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  1. Think his iPhone must’ve predictive texted a ‘g’ instead of ‘sh’
  2. it feels like Wilson is playing on his own today….it’s him v 11…..La Fleur having an absolute shocker too
  3. There is high comedy going on with this Bills punter today
  4. And how did he get to be 7 yards downfield?….do you think someone up front might make a tackle just once
  5. We miss Eric Smith for exactly this reason….sometimes you want a guy who’s looking to go decapitate someone out there
  6. How the hell does Diggs not get called for a facemask?…a Jet defender only has to wave in the general direction of the visor of an opponent and it gets called
  7. Well it would help if by the time the WR has run 15 and hooked back that a DL might have put some kind of pressure on the QB
  8. First player in NFL history who’s slow motion replay was actually quicker than real-time
  9. That might have something to do with our non-existent front 4..they are an embarrassment ….CB’s need some pass rush we have the worst DL I’ve ever seen
  10. This draft will be no different than any other, impact players and future all - pro’s will be selected in every round and the fortunes of teams will be positively and negatively altered as in any other year, just because the Kiper’s of this world don’t see a sexy QB at the top of the list doesn’t mean that the talent we need isn’t there to be added. We just need Douglas and the scouts to find those guys and maximise the value of our draft capital. If there is one thing JD has shown it’s a refreshing ability and willingness to manoeuvre and keep acquiring future picks. Whether or not you are confident he can hit on those picks depends on whether you dwell on his 2020 draft (not looking great) or 2021 effort (way more positive). great players will be there to be had, whether or not they end up in Gotham Green is another matter altogether …fingers crossed
  11. I could be wrong but don’t you have to decide on whether you’ll pick up the 5th year option by the May before the start of year 4?…so I guess in the case of Becton it would be May 2023?
  12. Or maybe Berrios doing so well is due to Boyer and his blocking schemes?, it’s notable that both Keelan Cole last week and Tevin Coleman earlier in the season have also looked good returning kickoffs….might be worth bearing that in mind before chucking Berrios that big extension(remember we had Andre Roberts who was the best returner in the league under Boyer)
  13. It’s extraordinary, I can’t believe it’s normal, I don’t have the facts to hand but I have a hard time believing we haven’t been the worst or hardest hit over the last 3-5 years….something is clearly wrong somewhere
  14. Don’t let the facts get n the way of a stylish and carefully constructed comedy rant
  15. I actually see the Becton thing a little differently, I think it’s less about any perceived attitude and more that both Fant & Moses were playing well and the line was finally starting to gel, bringing MB back into that at a time when we needed to give Zach all the continuity we could muster would’ve been a mistake. GF & MM had earned their right to start and having the No 11 overall pick from a year ago sit on the bench would’ve been a worse look than the minor controversy of using the injury to mask the fact that he didn’t deserve to replace either of those guys while they were playing so well. In the end I think they rightly decided that the injury was a convenient smokescreen and that dropping either Fant or Moses would’ve been totally wrong (and those types of things matter in the locker room). It’s smoke and mirrors but I think they’ve played this smartly. Avoid the bigger controversy, light a bit of a fire under your young player but at the same time not totally humiliate him publicly while rewarding the solid play of established, and for all we know, highly respected and liked veterans. Becton is only 22, he has time to flourish and he’s as likely to do that when he’s forced to earn it.
  16. There’s no doubt we’ve seen some growing pains with this coaching staff but nothing about Saleh and the way he conducts himself leaves me anything other than impressed. The exact right balance between fire & exuberance and calm & disciplined. He comes with pedigree and a track record too and he understands the game, he might not be the X&O’s genius that Rex was but he’s overseen a great defensive unit in SF so he knows what he’s doing!…. I always thought a guy with the best of Bowles and the best of Rex would make for a hell of a HC and there’s a chance we are seeing it with RS. He’s only won 4 games but he’s done it with the thinnest of talent and a very young and inexperienced team which has played better over the last few weeks, a competitive showing against the Bills will be huge for us all going into the offseason feeling that the arrow is finally pointing up. I’ve been fooled with these things before mind you but this guy is as impressive as anyone we’ve seen in a long time and I love how he totally exudes confidence in himself and those around him without ever coming across as a an arrogant douche.
  17. Asking if your future QB is taller than Drew Brees has to be next on the naughty no-no list
  18. This will need it’s own thread, where we can all offer our suggestions and contributions. a community effort…it’ll be magnificent, cathartic and uplifting for all concerned
  19. Still, to this day, I wonder how the hell you can have a QB as the TOP ranked player on your board, not top QB but actual No 1 overall prospect in that draft …and let him slip all the way to the 33rd pick! Surely you’d trade up at some point?…once they started dropping past 20…or even 15…bonkers and completely illustrative of how this team has redefined stupid down the years
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