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  1. Sooo excited even though he'll hold out for an insane deal in 3 years. Also mad props to incarcerated bob! That's my new boy sorry for doubting you.
  2. Cimini also seems to have a huge problem himself with Francessa lately. I was looking at one of his espn chats a week or 2 ago and he went out of his way to bash Francessa for his portrayal of the Revis situation and having a Jets bias in general. Something to the effect of "Fatcessa is a giants fan...etc" so this has been going on for a while. Not sure what he did to Cimini specifically or if he's just bothered by extreme bias and misleading comments.
  3. Of course they'll resign him barring anything ridiculous like an injury or severe dropoff in play. Teams don't just let their best players go. How many times has a CB of his caliber and age become an UFA? Potentially they could consider trading him I guess if Wilson turned into an all-pro Cromartie reached his potential but those are highly unlikely scenarios. Of all the players coming up the one I'm most concerned about losing is Harris.
  4. By that definition every USC player Carroll passed on won't succeed in the NFL. You know that doen't make sense. I think this kid should be able to approximate what Leon gave us. Probably not quite as good but his skills translate favorably to the situations he'll be put in.
  5. Its a unique theory but it doesn't make all that much sense to me since pretty much all reports on him look at him as a guard or RT. It seems much more likely that they view him similarly and see him as a future replacement for Woody and i that doesn't work out he can stay at guard. Brick is a borderline elite young LT. If they were looking to replace him I'm pretty sure they wouldn't hedge their bets on a kid that at best is a questionable fit at the position. Again, especially when they're old at other positions on the line that Ducasse fits ideally.
  6. Some of his points are fair although I disagree. I also think its fair to say people in the media are going to overrate Faneca but replacing him with an uproven commodity does come with some risk. Basically since we're getting rid of relatively big name and proven players many casual fans/media will question the moves.
  7. I like the draft overall so I'll give it a solid B. Liked the Wilson pick initially but after thinking about it I really love the flexibility it gives us. Ducasse is a good pick and good value. He looks like he can be a nice guard long term. Again, really like the McKnight pick and I think he can approximate what Leon gives us. The only pick I'm not a fan of is the Conner selection since I don't see the point in taking a FB that high with our other needs and other players left on the board. The main thing about this draft is I think there's some players that they missed that they could've gotten, especially on defense. So it's not so much who they did pick that I don't like but who they missed out on. That being said I do think we got some good players from this draft. Wilson, Ducasse, and Conner look like eventual starters and McKnight should be a solid contributer as well.
  8. I saw an interesting point made on another board that the Jets are drafting more so with the future in mind compared to what the did in the offseason with all the other moves made for the present. I like that they seem to be drafting with the BPA philosophy but the Conner pick makes little sense to me. There had to be some dline/pass rushing prospects that graded out similar on their board.
  9. I don't have a problem with the trade so much as who we picked. Considering all the other players that garnered similar compensation I don't know how you could've expected much more.
  10. Terrible pick and the only one I've hated so far. Was he really the highest on their board. I can see trading Leon but taking a FB? Seriously?!
  11. This move has me a little concerened because I know little about Slauson and Ducasse is so raw but I'm ok with it since Fanaca's game was clearly slipping along with his large salary. People overreacting to this are doing so mostly because of the name rather than actual play on the field. He fails both the statistical and eyeball tests so I'm not overly worried about a huge dropoff unless they've seriously miscalculated the skills of both Slauson and Ducasse. At worst I think either can approximate what Fanaca gave us last year. Also, I guess there's a chance he resigns for less money.
  12. Pretty ridiculous value. He'll probably get suspended for 4 games or something but still a great trade. Tannenbaum is putting in work. Not complaining but I really can't understand this from the steelers at all. I know they're tired of his nonsense but to just dump him for a late 5th rounder is just stupid considering he's one of their best young players and was just the superbowl MVP.
  13. That's why I would pass as well. They're games are to similar. I guess you could argue he'd be good value and also insurance if Braylon leaves but I think there will be other good players their who can contribute more. Not worth the risk for us.
  14. He would be amazing value at that spot but the chances of that happening are pretty astronomical IMO. I could see him falling to the late teens, maybe early 20s, though so I guess they could potentially trade up if they really wanted him. Still that's doubtful as well.
  15. I would much rather have Odrick. While I like Odrick better, I can hear the arguement that they provide similar value at the end of the 1st, but we are pretty old and thin on the defensive line and I think slot receivers can be found easier. If we took Odrick he would be a candidate to be a starter where if it was Tate we'd be grooming him as a slot WR or just a weapon in general, but probably not the starter, and that becomes a lock if we keep Edwards. Tate would then become potentially the 4th option after Braylon, Cotch, and Keller and that's to much of a luxury to spend a 1st rounder on when we have other significant needs. So then the question for me becomes do you want to spend a 1st rounder on a starting DE or a #3 WR?
  16. I love Leon but if they were offered anything higher than a 3rd round pick for him that would be hard to pass up. Despite the fact that he's very good RB's teams seem to be able to find guys that approximate his type of impact relatively easily, compared to other positions at least.
  17. I understand it from the standpoint that Tomlinson can potentially be a better backup than Jones because the skill set he still are exentuated by the complimentary role, while the skill set that Jones has are less important for a back up RB. Either way I don't why it seems to be such a big deal cause the fact of the matter is the season won't be decided by our complimentary RB. It hinges on the defense, Sanchez, and Greene.
  18. The problem is more the contract and the off the field stuff than it is the draft pick. We're gonna have to pay him ridiculous money to go along with the fact that he's a questionable character and he can be suspended with one more mistake. I wouldn't necessarily have a problem trading for him if it involved Edwards and didn't involve a 1st rounder but I can see the logic to both sides.
  19. He'd be an alright signing to spell Greene and Leon. I think he'd do fine with only a few carries a game and his game somewhat complements Greene since he can catch. I don't see a problem with it unless they really overpay in which case they should've just kept TJ.
  20. I'd be annoying to send him to a rival but I'd give it strong consideration. It makes some sense for the Pats too. I really hope a team with a high 2nd rounder makes a bid on him though.
  21. If someone were to sign him with a mid to early 2nd rounder I'd let him go. I love Leon but i think its little easier to find someone that aproximates what he gives us. If its a late 2nd I pause but still do it. This is assuming of course that the offer isnt a reasonable contract in which case you match.
  22. I get the feeling that its because he prefers ball hawking coverage safeties otherwise I don't see it cause every report seems to point to Berry being the better all around player. Either way I don't see him going ahead of Berry but I guess it's possible. That would be better for us if we were trading up anyway.
  23. Only if we were to get their 2nd rounder in return or we just gave up a 2nd rounder for him but there's a slim chance of that happening. He's good but I wouldn't wanna give up a 1st rounder for him straight up and then have to turn around and pay him. We'd also have way to many good players coming up on the end of their contracts.
  24. If we were to go the high draft pick route there's a better chance we trade up for Earl Thomas somewhere in the teens. I really can't see us going up high enough to get Berry. That would be ridiculously expensive from the late 20s unless Mangini wants to help us out again. I could see them liking Thomas since he's a ball hawk and great in coverage. As a side note I don't see the Taylor Mays angle at all cause if they were upset with Rhodes partially for not being a playmaker how can they justify Mays? He's a big hitter which I guess they like, but that's about it.
  25. Not a fan of this trade unless they for sure get at least an above average safety in FA. It wasn't necessary to create a hole at the position for just a 4th rounder. A 2nd or maybe a 3rd and I could understand. Rhodes wasn't great but I'd rather have him that a 4th rounder.
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