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  1. Yep agree, I actually love that Josh Allen has been so successful for that reason, because guys like him force us all to constantly question and reevaluate everything we think we know and to never be complacent.....and to never ever assume that only those who follow a pattern or conform to a stereotype can ever be successful in the league....that’s a good thing IMO
  2. I have posted this elsewhere but I have subscribed to The Athletic largely off the back of Bob McGinn’s annual Scouts Take draft previews but Dane Brugler produces a very useful draft guide with lots of good info on about 30 or so prospects per position. I would recommend I also download the digital edition of Lindy’s Draft Guide and each June they bring out their NFL season guide which usually has a decent ‘look ahead’ section for the following years draft and a good recap of the previous one. i can’t remember what the annual subscription is but you’ll get the draft guide and McGin
  3. Same, I really did not want Darnold at all, saw all of the things we have subsequently understood to be his failings but really thought Rosen would be one of the successful guys from that class..it just goes to show how this process is so hard to gauge....the only thing that can be said with certainty is that nobody knows who will succeed and who will fail. Worth keeping an eye on the Athletic in the next few days as McGinn will probably begin his individual position group draft preview, again very much based on those scouts takes. if I can I will post some highlights or players of most
  4. Maybe your 10 yard split!
  5. Absolutely textbook usage of the ‘downvote’ thingy right here gentlemen!...Bravo....or as they say in France...HAT
  6. agree, I’ve always thought the ‘thumbs down\ or ‘down vote’ icon is the most pathetic and childish thing on this message board(except when used as per @TomShane just now .....it serves no purpose whatsoever other than to illustrate that the ‘downvoter ’ is pretty damn immature....if you disagree with a post either post a response as constructively as possible or just ignore. The upvote is perfectly fine as are the other icons but get rid of ‘baby button’
  7. If ever there was a salient reminder why no player is worth giving up all that draft capital, it’s this...... the narrative that a QB alone can make all the difference is deeply flawed and that alone is one of the football reasons which on their own make a strong argument against putting all your eggs into one basket, but it was also clear as day this guy was not the saintly figure he’d been made out to be and while I certainly didn’t see this particular scandal coming there were enough indicators that Watson was potentially toxic. having said all that Ray Lewis had a HOF career after his
  8. He’ll still only be a 32 year old FQB when he’s eligible for parole!
  9. That’s a shame as you missed the beyond hilarious assertion that Sam Darnold is an ‘alpha male’ .....high comedy I like Sam, good kid and I genuinely wish him well but alpha male is laughable
  10. Not disagreeing with you but 3 of the 5 starters on OL are set. McGovern and Fant are starting this year and both are way better than they get credit for. The problem last year was we trotted out substandard guards at both positions and that affects adversely the play of everyone else. Becton sufffers because Lewis next to him was garbage, McGovern suffers because both Lewis and GVR either side of him are poor and Fant suffers because of Van Roten (who at least provides solid rotational depth). The same guy we want drafting a ton of linemen used a 4th on Cameron Clark last year, he
  11. it’s a good point and I guess the key now is the change in system from the 3-4 front we’ve been running for about 15 years to Saleh’s aggressive 4-3...in short, where is the edge in that system? There are better football X&O guys than me here who can probably explain this better, and I may be wrong but I guess the ‘edge rusher’ has gone from being an OLB in our previous system to one of the DE’s in the even front we are about to employ. The change is significant for a number of reasons and reading between the lines it appears we’ve gone from a system where the DL were primarily a
  12. fair play to you dude, was too good a cheap hit to turn down but appreciate you taking it in good spirit
  13. Well, if he was before, he probably still is
  14. This, struggling to think of a worse comparison, they are nothing alike, other than maybe both have a head, two arms and two legs!! Manziel was closer to Darnold in comparison in that he just ran around like a headless chicken with terrible footwork and mechanics and either ran it or threw it randomly up in the air for Mike Evans to come down with ...and that’s actually being pretty unkind to Darnild too.
  15. Exactly what I was thinking, who the hell has upwards of 50 massage therapists that he visits ‘multiple’ times each.....and he’s only 25 !!?....if you are a legitimate athlete and you want a professional massage you find the 1 or 2 professionals you trust and you stick with them.....I’d expect the team medical staff to have an inpuit too....this is beyond dubious
  16. He’s not really a TE, not like you know it, he’s a freak hybrid with WR skills that put him in the Julio Jones/ Megatron category but who can still play inline and block well enough and willingly enough to offer the flexibility to move around. If he fulfils his potential he’ll be an extraordinary weapon and mismatch for a team that uses him properly.
  17. When you realise that QB success is tied to the talent and coaching and situation they are brought into and that the messiah QB who transcends it all doesn’t really exist(even Brady built his greatness off the back of success that originally was down to Belichick and a top level defense...Brady carrying the Pats came many years later, by when winning had become a habit).....you realise that it’s not all about the QB..... Watson, for all his talent, can’t win 5 games in a career year.... Mahomes has never had to play for a team like the `Jets, and when his OL got ravaged in the Super
  18. Missing out on that chance to win 4 games ....devastating
  19. Pretty much agree with everything here, I always thought it was odd that we fall over ourselves to say what a brilliant move it was to trade back, get an extra pick and we ‘still got our guy’, and in hindsight it was, but that kind of ignores the elephant in the room that Joe Douglas wasn’t so utterly in love with him as a prospect that he wasn’t prepared to lose him for the sake of an extra draft pick...the fact he was still there is all well and good and if he turns out to be a great player for us then that will be fantastic, but we passed on him ...we didn’t love him enough to say ‘oh wow,
  20. Not even surprised, I said a few weeks ago in another thread that when he runs close to or sub 4.5 people will start viewing him, not as a TE, but as Julio Jones ...if it isn’t QB at 2 it has to be Kyle Pitts
  21. As much as I believe the jury is very much out on Douglas, his approach to FA spending this year isn’t the problem. Year after year we see all the evidence we need to know that splashing in free agency does not build a winning team. That winning unit has to be largely in place through the draft and other means first. Stocking up on underrated contributors who can fill out the roster and plug into whatever system we are running is not a terrible approach. I like that he appears to value youth, players just turned 25, 26 and even 27 are young enough to have upside and to still play for anot
  22. Nope...apparently all those lasers he threw in college will be picked off in the NFL so it’s gotta be at least 50 picks year 1
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