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  1. Vegas thinks they will win 4 games?
  2. Giants need new owners too right? https://www.giants.com/tickets/singlegametickets Stop blaming Woody Johnson for sh*tty players. If the team wins… you will be fighting for a seat… when they suck you won’t… Woody came back and the team got MUCH better… Woody was the owner when they went to back to back AFC Title games… in his first 10 years of ownership… and he bought a team that had fans wearing paper bags to the stadium less than 10 years prior. Use a little perspective and quit bitching.
  3. Was a deeper draft. Those guys are day 2 picks this year.
  4. You are forgetting the rank was bad because the offense couldn’t sustain either. A good offense and the D was top 20 with no changes.
  5. You would be surprised how many JETS fans would make this trip.
  6. Don’t use logic on the cry babies
  7. It would be nicknamed JetLife in a heartbeat if they actually won some damn games! winning cures all… the stadium holds a ton of people and is easy to get to from anywhere in the TriState… the team is the problem not the stadium
  8. Not on CBS2 NY?? Blacked out?
  9. That’s great and a month ago I got more than double face for a game… having my seats is not a financial decision…
  10. Depends on your seats. I lost about $600 total between two seats this season. Being that I had a zero percent chance of getting these seats in the old stadium I’m happy and can’t wait to renew. Im also not a fair weather fan.
  11. Don’t spoil everyone’s crybaby fest! One of the reasons the extra game was added was for an international presence… everyone calm down.
  12. He was a duck before he ever had a ring. again… calm down
  13. Bill Belichik will be remembered fondly for telling reporters FU… everyone calm down
  14. The new uniforms were the perfect mix of 80s and old. They are nice and will look even nicer when they win. Get over it.
  15. That car is north of 150k and might be pushing 200k with the paint
  16. How many do we need? Also can we talk about how Chad Pennington was under rated?
  17. Bring back Rex… should have never let him go Rex and Tammy were the best combo this team had
  18. You guys clearly need to do this every home game.
  19. 2 games… 2 games they were expecting to lose… you are dysfunctional
  20. Wait I remember now… Smizzy recruited me from the ESPN boards!
  21. Anyone have a link that works? Stuck in Atlanta with no ham
  22. Nope goes by my current location which is ATL… any have a link?
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