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  1. Mac didn't control anything. Chris Johnson signed off on everything he did. Most likely because he knew he was canning him after the draft.
  2. Was hoping about half but the little ones are going to decide that. 🤣😂
  3. I might buy back in. I posted some games at way over face...and oddly the bills game sold. Never had this problem before...lol
  4. ECURB

    Osemele Interview

    You want him to reverse what he did to stay healthy... For extra weight just because??? At 296 he could be stronger and faster than a 330 player...and not get hurt
  5. ECURB

    Prove me wrong

    Is this reverse psychology? 😂 You haven't provided a single fact.
  6. ECURB

    Prove me wrong

    Wow some good stuff
  7. ECURB

    Prove me wrong

    Ok thanks for sharing your feelings. When you want to have a non millennial style discussion with real facts come on back! ✌️
  8. ECURB

    Prove me wrong

    How many #1 picks does every team blow? You are giving strictly feelings. You have created your own little world to live in. I am here to challenge you to some facts. If you aren't up for it... I understand.
  9. ECURB

    Prove me wrong

    I'm all about it. Love people who look into the post reactions that much. 😎
  10. ECURB

    Prove me wrong

    You are acting like a millennial. I can pick another fact...but I would rather you chip in instead of just pouring out your feelings.
  11. ECURB

    Prove me wrong

    What about FAs? Or trades? Big part of it.... That's a good start though.. finally starting to get to some facts.
  12. ECURB

    Prove me wrong

    Learn to read next time. I offered ONE fact and asked you and others to provide more. The Pats being my fact has nothing to do with it. How about you pick another good team that does better drafting and try to prove me wrong? Or just go hang out with Tom and the other millennial wanna be posters in the I have feelings thread.
  13. ECURB

    Prove me wrong

    Wow intelligent reply. So how about some other teams then? The JETS have more Superbowls than half the NFL how do they draft and build a roster compared to them? Can you possibly contribute instead of just throwing insults?
  14. ECURB

    Prove me wrong

    This is a classic self-defeating fan. The Jets have been better than the cowboys in the last 20 years but you would never see a cowboys fan acting like this.

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