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  1. He was horrendous and the pathetic coaches after him do not excuse that.
  2. You all might not like him or the way he says it, but he is right. It’s a sh*tty feeling when you wonder if your car will be ok.. or if some drunk idiot will try to “fight” you… or wonder if you can bring your kid to a game or cringe when some loser cat calls your wife. In our experience this has not been much of a problem except at night games so we no longer go to night games. Basically it’s all fun and games and “deal with it” till it happens to you, your car or your family.
  3. Most importantly, where to get that hoody?
  4. That’s only if the team enforces it. They can excuse players how they see fit.
  5. Saw that and thought…wait so you don’t even have tickets??? But sure.. if the QB you accidentally ran into took a selfie with you… then you would consider buying tickets
  6. Nope. I could claim it hurts my back or I could only afford sandals and you would not be able to afford the lawsuit afterwards. The vaccine pass thing won’t last long either only a court case away from blowing up, asking for medical records to enter a business just screams foul.
  7. Now that they have some actual players on offense it will be a top selling jersey in the NFL in spite of your dislike for it
  8. It’s easy to argue with you because you don’t make any sense. Nike nailed the New Jersey design.
  9. The New Jersey didn’t sell poorly because of design… it was because the team sucks
  10. I mean… he is in the top of sales list every year so this is just false
  11. Jets QB Sam Darnold tops Tom Brady in jersey sales By Spencer Aber | June 22, 2018 10:38 am https://www.google.com/amp/s/jetswire.usatoday.com/2018/06/22/jets-qb-sam-darnold-tops-tom-brady-in-jersey-sales/amp/
  12. If Darnold out sold Brady Wilson will certainly top that
  13. Yes and my point was there was no reason to buy one after that… Jersey design didn’t matter. The Wilson Jersey will also be a top seller, people buy rookie QB jerseys and this design won’t stop that.
  14. He was a top 5 jersey as a rookie QB and then sucked… Watch how well the rookies jerseys do this year. All is well.
  15. Sales have been bad because of the players not the design. They win… sales will sky
  16. Same as Ethereum and USD… unlimited Same soft cap as Litecoin though and even with unlimited supply still less inflation that USD over time I’m sure.
  17. Same things were said about BitCoin back in the day
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