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  1. Why take a chance? Are you serious? What was on the line...lol
  2. Jets D Dancing in 3rd Quarter

    Think NBA... The fans want this and it is a fan driven sport... Get used to it.
  3. Jets D Dancing in 3rd Quarter

    Think NBA... The fans want this and it is a fan driven sport... Get used to it.
  4. Crowd needs to Jetup tmrw

    So you are saying that players knowing 5 million pumped up fans watching tgis game from home instead of 14 fans watxhing the browns game while doing something else has ZERO effect on them? I mean I know they are pros but the fact that the fanbase will all be tuned in and pumped up certainly has an effect on both sides.
  5. So you want him to bench the whole offense...lol... What upside is there for this? Also nothing is holding Stewart and Hansen back... In fact they wanted them to be the guys but had to make late moves to get WRs who can play now. Don't give me the "won't play young guys" crap either... Two starting rookie safetys
  6. JetNation FanDuel League; Week 4

    I can't figure out how to pull it up in the app and not browser...
  7. Jets \ Jaguars Tickets

    I brought sunscreen in and suffered through it... Brutal though
  8. Peaks and valleys... Things never stay steady NFL is still the best sport to watch live
  9. Juat pay the kids... That solves all of this.
  10. I sit in the LL... and I got ripped off for years from people who paid nothing for their tickets... Now I own amazing seats that I couldn't touch before. Sorry to those who paid Clevland prices for a NY team... but I am not sorry I got your seats.
  11. False. It is empty because the team sucks... give the JETS the Pats record over the last 15 years and it is sold out X2
  12. old stadium New Stadium It was tough to find two similar photos but yes it does look further away
  13. This team must be sold

    9th most valuable... not selling
  14. Where does an UD not suck? They aren't the cheapest seats in every stadium by accident...
  15. You spend 90% of your time watching this area... Please tell me why the color of the outside or the roof line matter...lol
  16. They can keep their sh*tty stadium food at whatever price it is at.
  17. This team must be sold

    The JETS are a better and more exciting franchise than half the league... and half the NBA...MLB etc... We have high standards so off years suck but they had some good years recently that other teams will never even sniff...
  18. Can we organize what the Lions did years ago and nobody actually enter the stadium?
  19. Why do people complain about the stadium so much? It has awesome sight lines and a great atmosphere when there is a reason for one. (see thanksgving game pre-butt fumble) The outside design was done to reduce wind... and it has. Honestly though who the hell cares what it looks like outside? Is this team that boring now that you care how cool the stadium looks? I don't care if the outside was shaped like a giant dog turd if the field is nice and the views are good. Bunch of cry babies in here looking for something to bitch about.
  20. That is what used to pop up on my phone but has not in a while
  21. I feel like this team might be better than people think... Promising game even if a loss.
  22. I got a good laugh at that one when they put it up on the screen.