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  1. Good. They are warm out of the can unless you had it in the fridge.
  2. Eating soup out of a can us not eating it cold, it is in fact room temperature and "warm".
  3. The new ones are closer to this than the last set.
  4. They are Nike. The colors don't change the way Nike makes them...lol
  5. 20 years of sales and two AFC title games VS 1 crappy year. Just stop
  6. You know the team sucks right? 🤣
  7. Did he say whether he will continue to kneel? Without the distraction of that he could slide right back in.
  8. No safety in the last 100 years had his stat line... How about you realize how great of a game it was?
  9. Adams is going nowhere. First of all if he is worth a 1 with drama that means he is a superstar SS.
  10. Did you do your part? Attend every game (including pre season) make sure an opposing fan never sat in your seat. Did you get loud on every defensive drive. Did you get there early and stay till the end? Most PSL holders probably held up their end less than the JETS theirs to be honest.
  11. Yeah except those of us that bought tickets don't need justification. It is actually people who DONT have them that seem to care... Makes no sense.
  12. I find it weird how the "anti psl" and season ticket folks get so riled up. Why does it bother you so much that I waste money on tickets? I could find a million things you waste money on but I don't care.
  13. The Cowboys game. More specifically one pass play to Anderson. If that game didn't happen he is without a job.

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