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  1. I hate Brady but this is nothing. Not like his last pre-Super Bowl comments.
  2. Some of those are awesome. All of them are good. Nice, indeed.
  3. Apparently the homo thing runs in the franchise. I thought Bledsoe and Kraft were going to start making out.
  4. That's great and all, that he scored 3 TDs against SD. What about the final 9 games of the season when he scored 3 TDs?
  5. I want no part of Plaxico next season. I'd love to have Braylon back on the cheap.
  6. But I thought he was going to turn the Dolphins in to a powerhouse?
  7. Biggio and Piazza are the only two that get in first ballot.
  8. Barry Larkin is absolutely deserving of the HOF. Yes, he only had 3 GGs but he was unfortunate in that he played in the NL after Ozzie had "established" himself as some sort of defensive wizard. As someone said, once you win one it's hard to not keep winning them. Barry was a better defender (better arm, better range) than Ozzie but didn't do backflips. Don't forget his 9 Silver Sluggers, an MVP, a 30/30 season, and a World Series title. Larkin helped usher in the era of the offensive shortstop. Bill James lists him as one of the 10 most complete players in baseball history. Only 3 HOF SS since WWII have more WAR than Larkin (Banks, Yount, Ripken). Larkin will be the 23rd SS inducted in the Hall of Fame and will be one of the top 5 or 6 of the 23.
  9. I'd sit in a room with every annoying douche I've ever encountered in my life for a whole year for $940,000.
  10. Your butchering of the English language makes me weep for future generations. Absolutely zero chance you're older than 12 years old.
  11. Yeah, but he's buying it 1,000 pounds at a time. I'm not well versed in drug economics (at least of that magnitude) but I'd imagine he's getting a healthy bulk discount. Plus, he's gotta make his money and the dealers below him have to make theirs.
  12. Jets should win this one big. Of course, I thought the same thing of the Denver game. At least this one is at home.
  13. Why don't they have a white Mangold jersey on jetsshop.com? I'd have to pay an extra $10 to get a custom white jersey with his name on it. Bah.
  14. Yeah, I definitely understand why you have it hosted. I'm "lucky" in that I don't have peak days where traffic really spikes and only average around 1 million page views a month. It makes it a lot easier for me to host on my own.
  15. This is why I administer my own server for all of my websites. The only way my sites go down is because of an error on my part.
  16. I'm ready for this game to be over already. Cripes.
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