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  1. I mean.. he literally can’t. Gase reports to the Johnson family. JD is not his boss.
  2. The noise on the tv broadcast is different from the stadium noise. They are adding to the broadcast separately
  3. I mean I have been but regardless I was basing my statement off the fact that this article ranked it worse.
  4. Who the **** cares what it looks like from a helicopter? when the team is good the place is rocking and amazing... when they suck it sucks notice foxboro is ranked worse... who cares?
  5. Darnold just doesn’t have the mojo... don’t know how else to explain it. I feel like 60yo Brett Favre would show up on Sunday and accomplish more without reading a playbook. Reminds me of when they fixated on Sanchez learning the offense in and out instead of just letting him play naturally with some mistakes.
  6. Sam had guys wide open and never even saw them all game. Can’t blame that on Gase... in fact Joe Flacco would have had them in the game.
  7. He finished the year great... wtf are you talking about
  8. Really is time to keep blowing the team up. Pretty terrible talent level.
  9. He is a lock for WR1 so he is getting the veteran rest right now while they look at other WRs once they are installing game plan he will practice
  10. Wait the real NFL isn’t like madden?
  11. I have actually mentioned this a few times this off-season. He has all of the qualities of a great HC just remains to be seen if he can put it all together.
  12. I mean... I think it was a worthy post to quote...
  13. It’s just code for a veteran rest day. also just google how dehydration recovery time works
  14. They brought more success to the JETS than Hess did... Hess took full control in 1984... real great job he did.
  15. If they advance some of the guys money this year on extensions. Would have actually worked perfect for Jamal ironically
  16. Gase has all the markings of a great HC... the 6-2 finish to the season was icing on the cake. Now he has to get the team to the playoffs every year, they have a franchise QB there is no excuse. another good thing is with Gase and Douglas if Sam isn’t the guy those two don’t seem afraid to move on
  17. Change the name of it bothers you that much
  18. WRs take about 3 years to develop... you can’t wait until Sam is in years 5-7 for a legit #1 WR
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