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  1. This is so bad. Dear lord.
  2. justincredible

    Do you like the leaked Helmet Logo?

    It's not terrible. It's not good. It just...is. Boring.
  3. justincredible

    Oh, to be a Bengals fan

    I live in Cincinnati and was at the 49-9 game in 2013. Told my wife we could leave if the Jets didn't score on the first drive of the second half. First play, Geno pick-6. We left immediately and Bengals fans were apologizing to us. I MIGHT go next year, only because I'm interested in seeing Darnold in person. But that game really killed my desire to watch a game in person.
  4. I'd give up as a Jets fan and get rid of what little gear I have left. I might start loosely following the Browns, but I find myself caring less and less about sports as I get older.
  5. justincredible

    Uni Watch: The N.Y. Jets redesign contest

    Reminds me of this. No thanks.

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