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  1. Big difference between running a team and scheming a defense.
  2. That's a function of having a QB who the defense respects
  3. Darnold will next week. If it was that easy just to "scheme" a game plan for a scrub QB they wouldn't be so important.
  4. Jets O performing as good as the pats O vs the bills means you are over reaching
  5. Yup Put Falk in the 2nd half of the KC game with no practice and he would have better results.
  6. Cashman almost blew threw the line and stripped the ball there... He is gonna be a baller
  7. Shut him down. Trade Leo Trade Adams Trade Robby Cut Tru to make a point Draft OL next year
  8. Going to be awkward when the Pats 2nd team destroys them in the 2nd half...

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