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  1. This is what a football team should be, it only seems new to us becuase of the mess Herm left behind...
  2. No I think the "bitching" was about you and other lovely Pats fans, chiming in on them.... they would be great threads without yours and others input.
  3. Wow one team has threads about a division rivals QB on their MB... how freaking weird!!! Sorry we will never discuss any players other than JETS from now on becuase we upset some PATS fans... Oh by the way do you know what MB you are posting in and where you found those threads? It is called the "NY Jets \ NFL Talk" MB in case you didnt notice... So what exactly suprises you about us starting a thread about an NFL QB in the NFL Talk MB? Everytime I hear a PATS fan call Pennington a "noodle arm" I will be sure to start a new thread pointing it out and whining... Discuss.
  4. Hmmm notice that your timeline goes hand in hand with the same time period that most NFL teams got their VERY FIRST BIG FANBASE....??? Not like there were thousands of steelers fans from the 50's ready to follow the team for 20 years, your timeline does not prove a point it merely shows when the NFL began its push to become the most popular sport OVER baseball, with media growing in the late 60's and 70's there was bound to be a big increase in fanbase for all teams, regardless.
  5. Thats actually a good point, about the team and the sizzler
  6. I feel like it was my fault... just for the hell of it I bet "1" on the Browns... go ahead throw rocks at me...
  7. Its called momentum guys... not many people can play like everything is fine when your team plays like crap... Penny had a tough time becuase of his recievers, himself, his line, his coaches.... to say he goes into a shell is dumb... he threw more deep passes today thatn I can remeber, and he avoided short passes a lot of deeper more risky passes... I think our team wasnt taking this game seriously, notice how we caught up once they noticed the Browns werent that bad... going into the BYE week I think mor ethna half the team was banking on being 5-3 Pennington doesnt suck against g
  8. Compete doesnt mean "win" you idiot... the JETS have put a scare in the PATS during a few of those meetings and you wouldnt be wasting your whole day here if they still werent... Losing by 7 this year IS COMPETEING WITH YOU... LIKE IT OR NOT.... you can deny it all you want
  9. Does Herm even make it through the season...??? Thats a serious concern for him...
  10. If we were to pick NOBODY up next year... DE - Ellis & Drob NT - Tui / Moore / Mosely that really isnt bad if any or all of them start playing it well and Tui or Mosely can come up big
  11. Unless someone gets hurt, you better get used to the tase of your foot in your mouth... Oh by the way, how is your SB MvP Branch doing for you this year???
  12. lol, yeah without us the PATS would still have Brady on the Bench and be crossing their fingers that Bledsoe could get them back to the SB... You owe us 3 SB's.... pay up
  13. shhhhh don't let anyone know I did this...
  14. Houston will be back after the week off... I wouldnt be so sure he will see too much time with Barlow playing better... Don't forget Barlow had a 100 yard season and had a 5.1 YPC avg in 03'
  15. So that means Brady has been on the Injury list MORE than Pennington?? Thats what your saying right??? ((disclaimer)) I know I set myself up for Pennington bashing now... go ahead, just thought that was funny
  16. Celestin, Oliver Strait, Derrick Testaverde, Vinny - good guy, needs to sit on his couch and sign those retirement papers...
  17. Rub it in to every PATS/PHINS (who cares about the bills... do they have fans?) fan I know... BIG TIME
  18. Agreed... thats just stupid... Pennington is a top 15 QB, where he falls is different in everyones eyes but he is having a good year no doubt about it
  19. The people who say it is over rated are just watching a small TV so it really doesnt matter, but on a TV of any decent size HD wins BIG TIME... CBS really pisses me off, I hate when its not in HD, I lose the good picture and the digital sound... I hope ABC takes over the AFC games sometime in the future and CBS quits...
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