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  1. Such a JETS fan...lol How about they go 5-0 AND have cool new uniforms? Why do you refuse to accept they can have both?? 🤯
  2. ECURB

    In a Jetsy move NYJ hire Joe Vitt

    They are probably still friends. Why else would Williams even sign with the Jets and Gase?
  3. How is there no leaks yet? The interwebs are failing me.
  4. Who cares. They suck this will just make them imploding even funnier.
  5. So you don't want both? Or still can't wrap your head around it?
  6. Typical JETS fan... Can't even wrap your head around accomplishing both things at once.. 😂
  7. False Real NFL fans are some of the last holdouts for regular cabel because of local sports. Casual NFL fans are the cord cutters who watched the game on YouTube. Nice try though 😉
  8. Holy sh*t you guys are a bunch of babies. It was down 5% but it was the first year it could be streamed on a few sites and those #s aren't in. It will wind up being a wash. Sorry to ruin your whining party.
  9. It was a defensive game. Both teams shut it down for 55 min. Call it how you want but an offense looks inept when a defense is shutting it down. The only concern I have is can Gase and Williams coach as good as these two teams were coached in this game?
  10. You didn't attend a sold out game during Rex then... Also the stadium is not the problem for empty seats.
  11. Not sure what you mean. The stadium is nice. Also looks like a football stadium not a piece of furniture. The team sucks... So gameday certainly could be better but it has nothing to do with the stadium.
  12. Unlike you I watch football from the inside of the stadium I guess.... I don't care what it looks like or where it is. Inside is great.
  13. This on the other hand looks like a real football venue. Jets and Giants did it right.
  14. How is this better? Because they tried to make different shapes? The seating looks stupid and the circle in the roof means nothing for 90% of the time when I am watching the game.

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