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  1. What a signing DJ Reed has been, whenever an opposing QB drops back to pass these days I almost expect an incompletion, of course there are lapses and plays get made but our entire secondary has become a joy to watch, aided by the drastic improvement in pass rush of course. Sunday wasn’t our finest performance on D, in the first half at any rate, but we were playing an offensive juggernaut and the second half adjustment was impressive. That loss still stings but what a game it was! that was the kind of epic, titanic, big boy battle we’ve spent years watching other teams be a part of and I’m just enjoying watching this team and knowing we can not only compete, but in my view, hang with absolutely any team in the league. JJ comes off as a bit of an ass here but he may just be fooling around, either way DJ and his secondary pals are fast earning the respect of everyone. It’s cool to watch
  2. How much are we paying for his 13 catches at less than 6 ypc?…pathetic
  3. Great effort, hanging with, and should’ve beaten, a 9 win team….defense did a phenomenal job 2nd half
  4. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!
  5. I don’t disagree and the Cincy point is valid, I want to see this D keep rolling through the 2nd half of the season and I need to see improvement on the offensive side of the ball, but we’ve already made several statement wins this year and there’s definitely ‘something brewing’ but winning big occasionally is one thing, winning routinely is the next step
  6. This is exactly what the ‘heart’ emoji was for…ah well hope you wore the kilt big man 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 !….so happy you got to be there for such a huge win
  7. Wonderful win yesterday but this team is only just on the rise, we are at the beginning of something special and a work in progress….let’s just enjoy being competitive at long last and not raise expectations to crazy levels
  8. Panthers fan with a Sam Darnold avatar picks a bad day to troll Jets fans ..lol
  9. It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that since Herbig was inserted into the line-up the OL has been transformed. It can’t all be down to one player but he’s been hugely impressive and the fact that unit has had to overcome the loss of 3 major starters(including two 1st round draft picks) is a huge credit to everyone including the coaching staff. It just goes to show that you don’t need an OL full of first round picks, smart, disciplined and technically well coached players that work together as a unit and understand that cohesion as a group is everything, make the sum far greater than the parts. This seems true of the OL more than any other group
  10. This has to be great news for Mims and hope it’s true, would be huge if this guy finally becomes a regular weapon for us but this is also clearly a not so thinly vieled shot across Elijah Moore’s bow
  11. NFL Game Pass is your best bet, it will stream it to your laptop or tablet ….or even your phone I think you can purchase 1 week pass for about £10, you might even get a free week sign-up offer if lucky or if you have a VPN you could go down that route
  12. You are the Ben Hartsock of JN…congrats 😊
  13. I’m sorry but even Stevie Wonder could see that Q was an absolute wrecking ball on almost every play…he was dominant and a game changer…not that those other guys didn’t play well, they absolutely did, but his non-appearance in their top 5 just illustrates the utter worthlessness of PFF grades….just use your eyes(with all due apologies to Stevie)
  14. Love these insights behind the scenes……whatever the product on the field, the Jets in-house media and comms operation is world class. As someone who works in broadcast, I am hugely impressed. The quality of the video output is superb with some exceptional production values. Of course this is very much a vanilla take, there’s no serious hard questioning journalism going on here but that’s not the point, that’s the job of the beat reporters and national media but from the point of view of a glossy and slick promotional tool it’s very good
  15. LOL at number 5….like Jerome Boger became the first to do this only last week, it’s been a de-facto league-wide rule for 20 years
  16. Some of the responses to this are downright bizarre, if not offensive, considering how badly we’ve been hammered with injuries this appears to be a reasonably useful and factual reference point for determining whether we’ve made any progress on easing our chronic injury issues the last 5 or so years….it says nothing about the future or what happens tomorrow, just where we are at this point. I’m not convinced that contract value is a particularly accurate indicator of whether a team is worse off with injuries (you could have two of the highest paid players in the league and if they are both out that’s very different to a team like the Jets who have hardly any high contract players) but it’s a worthy discussion starter
  17. unfortunately I think it’s mirrored in wider society, maybe it’s purely the social media interaction and echo chamber but increasingly it feels people have lost the ability to listen, learn, debate, understand…tolerate There’s still a lot of very good people here with very knowledgable input….you just have to know who to ignore
  18. Yep, you could sense the disappointment growing when it became obvious he might win the game for us
  19. You’ll get no argument from me that the coaching staff has done next to nothing to persuade anyone that they are not part of the problem, but I simply don’t understand why people are so keen to disassociate Joe Douglas from that? It’s not just the draft, where are the improvements via free agency? what was it about Braxton Berrios & JFM that anyone thought merited making them the centrepiece of this team? they were both bang average before, it’s no shocker that they are offering little to nothing since. We can’t just rely on the draft
  20. Good post, there should be some talent because we’ve used 6 first round picks in 3 years….and pretty much all top twenty picks at that the returns need to be better, this years draft is encouraging but there’s almost zero contribution from the 2020 draft and 2021 is not knocking down trees either. Yes there’s a lot of under-utilisation of the likes of Michael Carter and Elijah Moore and that is down to coaching as well but really, for all the draft capital we’ve acquired the returns remain largely underwhelming so far. It is only 3 games and we’ve been without the anointed ‘franchise’ QB, which is clearly a centrepiece of JD’s rebuild so all is not entirely lost, but days like yesterday make it hard to see where we’ve really progressed and moved forward and that is not all on coaching(which JD is responsible for anyway) big couple of weeks upcoming ….for everyone
  21. Totally agree with your post but equally Adam Gase did that with a Mike Maccagnan roster!….let that sink in too!!!….., since then Douglas tore it all down, completely undercut Gase and installed his own handpicked regime, and we’ve barely won 7 games TOTAL in the meantime. The coaching is a huge problem but it cannot be allowed to take the focus away from the fact our GM has overseen all of it and needs his own feet held to the fire here too.
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