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  1. Nobody should be missing game 1 of the dream season. Also very excited about this menu.
  2. Doesn't mean he plays all year, which is the question. How long is his leash. My guess is if he gets beat a bunch he fakes an injury to save face.
  3. I'm actually looking forward to it. So all season I can tell people now even the upper deck seats are great.
  4. Not true. Just like the JETS Center situation. He was genuinely done, until he wasn't and then it was too late. I promise if Davis Webb was the #2 and McCown got the itch... He would be a JET.
  5. Wait what? You want him to come back in against scrubs in the 2nd half? With the 3rd string Online blocking? Are you a Pays fan?
  6. Heck even Marcus Maye had a more reliable first 16 games.
  7. Darnold missed 20% of his games as a rookie. The JETS need to find a more reliable replacement ASAP and stop hoping he becomes reliable. This thread dedicated to the Marcus Maye haters and their sound logic.
  8. Haters gonna hate. Dude has played 75% of his short career... Got hurt twice, once major enough to miss real time. Darnold missed more time his rookie year... Should we have him complete for a roster spot too? Based on all the Maye haters logic he should.... 🤦
  9. Can they get the guy a current hat?
  10. Can't miss the first win of a Superbowl season! I'm in! See everyone there.
  11. Right. The really good players are on another list. This is just a fake list to get fans hyped about over rated players. Spinning hard... Keep going.
  12. So by that logic the JETS would have 10 players in the top 40 just to win? Sound logic... Keep spinning..
  13. @TomShane will eventually get tired of saying he sucks. Too bad you can never fully enjoy the Jets winning because you hedged so strong against the best player.
  14. I feel like people just make up things like this... He started all 16 games as a rookie. Then started 6 games last year. He got hurt and is recovering/recovered. Am I missing something, there is nothing to talk about.

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