aren't exactly opposing. Herndon had a temporary flair of greatness and now we see he was a wasted 3rd rounder by a GM that might go down as the very worst in history.

    It was time for Herndon to go. He'd warn out his welcome despite being treated like sh*t by the Jets anyway. Just like Sammy he needed new pastures.

    The best part is Joe Douglas managed to recover way, way, WAY more than he should have....

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    Pretty sure he wasn’t a 3rd round pick 

  6. 33 minutes ago, SAM SAM HE'S OUR MAN said:

    Why is he being interviewed ? He does not play . He's a non-story at the moment .

    He was a 2nd round draft pick barely a year ago playing WR on a team that hasn’t been able to generate anything on offense …the fact he does not play under those circumstances is a story

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  7. 16 hours ago, Panzer Division Marduk said:

    My plane gets in just after 9,  so if you guys can decide on a place, I should be able to make it. That Barrow and Banker place seems to quite a distance away from the stadium though.

    London Bridge tube station will get you up to Seven Sisters via Victoria or I think the No 149 bus will get there too….nowhere is that far on the tube though depends how comfortable you are in enclosed spaces post covid…..probably no more than 25 minutes to half an hour and then walk up the road to the stadium form SS

    enjoy London

  8. On 10/5/2021 at 9:50 PM, AFJF said:

    Posted about getting my tickets the other day and hotel is booked now but wondering what kind of showing we'll have from JN posters in London.  Would be awesome to meet up for a beer somewhere.

    Wish I could join you but I’m going to be watching in Salisbury, was supposed to be working this weekend in Istanbul so didn’t get tickets I believe there’s an official Jets pub at London Bridge and Nick Mangold is going to be making an appearance….enjoy and well done for representing 

  9. 28 minutes ago, K_O_Brien said:

    I'm not sure which bit is my favorite part...the video footage, the commentary, the celebrations or the dwarf casually past at 1.30. I think it has to be the dwarf.

    LMAO…honourable mention to the security guard behind the EZ looking at the crowd who’s expression doesn’t change despite the fact absolutely everyone else around him in the stadium has completely lost all control of their bodily functions!!

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  10. 2 hours ago, Bowles Movement said:

    There was an Undrafted fa defensive tackle that they made into a starting guard and had a great career, think his name was Moore.  And what about Wayne Chrebet?  He should be near the top of this list.   Robby Anderson also maybe

    Brandon Moore…would also add Damon Harrison and even Ryan Young 

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  11. 13 hours ago, kdels62 said:

    You’re not wrong but there was progress. Wilson missed 2 passes to win the game that were well schemed. The first drive to score was well called and featured shorter throws. Work in progress but better from LeFleur and much better from Wilson. 

    Agree here, I also thought the drive at the end of the 2nd quarter that ended with the Carter TD run showed some promise. Once Zach finally got over the hump and hit CD for that initial first down(what a roar by the crowd btw, it was ironic but definitely energised everyone) then the play calling on that drive was much sharper and we kept them guessing and on their heels…the Berrios reverse etc being case in point…to me that drive showed a glimps of competent play-calling…but it was still just a glimpse.

    LaFleur needs to be cut some slack, he’s a rookie too and far too many times in the first 3 weeks the team was ill-disciplined or unprepared (which is only partly on coaching)

    so much of this game is about rhythm and momentum and only once you get that does good play-calling get a chance, players have to execute early to get us rolling

    all that being said there were way too many vanilla 2nd down run plays that got stuffed at the line or behind thus forcing Zach into 3rd and long. Those plays just seemed way too conservative and telegraphed. LaFleur needs to show he can scheme easy, high percentage plays that get those chunks of yardage early, the great teams don’t take all 3 downs to get a first therefor saving their creative plays for those key moments when you need a 3rd down conversion.

    anyway, how nice is it to know we might have a 22 year old QB who can bail out his OC?

  12. 16 hours ago, Long Island Leprechaun said:

    It was literally the same play several times. And the Jets were out of position every single time.

    Apart from the critical one late in the game to McNichols that Quincy read and completely blew up….encouraging as it at least showed some adjustment and ability to learn from mistakes

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  13. 10 hours ago, Pichula said:


    As a cameraman I can concur, this is excellent work by the spidey op, tiny loss of focus on the EZ zoom in but rectified instantly …why didn’t we see this on the replay!?

    as a side note it did seem there was a real lack of replays at the weekend, a number of plays needed a second look that never came, a couple of throws that Zach missed we really needed another angle to see where the error lay but they never came…..perhaps the broadcast was having technical difficulties

  14. 2 hours ago, johnnysd said:

    What's even more impressive if you think about it is with how bad the offense has been the Jets have probably played near the top (or bottom if you prefer) of # of defensive series played so it's even more impressive. More impressive still is that our safeties have been sort of a revolving door and yet the corners are playing fantastic. And it is not just MC2 and Hall but Guidry is playing really well and Echols despite lower PFF grades has been pretty solid.

    Not a CB but it's worth noting that Huff is on a rapid ascent playing better each week.

    I think our early round needs in the draft will still be offense next year, C, G, T. TE 

    Good call, I think Guidry really deserves a shout out here too, he gets forgotten but he’s done really well since he came in last year to the point that we really don’t miss Brian Poole at all which is a fair complement as Poole was one of the better slot corners in the league and easily one of our best performers in recent seasons….he’s clearly super fast and good in coverage but was hugely impressed with his tackling, for a smaller guy he packs a wallop and plays physical. He kept showing up on Sunday.

    i can’t remember being this excited about our young secondary since 1988 when we had Hasty & McMillan emerge from that draft class.

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