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  1. Next week play Sam in Q1 give Teddy the rest of the game... Week 3 Sam and Teddy Week 4 is where you need a scrub
  2. Abraham has the biggest spread of an impact right now IMO
  3. ECURB

    If Smith sign B4 Darnold

    You are welcome. Now go back to thinking it's cool to have a leader who caves in first swing. None of this will matter in a month...a year... 5 years... What will stick though is the respect he is earning from the players and coaches for telling Mac and Johnson to suck it.
  4. ECURB

    If Smith sign B4 Darnold

    So why haven't the Jets just said yes if it's no big deal? Good for Sam... Better than having some loser QB who just caves to anyone in a shirt and tie.
  5. Only thing more predictable is people like you who say that same thing every year...
  6. Gotta play him day 1 What's your other option... Develop him?? Let's not kid ourselves how often has that ended in a Superbowl? If he has it he has it if he doesn't he doesnt
  7. What % of 1st round QBs are successful? Gotta be less than half... So yeah you keep getting QBs until you have a sure thing...and even then you get QBs (see Pat's) they are trade gold.
  8. Why are people acting like Darnold is a lock? Let's hope Bridgewater is legit because there is a solid chance Darnold isn't...
  9. ECURB

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    Only JETS fans would be pissed that they scooped a 2nd round talent with a 3rd round pick at a position of need...wtf..
  10. ECURB

    We got Darnold!!!!!!!!

    Whoa.. Darnold was born the year the Jets missed Peyton... How strange
  11. ECURB

    This makes me feel better

    Yes the JETS should base their plans on what a completely different staff did with a completely different QB. Sitting the QB is total BS
  12. Jeff Fisher is an idiot and Keenum>Mccown
  13. He better start day one. Why would you bench the best QB on your roster with the most upside so he can sit back and learn from a bunch of washed up nobody's.
  14. Based on what? History proves otherwise