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  1. You guys clearly need to do this every home game.
  2. 2 games… 2 games they were expecting to lose… you are dysfunctional
  3. Wait I remember now… Smizzy recruited me from the ESPN boards!
  4. Nope goes by my current location which is ATL… any have a link?
  5. https://abc7ny.com/archive/6322006/ One of the reasons I actually much prefer MetLife stadium is the price point seemed to drive out some of the old scum bags that ruined the experience for a lot of people.
  6. This is really not a big deal. He gets to prove he can stay healthy all year and earn a 3 year deal or become a free agent and the jets get a supplemental draft pick. All roads end well for the jets
  7. Look at the trade comp for Darnold vs Adam’s I like JD he seems to maximize each move but not get hung up on “what if “
  8. He will regret holding out or not performing at 100% this year… then no team will pay him. Smart move IMO you get a good year out of a 28 year old that 2 years ago people were saying trade and keep Adams because Maye can’t stay healthy.
  9. I have no doubt that the stars are lining up to help you all fight this. We have you in our thoughts.
  10. It would only be worn with one alternate jersey anyways…
  11. Who cares? Let her… why are you all following his mom on social media anyways?
  12. Can’t wait my friend James is coming again too!
  13. So sell my tickets and buy with the group would be best right? Or just sit in mine? I can be annoying…
  14. It is 1000% going to be this one. He just made it seem like he cared what you think but it will be this helmet with the stealth black jersey.
  15. Stop posting fake Twitter accounts as news
  16. I was reading it… starting to buy in… and then I was like… WTF there was a training camp this is crazy talk
  17. Except… there was a training camp in 2020… sorry you put so much work/thought into fake news … https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/what-have-we-learned-in-the-first-week-of-jets-training-camp
  18. Hate to break it to you… it’s gonna be the black helmet.
  19. He was horrendous and the pathetic coaches after him do not excuse that.
  20. You all might not like him or the way he says it, but he is right. It’s a sh*tty feeling when you wonder if your car will be ok.. or if some drunk idiot will try to “fight” you… or wonder if you can bring your kid to a game or cringe when some loser cat calls your wife. In our experience this has not been much of a problem except at night games so we no longer go to night games. Basically it’s all fun and games and “deal with it” till it happens to you, your car or your family.
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