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  1. Braylon...but otherwise yes, it’s been a while
  2. I’m more of a Michelangelo Buonarroti man myself but largely yes, his routes are terrific
  3. This will be awesome right up until halftime of week 1 when we’ve had the ball for barely 3 minutes because our defense is getting gashed right left and centre.....and I say that as someone who’s delighted with our picks so far and I’ve been subjected to way too much unwatchable offense over the last few years like everyone else so looking forward to some excitement, but let’s not all act like we’ll all politely and magnanimously clap our approval when we can’t stop a nose bleed because, well that’s how the league is going
  4. So true, we have become so addled as a fan base that people actually think Braxton Berrios has any business on an NFL roster for any other reason than fair catching punts and there are still some poor sap Jets fans that remain convinced that Vyncint Smith ‘might develop’ into something other than a water boy or parking lot attendant...we actually gave those guys uniforms and playing time and yet here we are complaining about adding the 4th best WR in the draft
  5. Yeah I hear you and it’s all valid, I just feel like EM is way more than just an inside receiver, he’s dynamic and exciting and should be super productive....great character too by all accounts. I liked RM too but you have to factor in his injury history, we could really do with a good returner so I’d give him that edge but overall I’m thrilled with this pick....a lot of people had him as the 4th nest WR available, only marginally a step down from the big 3 of Chase, Waddle & Smith. I’m also just glad we didn’t reach for yet another OL....enough of them already, maybe a developme
  6. Sorry fella, totally respect your draft work and knowledge here but Rondale is basically a slot too, he’s barely 5-7 175.....and has been injured most of the last 2 years(this team doesn’t need anymore injury prone guys) ...great special teams guy as a returner but I’d worry about his durability if he’s been injury prone already. Elijah is everything Rondale is IMO and more, he’s a thicker, stouter body with tremendous agility and body control, runs terrific routes and has produced...and he’s coming off that Ole Miss WR pipeline that has sent some top top guys into the league the last few
  7. Except he forgot about Keelan Cole...but otherwise accurate as hell
  8. Eeeeeliijaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!1.......yyyyeeeeeesssssss love it love it love it
  9. Exactly, we still have Cameron Clark and Chuma Edoga, the latter especially suited to a more athletic zone blocking system we are now running. Sure he’s struggled with injuries but he’s talented and with a new coaching staff we have to give these young, recently drafted guys a shot.
  10. Agree up to a point, but we still want a winning team....Saleh has been hired to take a 2-14 team and make them competitive, success for us as average fans will be in wins & losses, playoff appearances and a product on a Sunday that will actually be watchable for a change, an actual source of pride (I know, imagine that )...but the other side of the coin that we forget as fans is that inside the organisation, livelihoods, careers and futures depend on the culture within the building, and I totally agree that having a culture that retains accountability but understands individual welfare i
  11. I think, in all seriousness, the NFL is changing and has changed massively....this is happening across all of sports....the old school will hate it, but the modern pro athlete is much more in tune with their own mental health and a greater emphasis on mindfulness is seeping deeper into our society(and that’s a good thing btw)....in short, player welfare is in......ramming your head against a brick wall “for the team” less so. if you hadn’t noticed, the league no longer considers certain behaviour acceptable....and I can guarantee you that Parcells referring to Terry Glenn as ‘she’ is most
  12. Praying this is true and he gets past the 33rd pick
  13. Jeebus how tall is Rashawn Slater’s buddy with the phone!?
  14. It’s awesome, but that’s because we got our future QB with the 2nd overall puck and we still get to enjoy seeing who’s going to slip to us at 23...having multiple first rounders is fun!
  15. Wow...who had Jaycee Horn as first defensive player off the board!?
  16. Damn!....the faint Pitts dream dies quickly.....now Chase gone, obvious pick reuniting him with Burrow,him Boyd and Tee Higgins gives them a sweet set of WR’s also happy neither made it to Miami
  17. Ultimate fist bump is a trade up to 8 or 10 to take advantage of an inexplicable drop for either Kyle Pitts or Ja’Marr Chase.....now would be a good time for a Laremy Tunsil style bong story to break for either of those guys
  18. _________ AVT, Slater, Collins, Harris __________ Farley, Jenkins, Paye,
  19. Not a bad handy guide for draft night ...I disagree with the bolded though, I think Elijah Mopre is absolutely worthy of the pick at 23, it would be even better if we could drop back a few spots (28 or so) and still get him, but I think his secret is out and he could go in the late teens...if that happens though then there’s a chance one of Waddle or more likely DeVonta Smith drops close to 23. I also don’t agree that LB would be an awful pick if it was Zaven Collins or Micah Parsons!....it wouldn’t be my first priority but either of those guys would merit selection at that point and woul
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