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  1. If you watch his college tape so much of what Baylor did was quick fire passes,...one step and fire, I guess he just isn't used to a pocket and waiting for plays to develop.
  2. Was one of the few guys still giving all out effort when we were getting gashed by Carlos Hyde wish him a speedy recovery
  3. In fairness to Mo it is possible he simply hasn't fully recovered from the leg-break which happened less than a year ago. Sometimes players take a full year to return to their best after a major injury like that. I'm less worried about Mo long term as at 26 he still has upside and years on his side
  4. I thought Revis was released by the Pats, didn't think comp picks were handed out for players that were cut or released
  5. Maccagnan has turned the absolute worst WR situation possibly in league history(Clyde Gates/Greg Salas/David Nelson/TJ Graham) and turned it into the deepest and potentially most dynamic unit on the team and found 3 gems in the 7th round or lower (Anderson/Peake/Jalin Marshall) I give him the benefit of the doubt he can perhaps work that magic on another unit.
  6. Gave NE a 3rd round pick?...I must have missed that, please explain
  7. Tomlin? that would indeed be a shocker considering Pitssburgh have had what? 3 HC's in about 40 years... good call if it happens
  8. I'm ready too run through a brick wall with you after that!... Like you said it's not the sh*tty QB but the boring sh*tty QB that's so depressing, If he eats hotdogs on the sidelines after throwing an INT then I'm all in for Cutler
  9. If Fitzpatrick can have a 10 years plus career in the NFL and still be starting at this stage then I have absolutely no doubt Geno Smith can too.
  10. The good news is the upcoming draft is the most stacked fir edge rushers in a long time. Absolutely need to find a difference maker this time. Agree about Vernon, he's have been a good fit imo
  11. If that argument is true(and I have my doubts)then it's been true for the last 5 or 6 seasons including when Snacks was here, so the original point about what difference Snacks would have made this season needs to take that into consideration.
  12. To be fair Mauldin(nor Jenkins for that matter) is a true speed rusher, they are both capable, stout players with some rush ability but neither has the kind of raw speed off the edge that we need to compliment the 300lb guys upfront. Wasn't aware that Mauldin has been bulked up since college, he didn't run that well at the combine iirc and raw speed was considered a weakness when he was drafted
  13. Exactly, stopping the run hasn't lost that much from last year(they might even be better than 2015) Snacks offered next to nothing as a pass rusher whereas McLendon has done ok. The real problem on defense is the lack of speed rush and it has been for nearly 10 years...it's what ultimately let Rex's D down in those AFCCG losses in Indy and Pitt
  14. Yep, there was a time when we all thought Sanchez was the guy
  15. We are long overdue a uniform overhaul starting with ditching the fugly black shoes....best uni's would be Raiders, Saints, Cowboys worst would be Jets and the Colts
  16. I don't disagree with the point about the value of work ethic but Harrison was getting way too much money for basically a one dimensional run-stuffer....a very, very good one and who was by all accounts hugely popular and a leader but he's not Kris Jenkins
  17. Lol cool.....I got into the Mets that year too, Doc Gooden, Strawberry and that epic game 6 at Shea. That 86 Jets team was the one that got away, totally imploded after a 10-1 start, recovered big time in the wildcard at home to KC and then that fkn double OT in Cleveland. Back in those days the only NFL coverage in Scotland was a weekly TV highlights show the following Sunday so if you wanted live coverage it was listening on long wave radio to a highly unreliable and often very weak signal of American Forces Radio coming from Germany, we were leading the Browns by 10 I think when the si
  18. Pretty sure Kurt Sohn was one of them and I thought Kevin McArthur had a big INT or something, don't think Toon or Walker scored that day so Billy Griggs and Jojo Townsell would be my guess
  19. And the white shoes....we are way faster in white shoes
  20. It says a lot for the discipline and control being instilled in the team that there wasn't a massive brawl or any cheap shot retribution, Marshall dished out the punishment when he returned but other than that the team kept it's collective head. A good sign in my opinion
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