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  1. Jets v Pats game thread 11-27-16

    How do you not take a shot at Brady on that play?
  2. Jets again embarrass themselves!

    The Jets put up 37 points against the Bills. In the 4 games since then, they've scored a total of 36 points. Brutal.
  3. Your First Jets Game

    My first game was the 10-7 thriller in Cleveland in 2004. Sat in the Dawg Pound in Jets gear, that was a lot of fun. Also got called a "Jet fan fa***t" by a 12 year old kid when leaving the stadium. His dad just laughed.
  4. One record that will never be broken

    Johnny Vander Meer threw a no-hitter in back-to-back starts back in 1938.
  5. Bucks new Uni's Eeek!

    I'm in the same boat. The number font is really bad, but other than that I like them.
  6. It's a Ruger Mini 14 ranch rifle. It's not a military rifle. http://www.ruger.com/products/mini14/
  7. Also, this. Machine guns are fully automatic. That rifle is semi-automatic. It may look "scary" but it's no different than this:
  8. Up 2 for being a gun owner, down 5 for being irresponsible and forgetting it in a rental car.
  9. I had Kerley in but dropped him and picked up Hill. Luckily I'm already up 30 and my opponent is done.
  10. Crowd noise should be penalized? Please. If you want to shut the crowd up, I don't know, maybe do something on the field to knock them down a peg?
  11. Did our next Quarterback play today in Morgantown?

    Thought about this today. I'm a WVU fan and absolutely love Geno, I would be ecstatic to see him land with the Jets.