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  1. Imagine if I was at the hobby shop...haha 10k easily.
  2. Bridgewater 1 yr deal

    and Bridgewater just got 5... Say he shows promise and is worth...15... Even 20... It's not like someone is going to just come in and offer him 30
  3. Bridgewater 1 yr deal

    My point was nobody would be looking to steal him from us and pay him more if he only showed promise...
  4. Bridgewater 1 yr deal

    So if he is good but not great... Why are we worried about him leaving?
  5. Jets to sign Trumaine Johnson

    Remember when the JETS let Revis sit out and then get traded to go win a SB in his prime? Over not paying him 16mil... Oh how times change
  6. Bridgewater 1 yr deal

    Just means they will probably cut Bridgewater if he can't unseat Mccown
  7. He has a better chance to be than a 1st Rd QB does in the next 3 years
  8. What you pay isn't based purely on ability. If Rodgers was a FA he would certainly get more. Who cares if they pay Cousins 40mil... If he ends up being a top 10 QB it was worth every penny.
  9. I Promise You. Just Watch.

    1st round QBs generally suck. It's like roulette
  10. Stop acting like a 1st round QB is a solid plan... Crap shoot at best... Maybe 10 out of the 45 were as good as Cousins Here's a list of the 45 quarterbacks selected in the first round this century: 2016: 1. Jared Goff, California, Rams 2. Carson Wentz, North Dakota State, Eagles 26. Paxton Lynch, Memphis, Broncos ___ 2015: 1. Jameis Winston, Florida State, Buccaneers 2. Marcus Mariota, Oregon, Titans ___ 2014: 3. Blake Bortles, Central Florida, Jaguars 22. Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M, Browns 32. Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville, Vikings ___ 2013: 16. EJ Manuel, Florida State, Bills ___ 2012: 1. Andrew Luck, Stanford, Colts 2. Robert Griffin III, Baylor, Redskins 8. Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M, Dolphins 22. Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State, Browns ___ 2011: 1. Cam Newton, Auburn, Panthers 8. Jake Locker, Washington, Titans 10. Blaine Gabbert, Missouri, Jaguars 12. Christian Ponder, Florida State, Vikings ___ 2010: 1. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma, Rams 25. Tim Tebow, Florida, Broncos ___ 2009: 1. Matthew Stafford, Georgia, Lions 5. Mark Sanchez, USC, Jets 17. Josh Freeman, Kansas State, Buccaneers ___ 2008: 3. Matt Ryan, Boston College, Falcons 18. Joe Flacco, Delaware, Ravens ___ 2007: 1. JaMarcus Russell, LSU, Raiders 22. Brady Quinn, Notre Dame, Browns ___ 2006: 3. Vince Young, Texas, Titans 10. Matt Leinart, USC, Cardinals 11. Jay Cutler, Vanderbilt, Broncos ___ 2005: 1. Alex Smith, Utah, 49ers 24. Aaron Rodgers, Cal, Packers 25. Jason Campbell, Auburn, Redskins ___ 2004: 1. Eli Manning, Mississippi, Chargers 4. Philip Rivers, North Carolina State, Giants 11. Ben Roethlisberger, Miami (Ohio), Steelers 22. J.P. Losman, Tulane, Bills ___ 2003: 1. Carson Palmer, USC, Bengals 7. Byron Leftwich, Marshall, Jaguars 19. Kyle Boller, Cal, Ravens 22. Rex Grossman, Florida, Bears ___ 2002: 1. David Carr, Fresno State, Texans 3. Joey Harrington, Oregon, Lions 32. Patrick Ramsey, Tulane, Redskins ___ 2001: 1. Michael Vick, Virginia Tech, Falcons ___ 2000: 18. Chad Pennington, Marshall, Jets
  11. What happens when the 1st round pick sucks? Like a lot of them do...
  12. The Online argument is being over stated. A great QB can make an OLine look good by calling the right audibles and getting the ball out quick
  13. There's only one GOAT....

    That game last night was called even and with little interruption. You might be right sometimes but that game was the way an NFL game should be called
  14. He will absolutely not miss this chance to get paid. Not going to just keep the seat warm for Wentz... 0% chance