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  1. New uniforms are great and will look even better when they are in the win column.
  2. ECURB

    Starting QB

    He should and will start day 1. Period.
  3. Based on what? Did you actually look at stats or did someone tell you this at a tailgate in 1988? WRs have actually been very productive from day one in recent years especially.
  4. I feel like I would still use my phone while sitting at the laptop
  5. People still use a computer to go on JN? Upgrade looks great on mobile
  6. New York... Huge Fanbase and great $$$ potential beyond your contract.
  7. This is probably JetsRules best thread ever now. Nailed it.
  8. I want my time back for opening this thread and having to type this reply. You watched the special children’s broadcast BY CHOICE and somehow are upset by it AND blaming Chris Johnson
  9. It doesn’t have to be black and white. There are people I can fire but would still go through the owner out of respect. There are people I can’t fire that I could go to the owner and make a joint decision to fire them. You are over thinking it.
  10. No story here. If I fire an employee and I had to run it through the owner I would say it was a hard decision to fire them regardless of who told them or how it was announced.
  11. Is he fired yet? I want to see it before I celebrate
  12. He was always coming back. This was a blow it up year and also Gregg Williams sucked.
  13. He basically said he is interested. Just didn’t want to insult Gase. I’m amazed you can’t catch that in his comments.
  14. Once you forked over the deposit they should have said... wow you are committed we will give you 50% off... I will be there again, won’t miss it don’t care who the coach is.
  15. It’s all lining up.... fired GW... win a couple of games... Darnold looks a little better... Gase is in this teams 2021 plan.
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