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  1. As others have said KRL I always click on a thread you have started as I always know there'll be valuable info or a well thought through opinion. as for Marshall/Kerley I'm obviously in the minority in recognising the value in a Punt Returner who never turns the ball over which is exactly what JK was, he was rock solid under the ball, contrast that with the myriad KR's with tried in the last few years (Powell, Saunders! Smith)who've been dumped after fumbling away or dropping kicks after a handful of reps in game situations. Priority number 1 is you need a reliable pair of hands fielding the ball and for all the criticism of his lack of splash plays and the many fair catches ask yourself when was the last time you worried about us muffing or dropping a punt? that said Marshall looks fantastic(as with Peake and Anderson I'm wondering how the hell these guys go undrafted)but then these UDFA's and late rounders always look good in May and June but once training camp starts, reality kicks in. Really hoping that one of Marshall, Peake or Anderson can prove to be a hidden gem.
  2. He's actually pretty good at throwing the ball away, he did it 43.9% of the time
  3. If Amaro and Peake are indeed getting more reps than Enunwa by merit rather than injury or suspension then that can only be a good thing, I like Enunwa and clearly he still has some developing to do but having playmakers all the way down the depth chart can only be great for our QB whoever that is. For me Peake needs to beat out Thompkins, if he does and Enunwa continues to develop and mature while Devin Smith gets healthy and lives up to his draft billing then our WR Fire is in seriously good shape
  4. Good post, ironically Fitzpatricks's value just went up with this pick!
  5. Worth remembering both Jarvis Harrison and Brent Qvale have talent, big TC for them. Qvale was coming from nowhere last year and from what I remember was so strong in camp there was talk of him unseating Breno at one stage. Harrison was a first round talent but with concerns over his desire to play football. There's also still Dakota Dozier to throw in the mix. The sky is not falling around our OL yet
  6. Patullo is highly regarded I believe, the obvious heir apparent
  7. While I really liked Lynch too we already have that guy in Bryce Petty, take a look back at BP in action for Baylor(there's nearly every drop back as a senior available to watch online) he excites me as much as PL if not moreso and the exact same positives and negatives are on display, only real difference is Lynch is 6-7 245 but at 6-3 233 Petty is plenty big enough, I actually think Petty has the better arm talent, it's extraordinary good. I love that Hack brings a different type of QB to what we already have in Petty and Geno
  8. Listen to yourself......very average and mediocre for those guys is a borderline triumph, and didn't Stewart lead the steelers to a Super Bowl?
  9. In which case we might already have our future on the roster in Bryce Petty. having said that I really like Lynch, I just think he's going to go way higher than we can afford to trade up to. I can't agree to selling the farm to go get him because we need pass rushers at OLB just as much as we need a QB not to mention adding talent at WR, RB, S and OL.....we don't have the ammo beyond Mo and there are intriguing QB options in Hackenberg, Brissett and Prescott elsewhere
  10. Not a great analogy....there's actually a chance Mo gets traded
  11. Gutted at this news...absolutely magnificent servant and one of my all time favourite Jets....hope they honour him accordingly and thank you Brick for everything
  12. Worth bearing in mind the position Deone Buccanon plays in that Arizona defence, a kind of hybrid safety playing linebacker, personally I'd prefer to see us use a mid-round pick if Bowles wants that player in his defense(TJ Green) and not burn the 20th overall on a very role specific player but clearly Bowles wants more speed and agility in his LB corps and perhaps Cravens or Kearse would be perfect in that role(personally I'm not sold on Kearse). Was disappointed we lost Antonio Allen for just this reason as he was absolutely perfect for that role and pretty much played it in college with a lot of success. Agree with you on Bailey and Miles. my personal safety crush at the moment is Justin Simmons, think he's going to be a stud pro and is just the kind of fluid ballhawk in coverage we've been missing for years and would complement Pryor perfectly.....also can tackle and hit.
  13. It's less to do with the reporter and more about the editorial direction handed down by his employer, it used to be Cimini that was pulling this stuff but personally I find Cimini now that he has a bit more editorial freedom gives better insight than most....his Sunday Notes are required reading every Sunday. For me it's obvious Cimini was a good reporter on a sh*tty paper, if Mehta ever moves on from the NYDN we might find out he is too. I doubt it but he's delivering not what you want but what his editor wants
  14. Agree about the the draft pick, if there's to be a shock pick it could at CB....with regard to Williams I think people forget he started 9 games as a rookie and actually improved the play we'd been getting at the position. Williams actually has decent starting experience
  15. I like that we were in for Vernon, I actually think he's miscast as a 4-3 end where he's merely 'very good' but would be an absolutely top level 3-4 OLB and would be dominant in the Calvin Pace role. Also still very young and ascending player was definitely worthy of a big deal but I think we were right to bail out at 15M. It tells me Bowles and Maccagnan finally understand that you need difference makers at LB moreso than across the front 3. it tells me the Giants are batsh*t crazy especially if they are still using him as a 4-3 end.
  16. Is Cam Thomas still a FA....solid and cheap vet that is a pure NT and would allow Simon to develop with a vet presence alongside him
  17. Thank you, it never ceases to amaze how little credit Brick gets from Jets fans. We have plenty of players we overrate but to criminally undervalue a guy who has never taken a play off and is still relatively young for his position is bizarre. He may not be the absolutely unanimous No 1 best shutdown tackle in all of football but he's a damn site nearer to that than he is bottom 5. Sure his cap number is high but that likely will change but in my view some guys have earned the right to be paid through their loyalty and actions and deeds both on and off the field. it's sad it takes a Patriots fan to appreciate that
  18. I don't think they trusted him that last game not to fumble, had a couple of drops during the winning run and I think that is the main reason for his lack of game time in Buffalo and why I don't think he's in the future plans. still maddening that he didn't get more carries especially after he busted that big run.
  19. Also really like Dwayne Allen at TE although would be interested if this years reclamation project could be Marcedes Lewis. An experienced and talented veteran off a couple of down years but still young enough to have something to offer, would either push or support Amaro. Anyone know what the deal was with him the last couple of years?
  20. nice list, thanks for posting. I think Brandon Brooks could be one to watch, obviously has the Maccagnan connection having bee not rated when he was in Houston. Young, talented and long term starter experience, cost is the question. Would then look at trying to draft a RT
  21. Really like the look of Prescott, there is definite potential there....seemed his footwork improved a lot and he does a good job of standing tall and composed in the pocket and delivering strikes....not too much 'extraneous' foot movement so sets himself well. I also like that he has shown signs of improving and developing as a player and by all accounts has the savvy to make NFL style reads. Would be surprised if he comes in much beyond 6' though and he takes a lot of punishment. Agree the Tebow comparison is lazy very high on De'Runnya Wilson too....BMarsh lite. Fantastic hands and makes some acrobatic catches
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