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  1. It's not confusing actually. It's almost impossible to have a poor completion % if you are accurate. No need to spin it. He has work to do.
  2. Now we know the real reason McCarthy was canned. $$$
  3. Went with the new technology lol
  4. Can't believe this has taken 12 years so far... 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Is he holding the phone with his toes? How is this a selfie? 🤳
  6. I don't understand the need for an app with a mobile responsive site? Confuses the heck out of me. Though that isn't hard to do.
  7. Like an application? That's like the equivalent of a floppy disc 💾 now... Haha
  8. They show it on the screen during the games.
  9. Don't back pedal for them. The acoustics? Stop acting like you have side by side recordings and decibel meter readings. How many games have you been on the left hash during third down to hear the noise on the field. C'mon man. True fans? You mean grumpy old men that would read the paper and yell down in front all game? Then leave after half time? Or do you mean the trashy drunks who were hoping for a peep show after the game?
  10. You are just wrong. The noise on the field (where it matters btw) is regularly in the 90-100db range. Same or better than most stadiums. Before you waste time going to Google The Seahawks, yes they hit in the 130s one time for one blip of time. 130s causes hearing damage so I'm all set at 93db.
  11. What banner? Do you see it on PCs? Also I forgot JN was available anywhere other than my phone.
  12. How dare they build a bigger better stadium in the same shape without the stupid staircases! Where will I get drunk and convince girls to flash me!
  13. These grumpy fans would rather have a baseball field or a red and blue stadium than this? Oh and before you say "west side stadium" keep your pipe dreams away.

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