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  1. WTF does Josh need reps for???
  2. ECURB

    Analyzing Darnold Thus Far

    Feel free to call me out when based on stats a player is ranked dead last at their position and I say they are good.
  3. ECURB

    Analyzing Darnold Thus Far

    Fair enough but to discredit people who do it for a living in favor of your own eyeball test without watching film is kind of silly.
  4. ECURB


    Protecting him. The only smart move they made this year.
  5. 6 - 1st half possessions... Passed on 1st down 4 of the 6... 14 of 22 plays were passes... But let's not confuse ourselves with facts. Pass...Pass...Run...Punt Run... Run... Pass... Punt Pass... Run... Run... Pass (int) Run... Pass (sack)... Run... Punt Pass... Run... Pass... Punt Pass... Pass... Pass... Pass... Pass... Pass FG
  6. Is that blanket on Jets shop? Probably not. It is silly but so is under dressing for a 40 degree wind game.
  7. If this guy isn't negative rep overall this week we have failed as a message board.
  8. What happens? An opening drive touchdown?? Isn't it like a coin flip chance to begin with?
  9. Pryor was out with an Injury anyways?
  10. ECURB

    GET LOUD vs Vikings

    Jets fans suck at getting loud... It's really terrible...also bad at being quite on offense
  11. You can get bottles at Metlife
  12. I have min listed for 75 I think.. they almost always sell morning of for closer to 100
  13. He had some really good calls in the right spot for once... He is essentially suffering Rex's fate without the fan fare... He needs to prove he can run a team not just call a D
  14. A 12 yard out is not dink and dunk... It literally stretches the field... If you can execute that throw with consistency the D has to choose what they cover and that's how you open up the run...etc

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