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  1. You can get bottles at Metlife
  2. I have min listed for 75 I think.. they almost always sell morning of for closer to 100
  3. He had some really good calls in the right spot for once... He is essentially suffering Rex's fate without the fan fare... He needs to prove he can run a team not just call a D
  4. A 12 yard out is not dink and dunk... It literally stretches the field... If you can execute that throw with consistency the D has to choose what they cover and that's how you open up the run...etc
  5. Felt like a Mangini game... Rex would have destroyed Baker with the blitz... Bowles ran the same D as Q1
  6. I love when people say "just throw it deep a few times... See what happens..." Yeah that's a great OC mindset right there... Watch the last play of the bears game yesterday... If your Oline sucks you don't have time to throw more than the sticks.
  7. ECURB


    We wants Pat's to win?? Right??
  8. Why is there so much news over a washed up never was?
  9. Gotta let this game settled in. Jets will outscore phis in 2nd half
  10. The 3 sell out runs were a loss... so keep running for a loss?
  11. There we go. Flipped the field... now a stop means something
  12. Football 101.... losing field position Gotta flip the field

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